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  1. Are you looking for a cluster with PvP and PvE islands? Are you looking for somewhere to sail, chat on discord and have a good time? Casual/Semi-casual? Want to do Power stones? We have all that!Caedas Atlas Cluster (CMGC) is a 3x3 map cluster (All Power Stone islands along with a MAW server) is looking for more sailors to join and enjoy the seas! We have all resources/biomes on the cluster along with new and seasoned sailors playing on the server(s)!We have an active Discord LINK[discord.gg] which you are encouraged to join and participate. We have multiple active admins who play daily and sail the seas with everyone. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for racism, hatred and general jackassery. Our number one rule is "Don't be a jerk" and our admin team has NO issue enforcing our rules. We want a safe place to come play and have a solid community.Caedas Atlas Cluster (Battlemetric Cluster Link)[www.battlemetrics.com] has increased rates and modified weight stats. We are looking to add mods once they are stable and released. We have a very successful ARK 4 map cluster so our gaming community and admin team are not new to having a great community.Any questions let us know or join our Discord (link above) and ask away!
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