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  1. Best resource: (Read it through and do it before you do anything). https://krookedskull.com/index.php?title=AtlasDSSGuide
  2. Yes there is. Search bar at the top right. think you need 9 different islands to have all the resources. the power stones are all named _PVE at the ned.
  3. Just realized that placing endboss on a grid where you want islands that has animals is a bad idea. EndBoss breaks all landspawns and your islands wont be populated. had to dedicate an entire grid for it. I am so sad.
  4. I've been trying to figure out how the ini settings propegate. Like, BaseGame.ini -> DefaultGame.ini -> Game.ini If I have: DefaultGame.ini bSettingFooBaar=ValueX Game.ini (Saved\Config\WindowsServer\) bSettingFooBaar=ValueY Game.ini (Saved\GridXY\Config\WindowsServer\) bSettingFooBaar=ValueZ Which would override which? And if you have additional settings that aren't added to all game.ini will they still be exectued? Like this: DefaultGame.ini bSettingFooBaar=ValueX FooBar=bool Game.ini (Saved\Config\WindowsServer\) bSettingFooBaar=ValueY Game.ini (Saved\GridXY\Config\WindowsServer\) bSettingFooBaar=ValueZ BarFoo=1.0 Would the Game.ini that GridXY uses look like this? Game.ini (Saved\GridXY\Config\WindowsServer\) bSettingFooBaar=ValueZ BarFoo=1.0 FooBar=bool And as far as I can tell, the ShooterGame\Saved\ is generated from the ServerGrid.json. So if all settings that I would like to be server specific either should be overridden through the ServerGrid.json or completely ignored in the json and only edit the ini-files manually?
  5. I have that on my home server at C3 (on my 5x5) between two freeports and two lawless islands. Haven't figured out if that will make life miserable to new players yet but we'll see
  6. Think easiest way is to drag in one of the following islands. ID Island Biome Grid 1 Cay _J_EE_E Equatorial (0,1) 2 Cay_K_TR_E Tropical (0,2) 3 Cay_H_WR_E West Tropical (1,1) 4 Mnt_L_CH_E High Desert (1,2) 5 Mnt_F_ET_E Eastern Temperate (2,0) 6 Mnt_J_WT_E Westerm Temperate (2,1) 7 Mnt_A_WU_E Tundra (2,2) Drag these to desired grids. Go to Edit -> Edit Spawn Regions. Add the following: Equatorial Spawn 0,1 Tropical Spawn 0,2 West Tropical Spawn 1,1 High Desert Spawn 1,2 Eastern Temperate Spawn 2,0 Westerm Temperate Spawn 2,1 Tundra Spawn 2,2 I haven't messed anything with spawner override. And been able to get 2 grids to show up in the spawn selection list in the atlas client.
  7. Ok, I would try changing to more ports. if you have A1 (0,0) with queryport 10000, clientport 11000, and seamslessport 12000 and then only increase the port numbers with 1 you will have issues. Each grids uses 4 or 5 ports around the port you pick. For instance I increase my ports with 5 each time. Works like a charm. Port conf for my 5x5
  8. I've been trying to make sure that my quest for Voyage of power is setup correctly. However this is quite hard to be sure of it unless you complete the quest in game. Are there any spawn commands for the powerstones to make sure I can end it easily? Or some way to go to the location of the stone and end it more easily? Current value for globalGameplaySetup is as follows: ( QuestEntries= ( ( QuestID=0, CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Icon_PowerStonesQuest_Complete.Icon_PowerStonesQuest_Complete', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Icon_PowerStonesQuest_Uncomplete.Icon_PowerStonesQuest_Uncomplete', QuestName="Voyage of Power", QuestDescription="Journey across the ATLAS to hunt for the Power Stones, and then bring them to the Center Maw!", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance10"), QuestPointsOfInterest= ( ( PointOfInterestID=0, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 1", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance1"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.765714,Y=0.963333), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon.Item_InfinityGem_Icon', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10' ), ( PointOfInterestID=1, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 2", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance2"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.555714,Y=0.232857), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon2.Item_InfinityGem_Icon2', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10' ), ( PointOfInterestID=2, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 3", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance3"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.021746,Y=0.227069), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon3.Item_InfinityGem_Icon3', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10' ), ( PointOfInterestID=3, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 4", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance4"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.953886,Y=0.464009), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon4.Item_InfinityGem_Icon4', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10' ), ( PointOfInterestID=4, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 5", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance5"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.770000,Y=0.569524), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon5.Item_InfinityGem_Icon5', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10' ), ( PointOfInterestID=5, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 6", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance6"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.230265,Y=0.551268), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon6.Item_InfinityGem_Icon6', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10' ), ( PointOfInterestID=6, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 7", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance7"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.965238,Y=0.752857), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon7.Item_InfinityGem_Icon7', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10' ), ( PointOfInterestID=7, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 8", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance8"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.510617,Y=0.768677), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon8.Item_InfinityGem_Icon8', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10' ), ( PointOfInterestID=8, PointOfInterestName="Power Stone 9 - Ghost Ship Route", UnlockFeatNames=("Dance9"), WorldMapPosition=(X=0.266455,Y=0.943280), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/HUD_GhostShip_Icon_Complete.HUD_GhostShip_Icon_Complete', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/HUD_GhostShip_Icon.HUD_GhostShip_Icon' ), ( PointOfInterestID=9, PointOfInterestName="Bring all 9 Power Stones to Center Maw", WorldMapPosition=(X=0.503693,Y=0.508595), CompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/HUD_BossLocation_Icon_Complete.HUD_BossLocation_Icon_Complete', UncompletedIcon=Texture2D'/Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/HUD_BossLocation_Icon.HUD_BossLocation_Icon' ) ) ) ) )
  9. Just a question, I see that you've still got breaks in your quest conf. "Power\",QuestDescription=\"J" as in you break out \",Quest... \"J... I have no idea if this is a problem or not, just doesn't match the rest of your json or my json. So just removed the backslashes to make it more like the original files.
  10. Been doing this myself today. The only thing I have seen that I did differently is that I calculated the coords with this fork of servergrideditor. https://github.com/DefualtCoder/ServerGridEditorWIP Check it out and see if it works better for you.
  11. When I renamed C:\Atlas\steamapps\common\ATLAS Dedicated Server\ShooterGame\Saved\31 to \Saved\31_OLD and let it generate a new folder for the server it looked like it solved the problem. At this stage I only started this specific grid and it seemed to be working. I then renamed Saved to Saved_OLD to force it to create new save files. I am aware that this solution only works if you're willing to loose all saved data. Either way, all servers now started up without a hitch. Validated the install and everything works fine.
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