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  1. agreed , met some really nice people randomly , hell we're giving all our stuff to them and really hope to see them on the next map , Its encounters like that , which make official worth playing , sadly its the bugs and lack of any support that also make it worth abandoning
  2. so my company has decided the game is kinda unplayable , I know thats a bit melodramatic , but we've done pretty much all the endgame stuff and these bugs and silly screwups they keep dropping with each patch has killed the urge for us.. we own an Island and have decided to give all our stuff to another company , smallish but good people.. the question is , we own an island and so do the other group , last season there were issues with merging that lost the islands for companies doing it..so we're a little concerned about trying to merge so they can have both has anyone tried this yet? do those issues still exist? , if the worst comes to the worst losing our island is not a big deal , but I do not want to risk theirs...
  3. same , we had issues with griefers...and nothing.. tickets are worthless , they do not respond of course the flip side is , since they obviously dont care ..you can do whatever you want to your abusers and they cant complain
  4. Or you could play the game as intended and y'know sail to the islands... we will continue to destroy these eyesores regardless of empty threats
  5. apparantly despite having the flag set to only us and our allies building (its a small island and we have a few Americans with bad latency so we're keeping the build small) anyone can spam that annoying triple treat foundation ,bed,chair on the island ? I mean sure I can destroy them ..but why is it even possible? especially as people seem to go extraordinary lengths to avoid simply asking us permission , hiding them up ruins etc some have even blocked spawns (possibly on purpose who knows) anyway getting off track.. whats with the permissions? they don't seem to work and since im here , any solution to the floating crew bug? demolished a gun deck and now 4 crew just float on my ship ignoring me
  6. still happens sadly , plus the army getting stuck in mountains and so forth plus we get the "sail under water" and "fly" glitches as well . ooo and as mentioned before the "demolish one thing and watch half the base walls and ceiling tiles collapse" issue but its still fun..my guys did 6 maps the other day and only one was a throw away due to bad spawn location
  7. yeah they have definitly become a LOT more aggressive on this map... never had any issues before , now im bearchow no matter where i stand , did manage to get it tamed but multiple deaths , im dreading trying an elephant...or gods forbid a giraffe
  8. meh *shrugs* i'm just waiting for pvp servers to drop the even lower numbers , be interesting to see if dev focus changes after they realise most of the playerbase is pve rather than pvp. in my opinion it was a flawed concept from the start..they should have gone with two location based megaservers , eu and us , then built pvp zones into the maps , akin to trade routes. that way everyone gets treated the same. you want to fight/risk it..use the faster routes..if not stay safe and sail around. as is Its getting a little stupid with things in pvp being abused , so we lose basic functionality in pve as a result , anyone in pve bother with mortars? puckle guns? fire barrels? fire arrows? The claim system is a bit of a mess , I feel it should be scrapped and just go to a lawless model (but with actual gm support to report foundation spammers) with a 14 day decay rate (to account for holidays ) then use the new pirate spawns like the Conan exiles Purge system , you build up purge depending on company and base size and then when the bar is full (and only when a member of the company is online and at the base) it creates a wandering pirate ship to try and raid you. sure nothing is perfect , and people will find ways to abuse and troll..its what people do.. oh and lose the sotd's except from golden age..would it really be so hard to use proper ship skins as pirates/navy etc? I appreciate getting them to respond to the wind would be very difficult , but hey..even making them boardable and capturable would be fun too... anyway gone a little off topic and have to go to work
  9. its a silly little thing , but more hairstyles...Ark had a load of options for barbers including (and i dont understand why they didnt add it in the first place) the ponytail i mean honestly , you can probably count the number of people who use the dread's option in double figures , as is I just constantly shave it all off as it looks too much in standard style
  10. I don't want another wipe , But if it means the wild pirate stuff , to give pve more depth , then hell I can start again ..we'll see
  11. I can see only one way this might be a viable tool.. You claim the island and want to do some clearing , the raze button opens a window listing the companies on the island , including active players in that region. you do a tour of your new island , noticing that company A is active and has built a small but not intrusive base , they will be great for taxes , you check and see a lot of the companies on your new island are good tenants , but company G has just spammed foundations over most of the beach and travels here once every 10 days to keep them up... you then choose the companies you want to raze (sending them an in game AND automatically generated email warning) and boom , foundation spammers and trolls are gone , good tenants remain and everyone (save the spammers but they don't have souls anyway) is happy its still a bloody stupid system..but if you have to have it...
  12. hope you get a result , foundation /pillar spammers are scum some guy did it near my old base (i went there to destroy it but found sir ripali douchington's pillars) so I placed a big billboard telling him i wouldnt be leaving or destroying it ..so now we play the waiting game they really need to start banning these greedy asshats , no-one needs that much space
  13. i can understand this.. we welcome settlers , however theres a company that used to live here , packed up and left the day we claimed , leaving a load of random crap around the beaches , we asked them nicely to remove them (just the random bits and floors not the base they had) but they ignored us..so yay...now we have to hope they dont play for 10 days to clean up our islands beach
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