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  1. Why would you tame a low level bear.. The lower the level the lower the bonus levels... Go tame a level 25+ you will be happier
  2. Lower your video settings..the game doesnt crash that often.. my pc freezes occasionally but i know its my video card its old.. And you can recover your loot in freeport now.. find your body,at the base of the big green column in the sky. The sotd issue was just a fluke, they arent as bad, but you do have to avoid them when they spawn in front of you. Go try it again and have fun.. Id probly check your pc tho..bad internet, low memory and a old graphics card can make the game not fun
  3. I like when you goto place a piece.. its all blue, its the direction you want.. you place and bam its a tile above or beside.. or even on the right tile just facing another direction
  4. Bottom left island on C10 has Tons of silver, couple cobalt nodes, strongwood,lightwood, hemp, limestone, rushes, fronds, reeds, Cows, pigs,sheep, Elephant's and giraffe's Occasional tigers
  5. To me, a guy that goes around and spams multiple islands just to be a ass.. is the ones that need banned. But if you live on lawless move to a owned island.. radius is much larger then lawless.. I dont get why people cant respect other peoples area..
  6. I think they should ban people for spamming foundations and pillars..
  7. I dont get why there is a webpage for atlas, devs post most info on twitter or other social media... But not on the dam webpage
  8. I think they read the posts, but dont respond. I agree they should atleast respond with a small "were aware" or "looking in to it" But no feed back enrages already upset people. Which will result in less player base and or less reportes issues,because of the lack of responses
  9. I would love active settlers. I dunno why you would demo a place when the players are active. 24hrs and they are safe until they become inactive.
  10. If your a solo player and join a company your stuff joins company aswell But, if you create a company as a solo player and then wanna join another you have to click the join and merge option to keep your stuff. If you just click join company you will not keep your stuff. And once your in a company and you leave the company you will loose all items again.. put a pin on everything before you leave so you can access boxes to retrieve items afterwards... And untame pets so you can retame after leaving
  11. High light box in question, there are prerequisite skills to open said skill.. And the post above answered what the colors mean
  12. We have a island, which is nice to stay away trolls... But i dont see a need to own a entire island 3/4 of ours is unused.. And no settlers.. I think the old flag system with limited flags per person is more then enough
  13. Id just like to see common bugs fixed Tames falling through ceilings, Building pieces snapping correctly, get a blue i on where you want it. So place and bam its behind you or above you or beside.. annoying as hell.. So many game issues have not been addressed that need fixed before new content is added
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