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  1. Yes - my bad - it was a typo. Also correct - no need to port-forward 6379 as it is entirely local traffic. By "linked", I meant having the correct port numbers, etc in the json file.
  2. Is your database properly linked in your json file? My Servergrid.ServerGridOnly.json file looks like this (I haven't changed it from the default)… { "LocalS3URL": "", "LocalS3AccessKeyId": "", "LocalS3SecretKey": "", "LocalS3BucketName": "", "LocalS3Region": "", "TribeLogConfig": { "MaxRedisEntries": 1000, "BackupMode": "on", "MaxFileHistory": 10, "HttpBackupURL": "", "HttpAPIKey": "", "S3URL": "", "S3AccessKeyId": "", "S3SecretKey": "", "S3BucketName": "", "S3KeyPrefix": "" }, "SharedLogConfig": { "FetchRateSec": 60, "SnapshotCleanupSec": 900, "SnapshotRateSec": 1800, "SnapshotExpirationHours": 48, "BackupMode": "on", "MaxFileHistory": 10, "HttpBackupURL": "", "HttpAPIKey": "", "S3URL": "", "S3AccessKeyId": "", "S3SecretKey": "", "S3BucketName": "", "S3KeyPrefix": "" }, "TravelDataConfig": { "BackupMode": "on", "MaxFileHistory": 10, "HttpBackupURL": "", "HttpAPIKey": "", "S3URL": "", "S3AccessKeyId": "", "S3SecretKey": "", "S3BucketName": "", "S3KeyPrefix": "" }, "DatabaseConnections": [ { "Name": "Default", "URL": "", "Port": 6379, "Password": "foobared" }, { "Name": "TribeDB", "URL": "", "Port": 6379, "Password": "foobared" }, { "Name": "TravelDataDB", "URL": "", "Port": 6379, "Password": "foobared" }, { "Name": "TerritoryDB", "URL": "", "Port": 6379, "Password": "foobared" }, { "Name": "LogDB", "URL": "", "Port": 6379, "Password": "foobared" } ] }
  3. Have you tried the instructions on this page? https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Per-Level_Skill_Point_Multipliers_for_Atlas
  4. Post what you have, and someone might be able to spot the problem.
  5. I've just tried it with my Atlas server, it does work... Use the Windows Key + R and enter steam://connect/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:QueryPort Use your external IP address, and the QueryPort number of your "Home" server.
  6. I believe the unofficial server lists have some threshold based on the ping times. We don't all see the same servers in the list.
  7. [2020.04.19-18.10.33:401][ 0]SteamSocketsOpenSource: gethostname failed () [2020.04.19-18.10.33:401][ 0]gethostbyname failed () That's normal. It happens with Ark servers as well.
  8. QueryPort uses UDP, and RCON uses TCP. They're different protocols and don't interfere with each other. I use an RCON program to allow chat across grids. It works fine.
  9. I was concerned about the command line you posted earlier, because of the contradiction it showed... It included "ServerX=1?ServerY=0?AltSaveDirectoryName=00" Normally, the directory name would echo the X,Y coordinate in some way, but it doesn't here. This made me think that maybe there was a mistake in the setup, perhaps the 4 grids are sharing a common save directory? The Atlas server always uses "ocean.atlas" as the filename regardless of the grid coords, so you could have a problem. Do you have any active players on the map? If not, it might be worth wiping all the saves, and wiping the database to see if starting over will fix the issues you're having.
  10. Can you post all four of your command lines please - but remove any passwords you've set. If I can, I'll launch a copy to see what happens.
  11. I've lost the source URL, but I vaguely remember reading that you set spawnPointRegionOverride to -1 to disable spawning on an island. Use values 1 to 4 on spawnable islands within a grid.
  12. Have you port-forwarded all port numbers including the gaps? 5760 to 5768, 57560 to 57568, 27000 to 27003 - all UDP ? I'm not sure how much ASC does for you (I only use command line stuff), but in the json file: "ip": "" I have my external IP address for each grid, NOT I think you might have a mis-match of directory names for the save files... Your command line says ServerX=1?ServerY=0?AltSaveDirectoryName=00 Check that you've given a unique directory name for each grid, otherwise the save files will over-write each other.
  13. Can you post your json file and your command lines please, someone might spot something, Remember to remove any passwords you've put in yourself.
  14. I can't find a way to edit the path in the GUI. It might be worth experimenting with editing the JSON file - but take a backup first Ships are dumb, they will phase through rocks and islands.
  15. A few things to consider... You need a minimum of two grids. The grid with the end boss doesn't allow any creatures to spawn. Atlas works slightly better if you have a square arrangement (2x2, or 3x3, etc), otherwise the map can appear distorted. If you want to run without mods, then you need 9 islands whose name ends with "PVE" to get all the powerstones, plus 8 trenches. I believe there is a mod to get around this. More islands in a grid requires more CPU and RAM. It's recommended to allow one CPU Core (2 threads) and around 6 to 8 GB RAM per grid, but if your map has a low player count, then you can probably relax a bit on the CPU Core count. Apparently, MTN_H_CP_CAVE is a relatively new island that's worth having. Beware that once published and active, you shouldn't move islands around your map. It's safe to add new islands. Keep the islands locked in the map editor to be safe.
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