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  1. truce feels weird tbh
  2. Arykos

    Server Wipe Date?

    I don't think they will release on 11th of april tbh. They will release around 18th my guess
  3. no, why should it? You can always get their islands/sink their ships if you find out they can't hold that much
  4. Arykos

    Mortars vs Ships... the problem

    made my day
  5. Arykos

    How do I get survivors out of the water?

    and who cares about ya?
  6. Arykos

    Every MEGA is going Colonies

    that's bullshit.
  7. Arykos

    How do I get survivors out of the water?

    it's not like the game itself tells you how to recruit them... but well nothing to expect from pve
  8. Arykos

    Every MEGA is going Colonies

    no people won't. hf on empty server coward
  9. Whats your problem? Get some fucking friends and play the game... You can't prevent people from working together. If you don't have friends what I assume after your constantly whines in this forum.. that's your problem
  10. a lot of people in megas are happy that they can go with smaller groups now. What is the problem about ally up with people you already know? Does this prevent another company from getting the same amount of allies? your post is pointless. you cry about the server before its even launched.
  11. Arykos

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    if they push the update and it's bugged people will cry if they delay the update people will cry so people will cry nomatter what they do. welcome to humanity 2019
  12. mimimi. What do you expect, if they change their plans after community needs. did you think about that someone needs to code all that shittie ideas ?
  13. Arykos

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    ofc we need pve server, where all those chickens can go to, who can't defend themself duo lacking skills
  14. Arykos

    How about npcs do some repairs.

    maybe you get someone to sail and fight with your ship,so you can stay on your chair in your harbour
  15. Arykos

    Get rid of megas

    all informations I got out of this post was mimimimi