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  1. I've been experiencing this today as well. I placed 10+ ziplines, they are clearly not blocked & yet not a single one will allow you use them. I tried every variation I could think of, nothing works. The path is clear, they are at a good downward angle.
  2. Length is one thing, size is another thing. It sounds like you're referring to ships of a similar size but different hull lengths, but a 100 ton schooner will be much faster than a 1000 ton galleon, there's just no way around it. I'd hope they continue to expand the types of ships to allow for more types of boats like speed cutters, there is so much untapped potential, but I think with the current dynamics of sailing it wont matter. Ships come in all shapes & sizes, but the galleons in game are like 15x the size of schooners. There is no way they would be faster than a a schooner & yes; in a game you can pick & choose what elements of reality and fantasy you have. It's my personal opinion that implementing this element of sailing will improve the game. You don't have to share that opinion, but you are wrong about the dynamics of sailing. While you are wrong, I'll respect your right to be happily wrong. I'm not a sailor, but I did stay at a holiday inn...
  3. I don't want full on realism (I like dropping my anchor while at full speed to instantly stop!), but I think bringing ships in line with how they would actually work would not only provide realism, but it would also make the game more fun & create a lot more variation. Smaller ships def move faster than larger ships, no matter how they are propelled, and I think bringing that more in line with actual ship dynamics could add a lot to the game.
  4. I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but a couple points of feedback that I think really need to be implemented into the game. 1. Increased Versatility for smaller ships - To bring sailing more in like with real ship dynamics, smaller ships should move a lot faster & be more maneuverable compared to larger ships. I feel like in the current system tweaking the weight scales would get the job done as that's what slowed these bigger ships down anyways. In terms of gameplay it would give use to smaller ships purpose which would A) Make the game more fun for smaller crews B) Encourage variations in fleet make-ups by giving smaller ships use in various roles (scouting, transporting). The current design of "more sails = more speed" makes the sailing feel silly & doesn't offer much variations to what ships can do. 2. The storms really need to be toned down. At their base form, the cyclones are just way overdone. If there was 1 or 2 at a time it wouldn't be too much, but any time a storm hits there is regularly 10+ cyclones visible at all times. I think it would be an excellent idea to A) severely reduce the amount of cyclones and maybe even create a system that allows the huge waves to cause damage to ships if they hit them in a certain way, or B) Create a storm category system where a minor rainstorm may not produce a single cyclone & a larger rainstorm might produce tons. Cheers to Atlas & the awesome game that it is.
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