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  1. wakkytabbaky

    Attention Paragon company

    i would just like to say that without divide is a good company, they dont interfere with any of your stuff if you merge, as a company with a decent amount of claims in our grid one of the leaders approached us and asked if we would like to merge, we talked we merged and not a single person from the whole company has interfered with our stuff since then. the most anyone has done in our territory since merging was anchoring a ship and saving it from sinking when i lost internet one day. if you need land consider joining a big company if solo , most of them dont interfere once youve worked out stuff @CazzT How about instead of being greedy pricks you let go of some of the land you're clearly never going to use. Or would that hurt your ego too much since you wouldn't be on the Leaderboard anymore? At this point, the Leaderboard for PvE is just a list of the most selfish people currently playing. alot of our personal company territory before merging was taken from another chinese company and is overlapped, 90% of it cant be relinquished to others without dropping 5-10 flags and that is the same for alot of other companies, without a way to stop overlapping there is alot of land that cant be relinquished
  2. wakkytabbaky

    Unable to do treasure maps

    yea i get that, it just all depends where you are located really , my grid makes it super easy to accumulate gold where other grids are super hard to get alot, resource wise i just take an animal or a mace and one shot 75% of the spawned mobs with a power attack as they become active so they never really do any dmg. with respec at freeports now its alot easier to build tank if you are doing a hell of a lot of maps
  3. wakkytabbaky

    Unable to do treasure maps

    on the gold note. my island in A12 (big one) spawns 90% of maps for the smaller island in the grid, most have 50-300 gold but when you travel less than 5 mins after collecting maps for 2-3 days you can easily grab 5k gold easily in less than an hour of actual map farming
  4. wakkytabbaky

    company notice board

    please add a company notice board in the company tab where people with the right rank can leave notes / messages / requests for all members to see, this would help large companies track stuff ingame alot easier
  5. wakkytabbaky

    no body no bag?

    use K to look under the mesh / ground and you may see it. using a pick / axe right on the ground where the body is sometimes cuts it up and the bag should pop above ground. wont happen all the time but you can get lucky
  6. wakkytabbaky

    Chinese cheat

    im specifically on pve so i dont have to worry about trying to fight chinese with high ping since im from aus, yet we still gotta deal with all the stupid shit they do. only reason pvp people are not complaining as much is because 90% of changes in patches are geared for pvp and you have a way to deal with them
  7. wakkytabbaky

    You are currently travelling to another server.....

    dont try to spawn on your ships when this happens, always respawn at base until you are fine then fast travel to your boat. last time this happened to me i would try to spawn on the boat over and over, eventually gave up and logged out. 4 hours later i log in and spawn on boat fine only to find it sunk from over crew limit and about 12 duplicated bodies of mine sleeping in the ocean
  8. wakkytabbaky

    My ship was sunk when i sleep

    weight sinking is still so easy to do. oh you float when on a anchored ship no worries press T to whistle their ladder down and just sit on it with 40k weight , ship sunk GG. they find a way to block the ladder then just fall onto their boat with 40k weight and drop all inventory , ship will sink within 5 minutes anyway on the off chance it does not sink you just hold o on the dropped items to redrop them therefore extending the timer by 2 minutes and pick up items and redrop as needed till it sinks. devs dont really care when it comes to pve. all these grief mechanics are just valid strategies for pvp, if they really cared they would have just patched the ability to pick up 40k weight by now
  9. wakkytabbaky

    support section is a joke and devs couldnt care less

    i got 2 responses both were copy pasted responses. its 1 guy running the support section
  10. wakkytabbaky

    Chinese cheat

    dont make me laugh to hard now
  11. wakkytabbaky

    game-over Increasing amount of unhappy customers.

    i openly admitted to griefing chinese ships in a support ticket because i was sick and tired of losing ships and all i got in response was quote on quote "give us the ccc (which they already had) and we will look into it". didnt even acknowledge the fact i admitted to using exploits lol all the replies for several different tickets are the same person. its one guy running the support tickets and all answers are copy pasted
  12. so using the support tickets is a complete joke. got screenshotted evidence of 2 chinese clans griefing ships on pve before it was quote on quote " fixed and after and yet still no action taken. now since i completely anti sink proofed my ships the chinese resorted to blocking our ships in lol. the even funnier thing is that i openly stated that i had started grief sinking the chinese ships in defense and no action has been taken against me either. devs / support are a complete joke and dont even read the tickets unless the words pvp are in there. good luck to all pve players out there
  13. wakkytabbaky

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    ive built 6 ramshackles so far since the FOY came out and not once has it bugged out for me
  14. wakkytabbaky

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    honestly anyone wasting so much time sailing to get to the fountain is doing it wrong, go to closest freeport make a ramshackle sloop and 90% of the golden age are 2-4 zones away from a freeport. takes about 10 minutes to make a sloop and at most 1 hour of sailing
  15. do not , i repeat do not try to spawn on your ship over and over, it will create a new copy of your player there everytime you crash and when you finally get in 4 hours or so later your ship will be sunk. took 4 hours till i was able to get back in. https://imgur.com/a/hNCqhK3