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  1. From asking around it seems it's w/e the wild level is times 2 + 30 Wild levels of this horse is 83 2x + 30 2(83) + 30 166 + 30 196 = it's max level
  2. What is the max level after breeding ? Baby is "X" lv how many level's can it acquire ? Currently at base 83 + 52 = 135 level and gaining..
  3. https://imgur.com/a/r1QJgV1 It's been in the game forever.
  4. Stone pillars on ships, intended or bug ?
  5. The last patch ruined my FPS and takes over 20mins for the base to load. I use to have no issues, what did you do in the last patch ? Optimize for after the wipe cause it's horrible for current game play.
  6. Not sure what the plans are for free ports but having tribes live there with a fleet of ships untouchable is annoying, especially when you live diangle to the free port and next to lawless. example B7. Suggestions, remove all but 1 or 2 free ports and have lawless in the 8 grids around it. Or just turn free ports in to lawless zones and have all lawless zones have basic material not special material.
  7. Yup, would give BP shipyards a use other then a meme atm.
  8. I have to go in to the game files to change my keybinds, it's really annoying that there isn't a way to do this in game. Currently when you change a keybind in game, you lose all keys connected to that keybind. Feats are also bound an unchangeable.
  9. Planks weight is to little, it's almost better to run common planks and little to no resources. Another issue is when planks are lost the ship it's self should be slowed naturally by taking in water. For each plank lost should add slow effect. Ships should not be able to use stone building parts, currently I see stone pillars on ships.
  10. I was worried about the wipe in one month, but with the added PTR in 2 weeks and the bonus to gathering, the game is very exciting atm. PvP is at an all time high, farming is quick to use up the BP's we had saved, and before we know it everyone will be on the PTR. Great job to keep people interested!
  11. Building is so toxic now with overgrowth blocking doorways and rooms, pushing animals under the ground and such. I understand being able to build anywhere and grief foundations is the reason this was implemented, but there has to be a better option.
  12. Alot of great ideas for solutions to many issues I had with the game. Keep up the great work!
  13. 225 grids for maps that expire, would be nice if we could put all maps in map box ""similar" to a resource box and then organize by folder.
  14. When I replaced a thatch foundation with stone i realized the health of the stone foundation was only 5k. Again, this is a single foundation replacement, not to be confused with stacking foundations.
  15. There is just no way for any size of a tribe to protect your ships when off line. You need to be able to raise your ship in your ship yard and they must destroy the shipyard before the ship is released. Just 1 suggestion of how to improve the current system. Another suggestion the decay timer in free ports should be related to how many ships you have in your company, starter tribes should be able to leave their 1-2 ships they have for 1-2days in a free port.
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