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  1. This game is a joke.. The devs are the real trolls
  2. EyEamInfidel

    50% off on Steam ??

    They definitely need new players, they done screwed over to many to come back.. bad decision after bad decision I dunno if its good or bad to lower price, at any price at this point is bad.. We will see. I dont even know if i wanna continue my self... Game was awesome but... its got alot of issues that to me are added to the old issues that werent fixed before content was added
  3. EyEamInfidel

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Just a few questions... Why not make the colonies server wait... Why bring up 3 pvp servers at once Why not bring up the existing servers Then get hardware for the "new" pvp server Why would they set decay time for logged out people to 6 hrs thats absured.. Most productuve people is society cant play that much.
  4. EyEamInfidel

    Update: Gold cost for Island

    Id like to know why devs think a pirate game needs individuals to own a entire island that many people could split up to call home.. Seems the devs favor large companys. Not the casual single player.. I feel bad for new purchasers of the game..
  5. EyEamInfidel

    No proper info on this site

    I agree the news should be on the website first. Social media is a bonus, not a primary tool. Whats the point of the website at that point.
  6. EyEamInfidel

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Did anyone else log in on NAPvE yesterday to find a boat removed from there company.. Fix the bugs...
  7. EyEamInfidel


    So if we're taking a couple servers down for ptr Just launch patch What's the difference
  8. EyEamInfidel

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    So does this mean the mega patch will be late too
  9. EyEamInfidel

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    I hope they fix the game issues.. Animals falling through floors , spawning under beds Why add content... when game hes flaws
  10. EyEamInfidel

    Brief update on PTR & the upcoming ATLAS 1.5 patch

    This game will end up like dark and light The inconsistency with updates and bugs not being fixed. Add content, why fix bugs
  11. EyEamInfidel

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    I say either A: Limit flags per person B: make everything lawless with increased decay time Implement predetermined plots or a grid if you will. You can build only in a plot you except as yours. That way there is no ovoverlapping. Make a large plot on coast lines for a main base and smaller plots inland for taming or outpost. And limit the number of plots owned. 1 large 4 small or 2 large 1 small or how ever you wanna do it. Similiar to a flag system but not over lapping at all.. Bottom line........ Limit the amount of land a person can claim L
  12. EyEamInfidel


    What if... There were big plots around the shore line of a island. Small plots on the interior of said island, not blocking resource spawns . Each person was aloud to build on one large coastal plot, and say 5 smaller plots on other islands. But you cannot build anywhere else except said plots you agree to build on, with a option to give up one spot and search for another. The large coastal plots would be a base with ship building and the smaller ones would allow for a outpost or taming spot.
  13. EyEamInfidel

    Why claims are needed.

    Why do a small group believe we need a "landlord" The last time i checked, i play games to unwind from work and relieve stress by relaxing and enjoying a game. I pay enough taxes in real life. I dont need to work in game to pay more taxes. The idea is to log in.. Play a few hours and log out.. I dont think a game needs another player to be a landlord. Its a survival/pirate game.. i think running from alphas and a sod when carrying a load of cargo is enough stress in game. There is no reason for a landlord. I think the DEVs need to just make plots that are buildable on the map and each playet gets a plot.. Inland where resources spawn plots are not available. Inland where people dont want homesteads, Make much smaller plots big enough for a 9x9build max for a outpost Each player gets a homestead and a few outpost plots Anywhere else you can not build regardless
  14. EyEamInfidel

    Foundation spam plans for new claim system

    I hope a system is put in place to not allow single pillars/foundations spammed across a map Beast gates as well..
  15. EyEamInfidel

    Griefing to look forward to...

    This type of behavior should not be tolerated. I would ban the ip