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  1. You have to stop the server before changing the config files.
  2. Have you specified the port numbers on the command line and in the json file?
  3. DeepSeaDuo

    New Project!

    Don't forget to have a grid for the Maw - where the boss fight happens.
  4. Were all the new grids added to the bottom and right of the existing map, or did you renumber the existing grids to shift them down and/or right?
  5. Powerstone positions in the json file are relative to the whole map. See the line that starts with "globalGameplaySetup": "(QuestEntries= Every WorldMapPosition=(X=nnn,Y=nnn) on that line will need to be edited. When you say the claim flags are also in the water - do you mean they're in the water in the game, or they're in the water on the map?
  6. i7-7800X @ 3.99GHz, 96 MB RAM. 3x3 Atlas grid with 7 or 8 islands per grid. Hosted at home. Typically only 7 or 8 users on the map at any time. 100Mb/s up, 7Mb/s (approx.) down
  7. As an update: I've found that I get a map from a bottle when the map refers to the grid that I'm currently in. I'll update again if I find any other patterns.
  8. Press + over one of the circles.
  9. Sadly doesn't work for my server.
  10. CPSPOK - I think you're misunderstanding the problem. When we were able to get maps from bottles, we could see the map image correctly. Now though - we don't get anything at all from the bottles. Maps do not appear in our inventories.
  11. My map is 3x3. When the server was just a few days old, all players were able to get maps from the bottles. Now though, nobody gets them.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I've already done all that. I'm using the latest grid editor. It's not that I'm seeing black map images - the maps don't go into my inventory at all
  13. Who's instructions did you follow CPSPOK?
  14. You need a square without islands if you want to have the boss fight.
  15. Has anyone else got the problem where nothing is given when picking up bottles from the sea? Is there a fix? Is it a config problem? Thanks in anticipation.