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    Atlas 1.5 GG

    It's not the island... it's been snipped in mid air, through trees... horses that don't take damage, few people shooting an unmounted horse from a few feet away and it took no damage...
  2. PvtBodyParts

    Atlas 1.5 GG

    4 hours of this shit.... GG
  3. PvtBodyParts

    New Claim System - Griefers paradise?

    Yeah it was said in the stream
  4. PvtBodyParts

    Render range is way WAY too low.

    Exactly, a render issue
  5. PvtBodyParts

    Render range is way WAY too low.

    Wrong the physics object is there which means the server has already told the client what's there.... if you were waiting for the server to still tell the client there is something there then you wouldn't hit it as the client wouldn't know about it
  6. PvtBodyParts

    Render range is way WAY too low.

    I hit a few invisible shipyards myself..... and its not a lag or latency issue, its a render issue. how do we know ? because the physics object is there for you to hit so its been loaded just not render.....
  7. PvtBodyParts

    Tame killed for NO reason AGAIN

    Was this during the server connection issues ? had the same thing happen....