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  1. Hey there @Veini, what gender is the Giraffe? Also if its what we are after looking for, would you do a trade for metal (silver)?
  2. We were still having things vanish with 2x on @Sir.NukeBoy3776 but it did seem better. We ended up putting in a tonne of pillars and foundations under the ceilings and so far theres been 2 or 3 ceilings vanish. Pretty expensive workaround.
  3. @Bouli do you have other people in your company building things? We only experience the issue as a direct result of demolishing something, there's only two of us so building things for us is on hold until its fixed. Thanks for checking in @Jatheish, was scared this issue is getting put to the end of the list. Glad to know its still being worked on, kind of concerned its taking a while though. You can do it guys
  4. Seems like something isn't right.. Although a workaround, could you try laying wood pillars down from the top ceiling and see if it lets you fill it in then?
  5. Shay

    Whale Spawns

    Plenty on EU PVE.. Seen 2 or 3 monsters in one tile and was chased in another.
  6. Still having this break for us hopefully you guys can fix it soon, we've been on a taming spree and need to finish off our pens.
  7. Any update on this fix? Hoping to do some building this weekend. C'mon devs, I believe in you
  8. Every time i need to demolish something, panic sets in Here is another example.. things are disappearing so far away with no real connection via pillars or foundations https://imgur.com/a/HuBoiJ3 https://imgur.com/a/JAvtoYD
  9. Hey, Tiramon, you should post in a different thread or make a new post. This one was specifically designated for reporting on the building issue. I think it's more beneficial to the devs that this thread stays on topic so they can fix this issue.
  10. Came across this small bug with one of the feet cosmetic skins. When you die your corpse has the skin in the inventory, you can move a cloth boots into the inventory, apply the foot skin and then take the cloth boots out, therefore not using up any of your skins from your main inventory. https://imgur.com/a/H48AtA7.jpg
  11. EU PvE, L4 - Portsbel Island My location: cheat TP L4 72307 317528 -58 Placing and quick pick up does not break ceilings. My example, I demolish this wall and lose 4 tiles in random locations https://pasteboard.co/IbGItVe.png https://pasteboard.co/IbGINJj.png Underwater pillar situation - this does look spaced out more than its supposed to, but we've had ceilings drop that were connected to a foundation. https://pasteboard.co/IbGMwYA.png
  12. There doesn't seem to be an issue with feeding elephants and giraffes.. They do have a sweet spot but i don't believe they are bugged, sometimes E doesn't work if it lands funny in the trap. Elephants generally are horrible to tame usually requiring alot of pain and suffering because of the AoE attack... but why should they be easy? Giraffes need to be fed behind the elbow, and you can get in and get out unscathed most the time.
  13. I'm getting the same issue. Very annoying and scary wondering what will go next. I have had things on top of the ceilings as well and nearly lost a bunch of stuff not realising what happened. There is foundations and pillars right next to the tiles that are vanishing aswell. https://ibb.co/LQ4hmB4
  14. This doesn't seem to work. I've tried setting tax at the bank originally, and then at an individual flag further away, but it updates across all. Am i doing something wrong?
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