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  1. Sorry, the crabs are sold out (we will inform you
  2. updated screenshots in the discord
  3. yes crabs are available
  4. Good day . We lower the price of crabs from 150 to 100 gold per level, we have crabs from 40-44 levels. https://discord.gg/ct5P7kr - in more detail.
  5. Good day, yes crabs are available.
  6. Все крабы за 150 золота за 1 уровень, независимо от статистики. Подробнее здесь https://discord.gg/ct5P7kr
  7. Good day. We have available 10 crabs, 38 and higher lvl price per level 150 gold
  8. Good day. We want to put up for sale the first batch of crabs, a screen of stats here https://discord.gg/daUm2n
  9. ай я на ЕУ-пве а вы на НА-пве ( лопни мои глаза) мой косяк
  10. ах я на ес-пве а ты на н-пве (разрывай мне глаза) мой сустав до перевода (ай я на ЕУ-пве а вы на НА-пве ( лопни мои глаза) мой косяк)
  11. And what you do not have in the browser translator? There is a legendary big shipyard. Call mine and I will leave in the trading tent (translation Google)
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