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  1. Sounds great with only 1 problem I still can't play due to a bug? Sent 3 tickets no response ask the community for help they tried but didn't help? This was after a patch I got on 2-8-19 so ya haven't played in awhile I be been on to try and do something but I have up. I am a new player I play for a week and then the bug hit and haven't really got into the since. Don't really think you guys even care since I not even got to talk with a real person other then the community. This is your game you responsibility. If I had to say so a file needs replacing and or fixed which I do not know how to do
  2. It be fun and the resources well lol I got a plan for that as well but need to see if this project will work. And since the diving suit has been mpdded from the devs that no sea creature will attack unless It is you that attacks first the only risk is the SOD. Guess I a man with plans the biggest goal is to build a safe harbor for all and a shipyard for new players or players having a rough go at it like me. A trade port and more but bugs and the rough start I be been having it making it difficult
  3. I am a new player and wondering if a player wants to do a science experience to help me out and may help out new players in return. Step 1 build a foundation and a bunch of pillars and enough ceiling to cover the max build with 1 pillar so you should have a 3 x 3 with the ceilings. Be sure they are under water in deep water where no boat can anchor. Step 2 after structure is built you should have a foundation at the bottom of the ocean and a spire climbing to the top but only to have it under water deep enough where it is shallow buy your boat still able to deliver it. Move your ship over the newly built structure and see if you can ancher the boat on it that test one. Test 2 see if a shipyard can be built on the newly structure. Test 3 see in the SOD will attack if you can ancher. If all goals are meant then you found a new way to build where no land is and this can help people trying to find a base. There are a lot of flaws with this as new players will be mostly at a disadvantage in the whole ordeal but if done then they truly fought for a home and be able to build a sea base. If those who try it please have pics of the whole process and or a video
  4. Tried that didn't work as well I validated my steam files again and 1 file isn't going through now so that the problem. Just how to find it and fix it
  5. Well it been awhile and still not fixed there still no ocean does anyone have a idea how to fix this?
  6. Till I can play again I am uninstalling your game. If you are wondering what the problem is the skin and or graphic of the ocean. Meaning it isn't there you can't see it. Now here what I did to try to fix the problem first I rest set the graphics I have to run at lower settings to increase fps. That didn't work. Talked on bug report and had a few ideas and tried them. First I tried to validate my steam files that didn't work. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the game that didn't work. Got a message today on managing config the files myself ya not that good on that so I am still stuck. Tried to play even though it wasn't fun it was difficult on sailing with no water and you could tell how far things were SOD and or land. Till a simple fix is done once it is then I may or may not be back. Good work on pushing new people out devs hope you either fix all the problems. Here is a option slow down. Turn off the boat decay this will help new players that don't have a base yet. Since the only safe port to go is a freeport for them. Start at the top of the major problems and work your way down and if there has to be a wipe to the severs so be it if in the end the problems are fixed then that should make people at least happy to the point that they know they can play a game that they like. If you don't have to wipe the servers fine but to sit there and have something as little as my problem turn a player off to the game maybe you should slow down and just listen to the gamers for once. So till then and hope it soon bye you all I only played for a week and now I have to say goodbye till I can figure out what the hell.
  7. Wish I knew how can't even go back to a previous version kind of stick with it. To add insult to injury to fresh water at the freeport are there and able to see just not the ocean
  8. Did all that and still no ocean don't know what happen it makes me upset because what fun to play a pirate game with no water? I don't know what else to do and the devs haven't said anything so I don't even know they noticed my problem since there are so many going around. I know it early access and they are doing what they can but I like to play as well but can't till that graphic is fixed
  9. Updated the driver and still no ocean? Anyone got a airship I can have to play the game?
  10. No didn't know I had to been playing over a week now and things broke after the latest patch
  11. After last patch the ocean is gone. The graphic of things swimming and splashing like water but you can't see the ocean at all I tried to validate my steam files didn't work I tried going to different severs that didn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled that didn't work the game is unplayable for me till it is fixed. If anyone has a clue on how to fix it step by step I am all ears
  12. Well the game not playable please let me know if anyone can fix a ocean that isn't showing at all?
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