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  1. Shadowcub

    Dying from Heat on Starter Island

    It only works if you'd rather die by shark than boiling. XD Yeah, I feel like it's a set that was overlooked, especially when you're faced with heatwaves of 130-160 degrees Fahrenheit in the desert biomes... where it's like, "Okay. Gonna just stop my ship here, go make me a sammich and just get my seared corpse when I come back."
  2. Shadowcub

    Dying from Heat on Starter Island

    Desert Cloth is an armor in ARK (separate from regular cloth), that helps tremendously against heat. It was introduced with Scorched Earth. Currently, such a set does not exist in Atlas. Cloth is not the same, but it's the best thing (which doesn't say anything, really) that we have as far as armor for the moment.
  3. Shadowcub

    Dying from Heat on Starter Island

    This is just... the thing, I'm afraid. You'll die on cold Freeport islands as well. Thing is you can eventually combat the cold with fur armor, but there's no "Desert Cloth" equivalent yet, so no way to combat the heat via gear. And early on for cold, you can craft a bunch of campfires, but nothing to help with heat.
  4. Shadowcub

    Join Failed Connection Lost

    Lawl just kidding. It's back. ... Back to X4. Edit: Validating the files AGAIN worked... Seems the game might be corrupting a file or saving something wrong. Update: Issue persists after latest patch. (400.21) Another Update: Uninstalling and reinstalling the game does not correct the issue (400.38). Persists on all Official servers. With and without BattleEye. Can seemingly connect to unoffical servers just fine (haven't gone past creation menu). Singleplayer is working normally (as normally as it is right now). Internet connection is fine. Can get on and play ARK, Conan Exiles, ESO; even tried Anthem and WoW. No connection issues.
  5. Shadowcub

    Join Failed Connection Lost

    I had the same issue. Validating the files on Steam worked. I restarted the computer as well, but I don't know whether or not that was actually necessary (didn't try it before restarting).
  6. Shadowcub

    Atlas and steam charts

    A number of games dropped yesterday (albeit, Classic is probably the most significant). Also, the livestream yesterday seemed to anger quite a few people. So, that's probably not helping, given many took the XBox announcement as meaning another wipe, which wasn't confirmed either way.
  7. Shadowcub

    Atlas and steam charts

    I really don't have any beef against the company. They're a small team, we all know that (not that being large nowadays guarantees success). I don't doubt that making an entire game is daunting, and in the face of modern social media, probably even more so. I do like the fact that the devs are directly involved with the community and they're one of the few companies that do certainly seem to work their asses off. Their involvement in the community is both their greatest strength and greatest weakness. You can't please everyone. And in trying to do so, they're making a bad game... for everyone. Bethesda is one of the companys I absolutely adore and have for a very long time. Just because they made the heaping pile that is Fallout 76, doesn't mean I don't still like Besthesda. They tried. They failed. It's fine. It's one game out of a dozen I've played and doesn't mean that every future game they put out is going to suck. Grapeshot may fail at this. And that's okay. I wouldn't be angry, I'd be disappointed. The problem with Grapeshot failing here is that Grapeshot may cease to exist, but I'm sure the devs would go back to ARK or find new homes. They're good devs. They have good ideas. And more importantly, they really do seem to have the passion to back it up. But, so far, the implementation sucks.
  8. Shadowcub

    Atlas and steam charts

    Well, here's the kicker: I'd been playing on PvE (because I value sleep). Played on PvP and left, not because of the PvP... because I frankly never experienced actual PvP, just PvMyStuff while I'm sleeping/working/adulting. I like PvP. Real PvP. When I think of ATLAS or even ARK, I just don't think, "Wow yeah I'd really like to PvP in that game." I don't want to build a boring reinforced box to house my crap. Why give me a cool building system to suck the creativity out of it because I have to build a ridiculous looking ship to be viable in PvP combat? I think, "Dude, I want to build a badass looking base and cool ships. Because I can." If I want to slaughter (or be slaughtered) players, I'll go play PUBG or whatever. Even WoW PvP was great. RIP. Here, every "PvP" situation was: *Log in* "Why am I naked... oh this again." *Build sloop* *Go get the stuff from the hidden caches* *Find new island* The fun in PvP for me is the rush of knowing you're facing another human being in digital combat. Maybe you're evenly matched. Maybe you're not. Winning or losing almost doesn't matter because either way you gave it your best. ATLAS PvP lacks any ambition for that. Why face someone when you can just wait until they're not around and take their stuff? That never even crossed my mind to do during my time on PvP (back to societal degradation, I guess). It just seemed totally cowardly and most of all un-fun to me. If I want to break into houses, I'll go sneakthief in Skyrim. At least the NPCs don't log off. I don't really care if I lose stuff because someone actually fought me for it. I do care when my biggest threat is supposed to be flying lions. If I log into my 4 years inactive (... but still active... should probably cancel that) WoW account, my stuff is there. My main from launch is there. I wouldn't be surprised if I logged onto freaking EQ if my characters are still there, assuming I could ever remember my account info. Couple weeks gone from the PvE server and poof. Even people who log in every day are mysteriously losing ships they've physically moved within a couple of days. This is kind of a fundamental problem and people who are already fed up are throwing in the towel because it's making the game a job even for PvE players. And it's really only there on PvE because the devs can't figure out how to curb foundation/pillar spam (and maybe to save server memory). Hell, even before the wipe it was kind of fun island hopping and checking out peoples' bases and maybe coming across something abandoned and finding some loot. Even ARK is better on single player. At least there you have a fighting shot at all of the content with hoards of meticulously bred dinos. Solo players and casual groups are effectively locked out of end game content here because many of us simply don't have the hours in a day to live, breathe, think ATLAS. For us, unless something changes, there will eventually be a brick wall where you can choose to farm yourself to death or just leave and go play something that's actually fun. This is where they are failing at an MMO to the core. The content is just not there. Hopefully, this upcoming announcement parts the clouds and unicorns pooping rainbows come down from the sky (... although the way things are looking, there is a literal possibility of this) to give us a kickass game... But the realist (no pun intended) in me thinks... probably not. Fundamentally, ATLAS is not an MMO. Sure, the map is massive, the player capacity (supposedly... we don't actually know) is massive. But in reality, it's a cluster server multiplayer with fantasies of being a pirate MMORPG. It's like calling Fortnite an MMO because a crapload of people are online all the time. It checks very few of the boxes that make an MMO an MMO... It's just kind of... meh right now in almost every aspect of the game. Unfortunately, it kind of is ARK reskinned. Only problem is, they have effectively sucked all the good of ARK out of ATLAS, with the single exception being the building system. They haven't copied and improved. Hell, it's not even looking like they've considered ANY of the great mechanics of great MMOs past. Basically, ATLAS doesn't do anything for me that something else does better. If I want hardcore survival, I've got The Long Dark. If I want FPS, I'm enjoying Anthem. If I want PvP, I can go play a FPS PvP or head to Cyrodil in ESO. If I want an MMO, I could resurrect my WoW characters or play some ESO. If I want to sail non-ridiculous ships with proper sails on a cool ocean, I could go back to some Black Flag. If I want to just murder monsters and have an actual storyline, FFIV, Monster Hunter, Witcher III. If I want to build cool shit and maintain a hoard of animals: ARK. Hopefully, they can turn this ship around (pun intended).
  9. Shadowcub

    Atlas and steam charts

    As far as the game goes, though. I have to say I've become disillusioned. I want to enjoy it, but I'm really not. I moved 2,000 miles. Three days packing the Uhaul, a week "homeless" (spent with a friend... fishing... and eating... at his house on a river), three days on the road, and three days unloading the UHaul in 100+ degrees, and three more days getting my office reassembled to catch up on two weeks of missed work and patiently waiting clients. Needless to say, my base is gone. My ships? Gone. Tames? Lol. And... my home region is no longer Lawless (waaat?). Do I want to play? Nope. Can't say that I do. A game, what should be fun pastime (fun, not necessarily easy), now seems like a daunting chore. I've effectively wiped (again). Now, I knew it would happen. And to some degree, it's "my fault" for deciding to take a huge leap in my life. But it makes me ask myself why I would want to play a game that effectively punishes me for having a life? Above the many, many current flaws with ATLAS (of which most of my issues, if not all, have been covered ad nauseam by others), this is one I suddenly find to be at the forefront of my proverbial shit list. I'm hoping with the new designer they address many of the concerns players and future players have, but it certainly wouldn't be a bad thing to consider things like.... losing all progression due to a major life event. For now, I may fire up singleplayer (which I come back to as a thing, yay). Maybe I can become re-enthused. Maybe not.
  10. Shadowcub

    Atlas and steam charts

    Art is not original. All art is fundamentally based on reality. If you're a realistic artist, you strive for photorealism, a copy of the real. If you're an impressionist, you're pretty much trying to be Monet. If you're an abstract artist... well, you're maybe drawing squares on white canvas. It's all been done. Square on canvas guy (I won't even bother looking up his name, but feel free) is doing what we all did when we were 5... And making profitsss. It's not a decline of society at all (believe me, I could talk all day about what is). It's simply human. We watch. We learn. We copy. Hopefully, when we copy, we improve. It's not copy & paste, which I think is what you're thinking. It's more like putting a vase on a table and copying what you see. What you see will differ from what anyone else does. It's not original in the grand scheme, but it's original to you (and maybe a few other people). And maybe you add in Pikachu throwin' gang signs in the background. Our Constitution is far from original, idealistically. The doctrine as a whole is, yes; there is (as far as I'm aware) nothing exactly like it. The ideas, however, are a mish-mash of philosophies as old as Ancient Greece (and probably older) up to right around John Locke. If you break the Constitution down, there's not an original thought in there. There's nothing wrong with riding our forefathers' coat tails, as long as we improve upon their vision. The problem, the decline of society, if you will, is that we're generally not improving. We're devolving.
  11. Shadowcub

    Atlas and steam charts

    No, we really haven't. Even solely sticking to games as a subject, I've been gaming for about 25 years. Not a whole lot of originality happening anywhere. I think the most "original" game I've played in recent times has been The Long Dark. I'd dare say that game defines what the survival genre should be (like... actually about survival ). Every other "survival" game I've played is basically, "Okay we have [X Concept} and let's throw in eating, sleeping, and maybe thirst." They're all basically Skyrim running iNeed and Frostfall. Which is fine, nothing really wrong with that at the core. Except when the core is lackluster. As plenty of artists (should, if they don't) say, art is about stealing what has already been done and making it your own. Our Constitution is about as original as a Picasso.
  12. Shadowcub

    Atlas and steam charts

    So, haven't been playing much due to real life stuff (big move, etc. etc.)... So I'm just here a-trollin' and catchin' up... and I really just have to say, in response to this... Whaaaat? Last I knew the definition of "original" is something that existed from the beginning or, in other words: the first. Like, gotta say, this is the same reaction I had earlier driving by a sign in front of the local courthouse that reads, "Parker County is for Public Safety"... I feel good knowing my new county isn't for public risk. *Facepalm* P.S. I really hope you were just being facetious.
  13. Shadowcub

    Single Player Bug Thread

    1. I have a similar issue, although my ship hasn't disappeared entirely. The ship is being shown on the map at the same coordinates... five grids away. I'm currently in J10, the ship is showing it's in M8. The ship is, in fact, with me in J10. If I use the bed on the ship (to or fro), it works fine and spawns/teleports me to the actual ship in J10 (but I have to scroll over on the map to select the bed). This is using a Ramshackle Sloop from M7. It also occurred with a regular Sloop built in M7. I haven't tried it with a ship built outside of the starting location yet, but will update when I do. 2. Water reservoirs. When placed, the show the water richness and work normally, filling with water over time. Until I exit the game. When I come back, there is no water richness displayed when looking at them and no water accumulates. This happens whether they're alone or connected to pipes. As a side note, the ability to place indoor pipes before connecting to stuff and being able to use them with reservoirs would be lovely. *Hint hint, nudge nudge*
  14. Shadowcub

    Base is dissapearing before my eyes

    I had a similar issue yesterday on PvE (so it wasn't sabotage... plus there's never anyone in my grid). Had to rebuild the same few wooden ceilings on a bridge 4-5 times within the span of a couple of hours. It seems to be fine right now, but I've had it happen a couple of times in the past, always with ceilings.
  15. Shadowcub

    Please fix this nonsense...soon.

    I agree with the OP. I and nearly everyone and every building I've encountered used foundations to get around this (which sucks). I played (and still do) ARK solo. There is an ini setting to enable terrain clipping. I haven't looked at the ATLAS ini at all, but I would assume this is easy enough to enable or, if not implemented, implement. It doesn't break anything, even in a PVP environment (because you can just... break into the wall tile next to it). Aesthetically, however, it would help... extremely. Also... cobras.