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  1. Hi! Atlas platforms really need to be reviewed. I guees these are meant to be placed on cliffs etc. But for some reason it says "Can't place on the floor". On this part of the cliff you cannot stand on it. At all. Had the same problem with other platforms where they couldn't be placed if I looked down at the place I wanted them to be. But if I went to the edge and turned around and lookt at the cliff, I could place it there, in exactly the same place that was not previously allowed. Thanks for taking a look at this becuse it's making it hard to make really cool stuff in Atlas. Best Regards// Havoc
  2. Hello! Can you Devs plz make a cheat that makes it possible for Server admins to either Force claim a flag or Speed boost the flag take over timer. We Admins on Unofficial servers need this tool to uphold server rules etc. Best Regards Havoc!
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