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  2. I agree Atlas devs..roll your shit back and get the game back to where it's not completely busted..then move forward
  3. I've heard that and that could be the case..I tried on a different island and could build about 100 yards away..but like I said it was a different island so that still could be the issue..I hope that's it..if we could ally with the other group it might let us
  4. Just an fyi..it still is..we got everything moved to this island and was gonna make the dock build last priority..stupid move on our part.. FIX THE BROKE SHIT
  5. Limit farmhouse to one per company..the damn things covers the islands and get unattended..and imo cause ton of lag. One company shouldn't have 10 or 15 farms on an island
  6. I cant seem to build on water..I'm in K1 pve. I can place things anywhere but as soon as I touch water it goes orange...why..is it a setting by island owner ? or a bug P.s. trying to place pillers for dock to park ships for loading and unloading
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