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  1. Arykos

    Any news on the Blackwood map ??

    no that doesn't work both ways, since I'm not the one constantly whining about devs. That has nothing to do about their views.
  2. well if they don't want to play the game they have left anyway... ofc there is not much to do... that's why people should play pvp even if you lose your base on pvp, you can just rebuild and play the game... but well some people don't like to lose their "hard" build stuff and they better play in boredom and no we won't pay anything to any chinese... just get your ass off and defend and fight for your land. don't be afraid because of some chinese
  3. ok you are not very intelligent xD
  4. Arykos

    Any news on the Blackwood map ??

    it's the same people in every thread whining about devs... you guys are close to get hired by russian troll fabric. maybe soon you got a good contract
  5. Arykos

    Mortars vs Ships... the problem

    wow 12 kills. holy moly! that's impressive skills. Looks like you are proud. people doing screenshots of their bad skills @bullet force that the prove he is a kid. explains some posts earlier.
  6. Arykos

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    ok kid. you still don't understand the post of jat. It's wasting my time to explain it again.
  7. Arykos

    Mortars vs Ships... the problem

    no it was a garbage idea for sure. Your idea has nothing to do with the game. You can't change the whole gamestyle. I'm not going to repeat myself. You still don't accept other opinions. This game is not ARK , it's far from beeing ARK. So you are the general public and I'm the lonely survivor? fear traveling across the map? Base is fragile? I think I missed something out on this game, or some people just have no idea how to play it dude pls do everyone a favour and play your star citzien and leave this game alone if you are so unhappy.
  8. Arykos

    Mortars vs Ships... the problem

    and you just get more ships with more islands and more people who got some land to play the game. so whats the point of this?
  9. Arykos

    Mortars vs Ships... the problem

    why are you insulting me dude? My answer isn't emotionaly. It's simply a fact. But with your offline random "argument" coming in of nowhere I see you have your fordefined stubborn opinion not beeing able to accept others. Think through your idea while watching what this game is about. It's not made for just sailing around, maybe you should play sid meier's pirates instead. great for star citizen, but if you haven't noticed this is another game. This is not a revamp of star citizen, maybe of ark tho. So your ideas should be to improve atlas and not to play star citizen. It's like I bring in the idea to make it like a new wow addon.. this is simply stupid, since people are not here to play these games..
  10. Arykos

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    they always stated it's for large companies. If you don't wanna accept that then don't try to argument against it. " to make the game more accessible for smaller groups and solo players " doesn't mean its made for soloplayer. They just want those people not give up for obviously reasons. login play the game, you will find out yourself if you watch it from a 3rd perspective. I'm too tired to explain the game mechanics.
  11. Arykos

    How will taking an island over work?

    read the patchnotes.. there are some informations.. but the system might not work duo the serverhomeregion randomrespawns
  12. Arykos

    Mortars vs Ships... the problem

    people tend to force other people into their playstyle when they got rekt by someone. I mean this idea above is absolutly garbage.
  13. Arykos

    More Pirate PVP WAY LESS Tame PVP

    flame bears? why don't you snipe the guy of? or just climb up a rock and /spit