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  1. OK, changing the date made a huge impact. The Engine.ini thing I had already done with little to no effect, but changing the date dropped usage a LOT. Wow... Though, I made my own custom map and probably put way too many islands in there since my 4x4 grid is now using up ~ 55 gigs or RAM, hehe
  2. Can you get a screenshot of your cpu usage from "top" ? Maybe I'm just reading mine wrong or something.
  3. The engine.ini files were getting cleared on server start, so i made them Read-Only and they now stay, but still the same issue as @sloden94 All 100%+ cpu usage on the CPUs they're running on. 16 server applications Running on Dual Xeon X5670s with 64 gigs of RAM.
  4. This CPU usage is after setting the following in Game.ini and restarting all servers: Is that the correct way / place to set that? EDIT: Looks like I put it in the wrong .ini file. Was supposed to go in the Engine.ini. Redoing and checking now. EDIT2: Nope, put it in the Engine.ini file and it didn't change anything. Still 100%+ usage on all CPUs. EDIT3: Tried putting it in the defaultengine.ini as well and nothing. Still 100%+ CPU usage on all cores
  5. I'm getting 100%+ usage on all my servers, too. They load and I can connect (haven't done much though. Just started, not even out of the Freeport area yet).