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  1. We are Abraxas and we are an Unofficial Atlas Server Grid. Our grid spans a full 3x3 which is a total of 9 servers. We have no future planned wipes unless otherwise necessary (such as widespread cheating for instance). Our servers are fresh as of 2/8/19 so come and claim your land now! Features for our server: 1. B2 Region is the PVE region where you can get the first 8 powerstones. 2. Ghost ship has been implemented. 3. Mermaids, whales, and squid are all implemented. 4. All Biomes are implemented. 5. There is at least one active admin for server help 24/7. Very quick responses. 6. Servers are hosted by Nitrado in Los Angeles. 7. We will always upgrade servers and/or player slots as needed in the case of population expansion. 8. We will NEVER ask for donations or reimbursement of any kind so please enjoy! 9. Incentives for time played on server will also soon be implemented. 10. Currently no mods. Will update if any get added. 11. All PVE Islands are added. This is the B2 region mentioned above. 12. Server fees paid for 1 full year up to Feb 2020. (Will renew if necessary). 13. 3x3 Grid map is completely custom for this server. 14. All languages/cultures worldwide welcome (support can only be provided in english) Rules (Updated 2/9): 1. Obviously no cheating/hacking/duping/etc. 2. If you place a flag near a freeport, you must remove it when you sail to a new land. (Flags will be checked periodically. You are free to report an intrusive/abandoned flag in community support) Server connection information: steam://connect/ https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Connecting_to_an_Atlas_Gameserver The server also comes up pretty quick if you search unofficials for "Abraxas" Discord For Server: https://discord.gg/KcAEyhB This post will be updated as the server is updated or features are added.
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