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  1. I see what you mean, I'll clarify. It's more for the immediate term than the long term, my bad. We'll be carrying out internal testing with our Xboxes over the next 10 days on this network and it'll allow us to deal with any fatal errors or issues that could crop it. Unfortunately, we can only get so much data from our current internal processes & the PTR, so experiencing the game on the console in a live environment will be highly beneficial. Anything that does come up, we'll have the time to iterate on and get any changes in as necessary for a possible Day One patch on consoles. It'll ensure that the new friends joining us have a much smoother experience. That in turn poses the team to see what we'll need to focus on next, whether it's continuing to iron out issues from the launch, or whether we can begin to work on the Roadmap (and the phases of that).
  2. We understand the frustration behind the decision, it's not falling on deaf ears -- we expected this response to the decision, however, the choice was for technical reasons. The extra time allows us to continue to iterate on the game, in particular, the Xbox build. It also allows us to gather more real-world data in order to improve the experience in the long near term.
  3. Jatheish

    Can we just get an update?

    Nope, we're not merging any servers. As the announcement says, we're relaunching NA PVP and then the other 3 networks will be relaunched on the 8th of October when ATLAS is available on Game Preview is available. The team plans to use this extra window to continue to iterate on the game and take care of any technical issues which could arise.
  4. Jatheish

    Can we just get an update?

    That post is still accurate. We are planning to take down the servers, wipe them and relaunch NA PvP at midnight EST. Approximately 4 hours from now. If anything changes, we'll provide an update when we have one, and closer to the launch time.
  5. Jatheish

    Can we just get an update?

    This is where we're at currently: Team are cracking on with the Xbox and upcoming major patch We're hoping to have another PTR round featuring some wild pirates maybe as soon as this weekend (more on this later!) Unlikely to see a live-game patch/2x this weekend because of the above focus And beyond that, we'll begin starting work on Erik's roadmap which we discussed in our live (not recorded ) stream, if you hadn't read about it, you can here: There isn't much else to share beyond that (for now )
  6. Jatheish

    Where is 2x?

    Quite a lot of back and forth in this thread about 2x events and when the best time to hold them is! I've always personally been a fan of having more variety in the events and giving them more spread over days, so it's not just the weekends and it's not just the same rates (how about bonuses for killing SoTD too?); it's something we've spoken about previously but have yet to act upon and it may be a while until we cross those bridges anyway. As for 2x this weekend with a live game patch, it's not looking likely. We're still working on putting some things together for a PTR update featuring some wild pirates which will hopefully be in your hands this weekend.
  7. Jatheish

    Nothing for International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

    Not at this moment, the team is currently cracking on with the Xbox release and the next mega update. In the future, when the new roadmap begins, we'll definitely be looking at supporting special days/holidays with in-game events.
  8. Jatheish

    Where is 2x?

    We've got our heads down at the moment working on some things, so expect it to be a bit more quiet than usual for a while. As for 2x weekends, they aren't guaranteed to happen every weekend. In this case, we were working on a build to deploy (perhaps to the PTR again too with some pretty critical changes) but it needed more time internally, so we may end up going out with it later during the week and we'll discuss whether that includes a 2x or not.
  9. Jatheish

    Blackwood snake boss

    You'll need to gather all the Power Stones on the map to be able to get through it.
  10. Jatheish

    Can't Play Anymore

    Would you be able to show me the full callstack? You'll be able to find it in this folder: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\Logs You'll be looking for a .crashstack file, it opens in notepad. You can paste the contents at www.paste.bin.com / here directly / upload it as an attachment.
  11. Jatheish

    PLEASE Don't forget Us Single players

    By this, Percieval means, he asked for a feature request which I responded to him: Possible sure but not certain on whether it's something we'd likely do at this time, but will note it down as a request. Which is par for the course with a lot of the requests we receive? Is said -suggestion- possible? Sure. Is it something we plan to do? We'll have to consider whether it fits into our plans or whether we can justify allocating the resources towards it at the present time. Are there other things we need to work on that take more priority? Most likely. Single Player and the other game modes won't be forgotten, they'll grow as the multiplayer game does, however, our design/balance will be based on the multiplayer version of the game, and we'll be targetting fixes towards that mode (some of which will impact SP, some of which may not because those problems may not exist).
  12. Jatheish

    Update Borked Joining Unnoficial servers.

    Are you playing on Blackwood? Just identified an issue with our recent update. We're uploading a fix right now but it'll require you to restart your steam clients.
  13. Jatheish

    Incrase Max level of tames and ships

    This is a pretty comprehensive guide on how to change the exp tables for players/creatures: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1677567541 or here's a copy of an .ini file: https://pastebin.com/9Svhvpgb It will cover the creature's EXP up to base level 120. So anything born at level 100 would be able to gain another 130 levels. If it was born at level 120, it'll be able to gain 150 levels. Anything above 120 (base) would need additional numbers input into the table.
  14. Do you think you'd be able to get me a record of what you're seeing when you try to start the game? I am unsure of what you mean by overlay.
  15. Jatheish

    Can't drop meat and a saddle issue

    This sounds plausible Do you think you'd be able to check if your client is the same version as your the server you're playing on? They should both be 218.25
  16. Aye, we should have posted that the forums were offline. Typically if they go offline, it's because someone is attacking our network, usually both sites simultaneously (most particularly after banwaves ). I usually post these and post on both platforms that they're unavailable (ARK and ATLAS ) but I was away this weekend for family commitments so wasn't around to do so but have reminded the others they can and should too. You'll notice that Chris sent out a tweet that he was looking into both sites, but it was only RT'd from the ARK account As for the Q&A, we'll be looking to answer those (in some form) during our livestream later this month.
  17. Jatheish

    Mega update 3?

    We'll have a stream at the end of the month which will give some more insight into our dev plans going forward, but yes a large update is expected and when we're ready to share more, you'll hear about it.
  18. Jatheish

    Blackwood: got power stones... now what?

    Nothing in the works any time soon, of course, we have hinted at things in ATLAS' keyart, however, they are a long way away and it's possible those plans could change.
  19. Jatheish

    Blackwood: got power stones... now what?

    There are some plans in the works for getting additional abilities and will involve the power stones.
  20. Jatheish

    Stuck on load screen

    Do you mind giving it a go now?
  21. Jatheish

    Does Decay cause any sort of load?

    There are small hitches if a very large structure has been destroyed, but general/more typical cases wouldn't have an impact.
  22. Jatheish

    Stuck on load screen

    Which network + server are you guys playing on?
  23. Unfortunately, it's not something we support at the moment, there are concerns with 'insiding', when company owners have knowingly taken a break and then players have colluded to seek ownership via the support system. However, we recognize it can lead to problems in the event that a company owner is required for action and we have discussed steps to alleviate this. It's possible in future this could occur via our support team, but preferably would happen through an in-game mechanism.
  24. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do this but will talk to the tech team to see if we can give owners the possibility to clear all hooks. Otherwise, we've only set it up so admins+above can set them live on their Discord server.