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  1. Cooked fish and meat give +5 to vitamins and 8 food. Salted meat and fish give +3 vitamins and 5 food. Cooked prime meat and fish gives +15 vitamins and 5 food. For me, I like fish n chips and pork pie, + 20 on all vitamins and 25 food.
  2. We have at least 3 lighthouses on the island we live on and I just picked up a bunch of maps.
  3. Use potatos they last longer. and keep them away from your other tames so they are the only ones taking food from the trough.
  4. One can try to lure the sharks away from them. Never had this problem before
  5. The sweet spot is behind his ear
  6. Have to manually do it through the sails action wheel. It will tell you what mats you need to repair it.
  7. Scroll down on the bugs menu, Xbox has its own folder and pc bugs is under it.
  8. If you have another player on your boat have him/her whistle npcs on your boat while you recruit them.
  9. I’ve had it stop working on land. My hands just end up with the animation that I throw it but no grapple was released. Don’t happen all the time but it happens.
  10. That can eat up a bunch of gold, especially legendary gear.
  11. I think having an owl as a shoulder tame would be sweet. Could give you night vision buff or hunt for ya.
  12. Looking to buy 2 tigers male female combo for breeding purposes. High lvls and good stats.
  13. One main building, your capital. Place this and you own some land. Spend skill points to unlock more flags to place. Upkeep goes into the capital building.
  14. Thank you very much for releaseing this
  15. I play with my wife a she likes the island and asked me to find out if we could trade something for one flag, just one so we could have a summer home away from the tundra lol. Is their any way we can work something out?
  16. So I crafted some journeyman and masterwork walls, ramps and ceiling tiles when I would pick one up after placeing it would destroy not all but like 15 ceiling tiles in my inventory a weird number to say the least. Didn’t turn it into a common or return to my inventory just destroyed a said number of pieces I had. anyone else have this happen or is this a recent thing.
  17. I’m in G10 on Salitroy Peninsula and would like to negotiate with ya for a flag.
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