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  1. Take into account that cargo racks decrease your speed (for schooner 20% per rack) as well as your overall weight. An empty schooner with large and small speed sail is around 19 knots.
  2. Used to be the way that you could simply grapple the ground to break the grapple of someone else on you. Dunno if that still works.
  3. I dont really like it either but its in the game for us to use and its up to us if we want to use it or not. Yes its borderline cheaty but the rules are usually made by the majority and most players dont like nighttime in games sadly, at least that is what you hear most about. (Ark and to a degree Atlas are a lot more enjoyable with standard night visibility as fear of the dark is a powerfull tool. But with how grindy both are most player opt for total safety sooner or later cause the have done it a billion times allready.) Your example is poorly chosen because running over people is not a built in intended function of a car, while the gamma option is, otherwise it wouldn't be in the options menu. If you really want to go for a car example its more like one of those assistant systems that may help you drive the car but you dont really need them and can turn them off if you want.
  4. It may be cheating in other games but its build in into Atlas (and ark aswell after the devs noticed people had a disadvantage if they didnt have it) bottom right /\
  5. You mean the "exploit" that has 2 configurable buttons in the options menu?
  6. The getting thrown off the ship thing is a problem with wall placement. If you place a wall the way that its not covered by a ceiling you get into a floating state if you accidently get too close and that throws you off, this even happens underneath stairs. They NEED to be under a ceiling nothing else removes this effect. It is the most comon cause of flying pets after crossing aswell.
  7. Bear -- Remove the cargo cart ability, bear is allready powerfull by itself with the cart its utterly OP. Chicken -- Fine as is Cow -- Fine as is Bull -- should have the ability to pull the cargo cart Crow -- seems fine Razortooth -- no idea from what story you got this "animal" it doesnt fit the rest of Atlas, remove completly or at least the taming. Shieldhorn -- no idea from what story you got this "animal" it doesnt fit the rest of Atlas, remove completly or at least the taming. Elephant -- Stamina regeneration is utter crap needs a buff othervise okay Giant Pig -- Fine as is Giraffe -- currently no use at all, maybe make a saddle that is climbable on the neck to use as mobile ladder Horse -- Fine as is Lion -- Grab is anoying and not working correctly with bad latency, change to small stun Monkey -- door opener like in ark unless it allready can? Ostrich -- add Terrorbird flapping Parrot -- add a small post building you can "leash" a Parrot to, to have it circle above and warn of incomming enemys similar to parasaur Penguin -- buff effect too small and range is hard to predict, add a circle while holding H maybe Rabbit -- Rhino -- add to harvest ability to gather small amounts of metal from normal rock, could use better stamina use on sprinting Seagull -- Gather fish for you and / or add view range on a ship Sheep -- fix its invisible tail, every time you get off you get stuck in nothingness behind it Tiger -- Vulture -- Wolf -- bit weak after the last change maybe get pack bonus like in ark
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