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  1. How do you let ppl keep levels from exploiting over and over.
  2. Now pillar bases are indestructible.
  3. Its a lost. RIght now due to pillar bases grenades are doing a lot more dmg than they should because they had to give a way to get into bases where a cannon cart cant get to. Its a total lost to balancing the game. Unless you plan on bringing back mortars for attackers but even then some pillars are still too high.
  4. Alright boys we can now store everything important in the Freeports and not have to worry about anything! Thank god for the bobs whining.
  5. It reduced the spam on islands ppl didnt own. THe ones ppl own they just made taller pillars.
  6. My only thing is you keep dividing the players in more and more servers. Get rid of the EU NA Servers just merge pvp with pvp and pve with pve. People are quitting right now cause of the way war decs are too. 24 hour wars every weekend because they are so cheap for megas really kills off ppl. I know you guys cant do anything about it but we need to figure a way that everyone and thier mother isnt nutcupping. Until you do this you will lose so many small company players because they dont want to play with other players for some odd reason. There is a huge reason. Trust me.
  7. Just flame cart the bear with a horse. YOu would be surprised how well we defended from a much larger alliance with flame swivels.
  8. You dont have to be in a large company to do the kraken or the ice dungeon... THe ice dungeon has already been 3 manned and the kraken was something you can snipe by ramming into the circle.
  9. Uhh you would be wrong there. There is 3 large megas still. one has more than 10 companies in it.
  10. Doesnt work unless u can make the taller than the sail mast.
  11. A grenade shudnt hurt a stone building. They have always been about anti infantry by shooting out shrapnel. Like others have said why take a cannon when u can mass spam grenades at buildings. You can already sail brigs and gallys thru doors. It was done in season 1.
  12. You guys are complaining about blackjacks when a Pike does what the black jack does but better.
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