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  1. Hi. would anyone tell me why there is no PVE server? if they are already shut down I could at least notify the community. when is it expected to go again? Thanks
  2. Hi. I would write to the developers as a negative opinion and hope to solve the problem. It is currently impossible to allocate space on a PVE server because there is no limit on the number of usable flags. this should be limited at the player and company level, too, because who is not playing the first day to book the odds. it is also a joke that the time is between 16 and 20 days until you can take the flag of the other when it took 10 minutes to land one half of the island. the other and the character would be aging. In 1 month, the character is 90 years old and the source is almost impossible to do to get younger. I hope they solve these problems because they make the game very viable and boring at the moment. Thanks in advance.
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