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  1. Just their existence, it isn't an unsolvable problem, it'll just take some time.
  2. Aye, the current implementation needs some work. In the future, we'll have it so folks can determine which they're trying to spawn and also protect against some of the griefing that can happen with companies preventing others from fighting it.
  3. It's a client-side issue we'll need to resolve. Single/isolated foundations with structures on top of them are being triggered as 'fast decay' by the client, however, the server recognizes that they're legitimate and marks them as normal decay. Due to the mismatch between the client and the server, your game tells you that you can demolish it, however attempting to do so results in a failure because the server protects against it. The server always knows the true state. It's a confusing issue and hopefully one we can patch soon, as it doesn't allow folks to know when they can actually demolish it.
  4. Those structures/objects are negligible in comparison. We recognize that a more diverse selection of ship designs would be better received and we would like to give players more options not only for gameplay reasons but forging their own identities within the game and allowing them as much customization as possible, it's just more of a long term goal
  5. There really shouldn't be any problems AFAIK.. but I don't have a monitor that big to try myself
  6. Hopefully, until we're satisfied with the state of the game We're targetting 1.5 - 2 years though.
  7. Yup, that'll fix it for anyone having the issue. I've marked the answer as recommended so folks won't have to scroll down this page if it gets longer. The reason for the change is because when ATLAS was first launched, it was integrated into the core game. We weren't able to set it as a DLC until Monday, as it was early Saturday morning and the system doesn't allow for it. After we changed it to an optional DLC, it requires folks to set that DLC as active in their Steam Library . Ultimately we don't want to force the additional install size on players not interested in Blackwood.
  8. This is a known crash with UE4 games at the moment, it can happen with both Nvidia and AMD cards, though based on the reports we see it appears to be most common with Nvidia. Unreal has an issue tracker up for it at the moment, the targetted fix is for version 4.24 which is the next version (though that's not a guarantee), if they are able to resolve it or make changes to mitigate the crash, we'll be incorporating their fixes as soon as possible. https://issues.unrealengine.com/issue/UE-74575
  9. A technical hurdle we have with ships is the memory footprint they add to the game. With all the unique pieces on a boat, just by introducing a new type, we end up adding a lot of memory and there isn't really any other gameplay aspect that's comparable to it, once we make some improvements and overhauls to this system, it'll become a lot more likely that we'll be able to add additional ships, not to say that it won't happen now, but this is one of the things we have to workaround. Memory is an important aspect as it's something we need to consider when getting ATLAS to launch on console later on. It's why in the past when we have decided to do introduce an update that effects ships, it tends to be based on introducing mechanics that work with ships, so think ship weapons/structures, their attachment system etc: Racks, Ballista Harpoon, Fishing Net. The attachment system is pretty robust, so it wouldn't be surprising to see new systems based around it.
  10. Yup, that's definitely true, though I don't think those people would feel that way about the mass multiplayer game in its current state, perhaps as we get further along in its development
  11. You'll need to make sure you've got the free DLC in order to gain access to the map, you can spot it by searching for ATLAS in your Steam Library, and there will be an option to Blackwood as an active DLC. As for the keybinding, it may be because your keyboard doesn't support the character, for which you can change the key binding in your game options: https://gyazo.com/9535220003a33e9e7cdd4ab37752f7bd Toggle console is the option you'd want to reassign to a different key.
  12. From our point of view, players who are interested in playing those game modes (non-dedicated and single player) aren't really interested in playing the Mass Multiplayer version of the game. Additionally, ATLAS has a pretty steep entrance in order to become competitive and it's very easy to get driven off of the main servers (at least on PvP). Providing these options give players an alternative choice, whilst we work to resolve ATLAS fundamental design issues. It's not something that will happen overnight, or I guess over the last 6 months. In hindsight, the team recognize there's a lot of things that could have been done differently, had we the power of foresight . We are planning for the long term and I am hoping it's something we'll be able to cover more in upcoming articles/streams -- you'll have to stay tuned for now .
  13. This looks like a bug with the training dummy in particular, and there are likely some other structural pieces with low decay timers that will need to be tweaked. I have spoken to the design team about syncing up the decay so that there is consistency across the board and it's something they're amenable to though it might be a bit of time before it comes into place. As for structure spam in general, that's a much more difficult issue to deal with and we are actively discussing and looking into solutions, but there are no immediate changes on the horizon as it's something we'd like to plan out more thoroughly.
  14. Aye, we can certainly understand why it seems odd given the initial intent behind ATLAS. The alternative game modes were created as part of Early Access, it wasn't something that we had initially intended to do but the feedback and requests were there, and it was something we knew we could tackle. Blackwood's creation stemmed from wanting to provide the modding community with a resource/example of a map that could contain what ATLAS has to offer but within a single server. Now that these alternative game modes and Blackwood are out the door (albeit with issues we'll need to resolve over time), our attention will be on the Mass Multiplayer version of the game, as that is our team's main priority, which you'll see over the months ahead.
  15. It's something we are looking into. Blackwood is pretty large, we had to make some technical changes to support the size of the map and this might be the reason we're not seeing as many spawns, not just due to the amount of space available but some tech reasons. If you're running on a non-dedi, you may have to wait a while in certain areas for all the spawners to appear (i.e fresh water sources around land masses).
  16. Jat


    We don't have a build available on the PTR for players to test yet.
  17. It hasn't been scrapped and should still be making its way to you, though it may not be until the next mega patch drops.
  18. This is a bug that we'll have fixed up for it's next update which hopefully will be sooner than later.
  19. This is something we're investigating at the moment.
  20. You can use the ` key to access your console, it'll be the one above TAB. You'll also see a keybind option for it in the settings, under the Misc heading. Some other commands you guys may find handy: cheat forceplayertojointargettribe 0 It'll place you in the company of the structure you're looking at also: cheat givetome This will transfer ownership of an object (creature or structure) that you're looking at to you. So in the case where you've accidentally lost ownership of your creature, you can move it back. Will discuss with the team about relocating that option so it's not at the bottom, as well as ways we can handle the company loss from a technical POV -- not sure if it's possible due to the nature of SP, but we'll see.
  21. Earlier today we released a client-side update which moved the Blackwood content into an optional DLC, rather than a mandatory download with the base content. You'll need to make sure you've opted into the DLC, that should allow you to launch the map. You can gain access here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1129370/Blackwood__ATLAS_Expansion_Map/ If for some reason that doesn't work, just open up your Steam client. Select Library, then ATLAS, and you'll see an option to have Blackwood as a DLC in the centre of the screen. Make sure that is and you're good to go. https://gyazo.com/6cd33ca47a9e5991ab0975754f5b98cb
  22. Are you guys able to upload your most recent crashlogs? You can find them in this save folder: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\Logs It'll be the .crashstack files. We should hopefully be able to identify what's happening with those error messages.
  23. I responded to the crashing in another thread here: It seems the crashes may be as a result of the same issues which are now fixed on our latest version (currently in testing). However, I can check your savefiles specifically if you'd like to email (Jat@studiowildcard.com) me your SavedAtlasLocal folder.
  24. Saved locally in the SavedAtlasLocal folder. It's the same as the SP save.
  25. Thanks for the email guys. I received 4 in total and all of the crashes are not reproducing on our latest version of Single Player and Non-Dedicated Mode. I was able to load every single save file. It's likely with our most recent batch of changes that this has been fixed. This patch will be deployed sometime within the next 48 hours I imagine -- and will have a bunch more SP related fixes too.
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