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  1. You must be blind lotus. What, you want a cookie for taking down some players walls so you could spam everything else? You have hundreds of land claims why would you take up lawless areas too? That’s what makes you a douche company. I love the evasion of the foundation spam. What? You think you needed to block it and make it look like crap so nobody else could? Glad it is all a wasted effort now anyway.
  2. If the new system is just going to encourage this type of behavior from douche companies what's the point? 3 people were on this lawless server and every island on it looked like garbage with spam everywhere. Hey Lotus, this heap of garbage is yours.
  3. I need I need 2 elephants. Pricing on anything level 20+ please.
  4. I have a few unused beach and land claims in the tundras and arctic perfect for a mythos farm or as a safe place to park while you go on a vacation. I'm not looking to gouge anyone and will consider most offers. Shoot me a DM here and we will figure something out. NA PVE.
  5. Even a mid level bear will take out an alpha if you park the bear on a slope and keep hitting the bear with the right timing. It'll take a while, but definitely doable. The bear has a great knockback with each attack.
  6. I have a few limited beach spots that I'm looking to sale. DM me and I'm sure we can work something out so you can make sure your things are safe on territory that is your own.
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