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  1. Just before the patch, I had placed a claim tower down on a house that was owned by another company, but they stopped playing and the 10 day timer ran out. I successfully claimed the structures they built, but then a couple days later, everything the other company built auto-decayed anyway, even though it should have been refreshed by my company. Secondly, I had a mine and claim tower in J7 auto-decay after the patch. For no reason. Every other claim tower had full health. Finally, I had a claim tower decay in J5, even though my other claim tower and farm were just fine. Because of this, another company was able to take land and destroy my lumberyard. Me and my company have visited each of these grids and island multuiple times, bulding, feuling farms, etc, so there was no reason the decay times should have counted down.
  2. Right, I get that. Now to the real issue. Why can't I upgrade my lumbermill? I have found multiple blue spots inside my claimed area, and have quadruple checked distances to other resource gathering buildings. And when I say multiple spots, I have at least 5 different places that I should be able to place a lumbermill. And the game knows it, because the outlines turn blue. There's no red warnings that other buildings are too close. Yet, right as I place it, the warning pops onto the screen and shoves the mill back in my hotbar. It's driving me crazy, because just trying to upgrade my mill is now preventing me from farming wood at my main settlement. Where? I've only ever seen the normal 200m listed.
  3. The outline turns blue, no warning that anything is too close. I click once and it placed but lets me rotate. I click the second time and it disappears and puts it back in my hotbar. And I have extensively mapped out distances between my farms. I know there is more than enough room, becuae I already had structures placed. This acts like grapeshot tried to mitigate the farm exploits and botched the fix.
  4. I removed a lumberyard and quarry to upgrade them, now, even though it turns blue, I can't place them in the exact same spots? This isn't the first time I've replaced these specific lumberyard and quarry with upgraded versions. So, that leads me to believe a "fix" was implemented to prevent the exploiters from double placing. But now it's affecting my ability to upgrade my resource gathering... cool cool cool.
  5. I know that warehouses can connect two grids away. So my question is, hypothetically, if I set up a warehouse in A1 can I connect to a warehouse in C3?
  6. I'm reasonably certain this isn't normally allowed. There are double quarries nearby, by the same person. Edit: Found another set of double quarries a little further away, so clearly whatever this person is doing is repeatable.
  7. Has anyone seen an Alpha on Whales Solitude since the wipe? I haven't seen a single one; rattlesnake, seagull, chicken, nothing.
  8. So, are Land Claim Towers not allowed in PvE?
  9. So, even though it says I'm in a lawless zonebecause I can't place a island claim flag, it's not actually a lawless zone? Schroedinger's Lawless Zone?
  10. I'm in a lawless zone. I've built a land claim tower, and I get the error that "This building type is not allowed in this server" Why does this game have to be so needlessly obtuse....
  11. We don't have a PvE server. There is only one server at the moment, and it's PvP.
  12. We have no PvE, let alone no lawless in PvE. Where's the PvE server?
  13. I see one official server when I try to join, PvP. Is my server list just jacked, or is PvE coming later? I see no communication about a delay or removal anywhere.
  14. I've now made a floor even larger than the farmhouse footprint and still the problem persists... Edit: And can anyone explain to me what, "Too Many 'Farmhouse' in Area" 1/1" means? Clearly it means there is another farmhouse too close, but how unintuitive is the messaging on that....
  15. Can someone please explain to me why this isn't turning blue? The foundation is exactly the right size. I've checked distances to other farmhouses. I have permission to place, and if I'm down on the beach, it will turn blue.
  16. Grid: F2 Interacting with Smithy, upgrading a Journeyman Grappling Hook The game just shut off. Dropped me in desktop, as though the game was never running. Another company member had this same thing happen, as well as getting fatal error crashes. Validating game files.
  17. The worst offenders for this are the Goat and Boar. Today, a wild horse got on my boat. I killed it. While trying to harvest the meat, I could not get close enouugh because the collision detection kept pushing me back. I finally found an angle that worked, by crouching. Once the body was gone, I continued to ryubberband, as though the body was now all around me. I couldn't take two steps without being pulled back into place.
  18. I have my push to talk bound to Left Alt. Every time the game patches, my keybindings in the game reset. When I talk in Discord, my screen Auto-Locks on nreaby targets for melee combat. I tried to rebind "Auto-Aim", but it did not fix it. I saw that Left Alt defaulted to "Switch to Nest Loaded Weapon", so I unassigned that and it worked. Bottom line: The "Switch th next loaded weapon" in the Keybind UI is affecting auto-aim, not switching weapons.
  19. Has anyone else experienced this? I was doing 2 points of damage with a bow, and archers were immune to damage. I made a bug report about it as well, becuase I'm pretty sure archers being immune to damage is not intended gameplay.
  20. So, uh...what's up with only doing 2 points of damage to the Treasure guardians with a bow now? And only 8 with a X-bow? Was there some mention of this being a problem?
  21. I had a Galleon, a schooner, and two sloops poof over the course of 3 days. No debris, just a note that a ship was removed from my company. They were all parked at my island and I've been logging in frequently.
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