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  1. Shadowcub

    Single Player Bug Thread

    1. I have a similar issue, although my ship hasn't disappeared entirely. The ship is being shown on the map at the same coordinates... five grids away. I'm currently in J10, the ship is showing it's in M8. The ship is, in fact, with me in J10. If I use the bed on the ship (to or fro), it works fine and spawns/teleports me to the actual ship in J10 (but I have to scroll over on the map to select the bed). This is using a Ramshackle Sloop from M7. It also occurred with a regular Sloop built in M7. I haven't tried it with a ship built outside of the starting location yet, but will update when I do. 2. Water reservoirs. When placed, the show the water richness and work normally, filling with water over time. Until I exit the game. When I come back, there is no water richness displayed when looking at them and no water accumulates. This happens whether they're alone or connected to pipes. As a side note, the ability to place indoor pipes before connecting to stuff and being able to use them with reservoirs would be lovely. *Hint hint, nudge nudge*
  2. Shadowcub

    Base is dissapearing before my eyes

    I had a similar issue yesterday on PvE (so it wasn't sabotage... plus there's never anyone in my grid). Had to rebuild the same few wooden ceilings on a bridge 4-5 times within the span of a couple of hours. It seems to be fine right now, but I've had it happen a couple of times in the past, always with ceilings.
  3. Shadowcub

    Please fix this nonsense...soon.

    I agree with the OP. I and nearly everyone and every building I've encountered used foundations to get around this (which sucks). I played (and still do) ARK solo. There is an ini setting to enable terrain clipping. I haven't looked at the ATLAS ini at all, but I would assume this is easy enough to enable or, if not implemented, implement. It doesn't break anything, even in a PVP environment (because you can just... break into the wall tile next to it). Aesthetically, however, it would help... extremely. Also... cobras.
  4. Shadowcub

    Feeding carnivors

    I agree about a decay timer like the larder. But, as it's been said, a few days of your tames not doing anything at all is totally fine. I'm currently on a long trip in game. I got a little worried today and this morning fast traveled back to base to check on my guys after maybe 5 days. Not even a quarter of their food stat was gone. Even the chickens (they actually had about 2x less food state gone and tamed at totally crap levels... because chickens). A higher stack, at least on the meat, whouldn't be a bad thing. This was always annoying in ARK, too. The vegetarians were always set, but you've have to farm for the carnivores pretty regularly (even in solo play).
  5. Shadowcub

    offline protection

    Ah okay. That explains it then. Yes, I was in lawless.
  6. Shadowcub

    offline protection

    Now, granted we've been in "1.5" for nearly a week now... But maybe someone can explain. Supposedly, ORP is now in effect. However, I've been offline raided twice. A ship was sunk once. And today, I log on after about 18 hours offline to find myself dead and my stuff taken (well... some of it... they weren't smart enough to get into my cache).
  7. Shadowcub

    NA PVE Disgrace

    I played a good 12-13 hours yesterday on PvP Colonies and took a rafting trip from J10 to B10. Absolutely everyone I ran into was pleasant. I got a couple of offers to either build on people's islands and/or join companies, even after explaining why I was travelling and that I was coming from PvE. Gotta say, blew me right out of the water (no pun intended). All I hear is about PvP players being assholes and grievers; so far, they've proved that wrong. I'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks, but I'm having a blast right now.
  8. Shadowcub

    What creeps you out on Atlas?

    I also swim below the surface (in life and in game). Filled my child nerdy brain with way too much info on cryptids and convinced myself that the lake my day camp was on had a monster. Even kayaking on that same lake today makes me nervous, even though I know it's only around 330 ft deep and the biggest, scariest thing in there is landlocked salmon. And the scariest thing in the ocean around here isn't the occasional great white... it's getting run over by an oil tanker or a floating city of a cruise ship.
  9. Shadowcub

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Testing purposes.
  10. Shadowcub

    What creeps you out on Atlas?

    You are not the only one. Every time I jump in the water I freak out a bit. Don't have this problem in other games; I think it's because the ocean looks so real... and I have a healthy real fear of the ocean (I actually will not go deeper than my chest).
  11. Shadowcub

    Why are numbers already dropping?

    Oh my god, it's too true. I was doing treasure hunting on PTR the other night. I probably killed 150+ cobras... The other thing that is annoying as hell: cobras in the Tundra... Sorry... But no. Just no.
  12. Shadowcub

    Crafting bug

    v1.5 - Right clicking something to craft, crafts 1 immediately. Menu still pops up. Right clicking an inventory item transfers it. Makes it impossible to repair something at say, a smithy. Final edit: A couple of people were experiencing this. Restarting the game seems to fix it.
  13. Shadowcub

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    Haha! I made a quiche... put it in the oven and BAM! We went live.
  14. Shadowcub

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    Opted out of PTR and my patch is 422 MB.
  15. Shadowcub

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    I have no idea. I personally opted out this morning thinking the patch would download (30ish GB, I think). Then Dollie said not to. When I opted back in it was a 8.5GB download.... which makes me think those files remained somewhere.