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    ATLAS Roadmap

    Thanks for the updated explanation. Much clearer and look forward to seeing this all play out. I know it's a ways out, but phase 3 and 4 sound like the game my friends and I thought this would be. I hope survival is increased a little more than the graphic shows though. I know I'm in a minority here, but I miss docking on an island in 1.0 and having crazy wolf packs led by an alpha, or triggering an alpha horse from across the map. Hope to see some islands with higher environmental difficulty that aren't Golden Age, like that again down the road.
  2. Remcott

    Livestream Q&A

    How are you going to make powerstones better and the Golden Age Ruins better? Every island is the same in principle and cave runs are frustrating and boring. Can we see BP items skill requirement removed to encourage teamwork? Island upkeep and points is a joke. In the current system people have so much gold they will have islands for months even if they do nothing but log in every few days. Something to encourage turnover or just go back to one person one flag? For leaderboards track company gold (pirate game) not land? Currently there is little need to grab flotsam, kill low level SoD, run low level maps even at starting levels when they should be the target. What is going to be done to encourage progression? Could we see Freeports start with lower level maps, flotsam, no SoD. Then Lawless around them have slightly higher, then as you get closer to Golden Age Ruins or the Kraken they get higher. SOMETHING to encourage progress across the map. If the Kraken is spawning these things maybe a higher quantity as you get closer to the center. PVPVE on a single server? Pirate encampments or other factions should be constantly showing up everywhere and causing trouble for PVP and PVE can we see something like this or factions? Easier way for people to meet up and run Kraken, Yeti cave, or any other event together? Airships keeps being talked about but maybe instead of players crafting them they are ways to transport yourself (not the ship) across the map like a taxi to join people and encourage alliances/friends. PVP should not encourage wiping bases and people off the map forcing them to restart the grind from day one how do you plan of handling this?
  3. SotD were to easy as they were. A brand new schooner with 2 cannons nothing from blueprints could slowly kite and destroy any of those ships with minimal damage or threat. At least now I feel like sometimes I have to worry about them. My biggest problem with SotD is as people have said collecting the crew/flotsom. I have very little issues with points into resistance surviving in a basic build no armor. BUT, I've had people come in and pick up my drops as well while I'm dealing with the other few still shooting. Which pirate game can be used as an arguement, but I would rather board their ship and fight SoD with my crew and friends than mindless kite these guys. I also dont like getting BP I'd much rather actually have a use for the pirate tree salvage skills and when I sink it gain some rewards, but have to dive down and either get planks, guns, etc from the wreck with bonus drops from salvage skills. BP are a good idea, but should be something that let's me craft without needing the skill. That's a completely different rant though.
  4. Remcott

    Get rid of vits

    Cooking skill, few points in and you unlocking pork pie, and fish and chips. Those 2 give you all your vitamins and keep you full. Hardest part is needing wheat or corn for them which is a few more points in cooking for small crop plot and sailing for seeds. Craft better food. Edit: Two fun facts. 1) Common sense, but If you craft better food they can give you bonuses also like increased stamina, damage, etc. 2) Lesser known fact, if you put it in your pets inventory and force feed it to them by pressing E, they get some of the bonuses too. Elephants with stamina food boost harvest wood even better!
  5. Remcott

    Devs playing on twitch?

    @Jatheish and @Dollie I have a serious question for you and the devs. When you scroll to the bottom of developer posts you have a twitch link which says, "Watch us scallywags on Twitch". Why aren't you guys live streaming YOU playing the game and testing different things? This should be something that people could watch daily and see different employees playing different modes PVP and PVE on official (no cheat codes) , and a few times a week see maybe game developing. And see everyone playing each of the modes on all the servers NA and EU I would really like to watch you guys play your own game and I think a lot of other players out there would too. See what you guys think of the game in real time not just when you are hyping it up in a mega patch Twitch hype webcast.
  6. Remcott

    Increase sailing speed

    There is more truth in this statement than I wish there was. I will put out there that combat sailing requires some skill. However when I go through 3 zones in a row where wind is at the lowest it can be I fail to see what skill is needed there. Light ship and low weight still is slow. I don't see any reason a single grid should ever take over 45 minutes top sail across unless your ship is 75% plus weight. I cant out skill a bad mechanic unless I was cheating.
  7. Remcott

    Increase sailing speed

    I like the idea of having a higher base minimum speed. I think SoD speed would need to be adjusted as well to let them still pose a threat. Anytime I log on and see low wind it currently is a guarantee that I wont sail. Like previously said, who wants to spend 1 hour sailing one grid. If you only have a few hours to play you cant accomplish anything. Each grid in my opinion should take a max of 10 minutes at lowest wind speed to sail across, higher wind cuts it down to 5. That is still almost 2 hours to circle the map but it also means just over 1 hour to get to any square depending on direction at slowest speeds. H7/H8 to H1 or H15 is roughly 70 minutes at slowest, if all wind was max 35. Edit: also some mechanic to encourage hit and run harassment. Not just a full on 9 hour brawl and wipe. Something I can do quickly. Sail over, steal something that gives our group a buff, kill an NPC pirate admiral wantering their docks, etc. If full wipe is what you guys want then up gathering so recovery is faster.
  8. Remcott

    Increase sailing speed

    While I agree that travel time is bad and boring, there are multiple problems in play here not just speed, and they each come with their own issues as well. 1) We dont know that in game mechanics (speed sail BP) fix the issue we all keep complaining about because they are broken and Grapeshot hasn't fixed it. And as Grapeshot wont or cant (not a programmer there so I dont know which one) fix a problem we have talked about since the early launch there is no available discussion with the playerbase on how it is working. 2) Even if that was working it creates a few problem which I hope Grapeshot sees. A) The time invested to get BP sails for speed mean that companies that have been playing longer will outmatch potential new players and smaller companies driving them away from the game. B) Current PVP meta is people completely wipe everything you build/harvest from the game which drives people away because they now have to rebuild from nothing pushing people away from the game. This leads to the bigger issue in the end which is more people leave the game and it deepens the problem of distance to travel thus an increase in speed may not be the correct fix. As with your example the company you want to fight is to far away so you attack weaker companies which you know are not going to be the challenge you want and then creates problems for the smaller companies and potentially loops us further into issues I already put in above. Maybe the grid is to big for what we are trying to test for them? The big issue here that I see, is the amount of time it takes to get going into the game/do anything in this game. -If a mythic ship outclasses a basic ship (which it should) and a new player is sailing their schooner across the sea to find flotsam, maps, etc and is sunk over and over they say screw this game and quit: *Game design is flawed -If you build a ship and the current meta means your mythic ship (which took you weeks of farming overall) is possibly going to sink and be lost by a new game addition, lag rubberbanding, just launching it from a shipyard, etc, thus you dont sail cause who wants to build that again: *Game design is flawed. -if loosing a fight (or even a game glitch in PVE) means I have lost everything and requires weeks of rebuilding and prevents me from PLAYING your game: *Game design is flawed Going forward, @Jatheish and @Dollie need to discuss with upcoming patches what the Devs want to see happen with additions, then let us see if it fits their idea, or makes it worse. "Guys we think vitamins should work this way and give the in game experience this. End goal is you shouldnt always want to choose eating poop over cooking food" then let us respond after trying their method. Also things currently IN the game need to be fixed or removed so we can address things accordingly as well and not have post after post that say "sailing sucks" or "dont touch sailing I love it the way it is"..... we dont even have sailing working the way the game was designed yet (fix bp and let us tell you what's wrong and right) so we are testing an EA with one arm tied behind the back, two eye patches on, and hoping that a flying whale doesnt appear on the horizon.
  9. Remcott

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    The .2, .3 .4 etc are the amount of weight you currently have on your ship in reference to your max weight just in a percentage form. .3 would be 30% of max weight -or- the given number under it. So for a brand new schooner at .3 of max weight you will be around 2700 weight out of your max weight of 9000. Hope that helps.
  10. Remcott

    Remove speed penalty from cargo containers

    Here is how I run 6 cargo containers on a galleon. Its ugly but I can still pull 10+ knots in a strong wind. For this example we are going to pretend to be needing to harvest iridium. 1) build the frame and then place planks, I went with solid not gunports. 2)Only put 3 decks down. I went with a spacing ro allow repair but do what you want. 3) 6 speed sails, steering wheel, larder, resource chest, bed and ramps anywhere needed. Again less is more so remember it doesnt need to be pretty. 4) build 6 cargo crates but dont equip them yet. Make sure they get on the ship somewhere for later (chest, etc). grab your crew for sailing, and head to whatever you want a lot of. We are looking for iridium and found a metric ton in i11. We got there without the 40% loss from 6 crates. 5) after anchoring, place set down your 6 crates and fill them up. We now have 6 cargo crates of iridium, and are around 50% weight capacity 6) from the testing I've done 50% weight on ship seems to be the point where the speed loss from increased weight outweigh the 6 crates. If you cant keep it below 50% drop a crate till you are at or below 50 ship weight. Then sail back home hugging server walls.
  11. Our company is super casual and we have done so much. It's a big world and the people we meet are nice. We haven't done some of the new stuff cause we are slower going through the content and exploring. I would hate this game if it was so easy I had done it all by now. Like lotus said and others agreed with, you can do everything solo minus Kraken and even that someone will probably solo at some point. Just takes time. Read the forums, lots of people inviting for powerstones, kraken, ice cave, etc this weekend. As a solo person I could join them just like in WoW or other games mentioned here and in other posts for an instance run, LFG, raid, etc. If you dont really want to talk tell them. They invite to a discord? say you dont have a mic.
  12. Remcott

    Named High Lv Ships of the Damned..

    This would be amazing. Can even be multiple versions so golden age ruins, lawless, etc can have different difficulty named ships or sea monsters spawn. I would run a quest trying to kill all the named ships, or sea monsters, or land based monstrosities had to be tracked down. Maybe you have to find parts of a compass (not from powerstones or the kraken) but high level treasure maps to find the location of these creatures/ships. Would be fun.
  13. Remcott

    Kraken EU PVE

    Company Name: Brotherhood of the Coast Boat : Galleon or Brig whichever helps most (just let me know) Players joining: 2+
  14. Remcott

    Cargo Racks

    Except that just by placing cargo containers on your ships you get a speed penalty now as well. If you place the full amount of containers available you get a 40% reduction in speed from what I understand, and that's before anything is in them. Then you have the normal weight penalties that start kicking in. Someone did the math in discord. Assuming full following wind; 0 weight, 6 speed, 30% capacity, no crates: 18.4 knots 0 weight, 6 speed, 75% capacity, no crates: 11.0 knots 0 weight, 6 speed, 75% capacity, six crates: 6.6 knots 3 weight, 3 speed, 30% capacity, no crates: 14.7 knots 3 weight, 3 speed, 75% capacity, no crates: 8.8 knots 3 weight, 3 speed, 75% capacity, six crates: 5.3 knots 6 weight, 0 speed, 30% capacity, no crates: 11.0 knots 6 weight, 0 speed, 75% capacity, no crates: 6.6 knots 6 weight, 0 speed, 75% capacity, six crates: 4.0 knots That means a full cargo run of getting my weight as close to 75% as possible which is the break point of your speed dropping significantly is better without the containers. Since once I add them to be able to bring more now I'm dropped in speed even further. Not very useful. I dont want to travel slower in this game.
  15. Please, please, please, add this. At higher levels we shouldn't have to stand around waiting for things in our inventory to craft.
  16. Remcott

    Waterbuilding - Block range? That Big?

    I hope Jat and Dollie see this. We have had issues with this also in our outpost build we are currently doing. As far as we can see in the "to close to enemy foundation" circles there are no structures. We did see a few times a wave would pull back and all of a sudden we could place the pillars or foundations. Then when the waves came back in we couldn't place anymore. WORK AROUND: (WARNING HAS A BIG FLAW) Our work around was ceilings tiles to extend out (didnt cause enemy foundation issue) drop a pillar under it, pick up the tile, and then you could place a foundation on the pillars. Once we had pillars in the water it seemed to go away if we built off them first. If they wouldn't place we had to again use a ceiling tile and chain the pillars off them. BIG FLAW: If you place something wrong and either pick it up or destroy it it will cause a cascade destruction of the TOP LEVEL tiles around it sometimes. Example being if I had pillars up from the ocean floor and on the top of them was placing foundations (doable if you start by building off the foundations on land) or a ceiling on top of them, but place one on top of another on accident, or have it face the wrong way. When you pick it up all the ceiling tiles or foundations around it can randomly break. Sometimes 3 out sometimes 5. We tried to just deal with it cause it was x3 weekend but we kept loosing to much progress over the game putting a tile in a location you didnt have selected. Based off what we saw either the mesh or the water is being considered an enemy foundation. We submitted a ticket. Hopefully it gets figured out.
  17. Remcott

    Music Buffs

    The first time you play the hard music is brutal. Plus there are bugs on some where if you miss one note it fails every note after even if you hit them right. But as with anything that develops muscle memory the more you do them the easier they get. I can knock out most hard songs with one missed note. Keep playing accordian hero and start easy, get that down, move up to medium, then hard. Lag is the biggest issue I've found lately. With the tame buff active taming is a lot easier, so buff doesnt seem to be as big but it does help. Gold buff is nice, but again not seeing is having as big a bonus as the taming. Not sure on reload time song or some of the others.
  18. This for sure! We were in C11 Temporate and had wolf packs we constantly were dealing with. Leaving the base and making a run for the shore was a challenge in itself sometimes. And we died a lot, and we built traps to catch them, and we had so much fun!!!! Lions came out at night and we would sometimes just hole up and talk about what we wanted to do when the sun came back out! And to agree further with other comments And the agro range was crazy on some of them. You tap a horse and the alpha horse from the other side of the island decided your face was dinner. And the Alpha fights were like mini boss fights and you felt awesome when you beat them. Or you would use the terrain and crush them from above. Either way the game was dangerous and I felt like I really had to play to survive againg the environment.
  19. Remcott

    Fog on the see

    I like the fog, I like the rain, I like the tornadoes, I like the hot and cold shifts. If I didnt have to worry about something this game would be mind numbing. Sailing already is to easy. I miss dodging tornadoes every time it rained ( I didnt and still dont like that they come on land). Add in starting to freeze while in the rain and now I'm feeling like I survived a challenge when I get out the other side. Currently I dont see tornadoes all that much. I know its annoying, and honestly I get mad every time I see them and say why now, but if they aren't there I'm on auto pilot watching YouTube or something else. I also think that SotD should be more frequent of an encounter. If someone is farming them and killing them in a zone their spawn rate should increase as well as potential for higher levels to spawn. Then there is a point to killing the lower level SotD. We had a storm with tornadoes pop up while doing the lvl 50 galleon achievement and that was so much fun. We are still talking about it. I agree the short arrow wind sucks. I wish there was an accordion song to boost wind up to a capped max point or something. Also sail BP actually working and giving the correct speed, velocity, etc boosts would make things better as well. The solo game is going to keep you closer to a base. We have a company of 16ish, and we mainly stay in a 5 square area minus weekends. Some of us can sail more than others. It is part of the game and we understand that. I think the game is to easy not to hard, thats why people are bored sailing. I think solo players have an expectation of being able to do everything including mythical BP fast. If you are going solo you can do everything, it just takes longer. I will agree though that a notification of sorts that the weather is shifting BEFORE the weather shifts would be nice. Something like a zone wide message pop up saying the wind is shifting and the smell of rain fills the air, etc 5 min before the rain comes. Then people who dont want to sail in the rain have time to get to an island. If tornadoes are coming it can say strong winds etc.
  20. I somehow missed that in the notes..... sad. No wonder things seemed safe. -Remmy
  21. Remcott

    Better Loot.

    If they want the progression in this game to have longevity then the environment has to scale with you as you level somehow. Once you have a bear and some fortitude points you're not going to die to much. Games like Diablo 3 that also use an RNG loot system to keep you farming for upgrades are successful cause as is being pointed out here, the armor and other drops were useful or could be salvaged for crafting materials. Then when you finally got the drop you wanted you could keep going cause the next one might have higher stats than the one you currently had. So BP need to have a similar feel. If I am sailing I should be finding lots of gray BP early on, use them to make lower level boosted gear. Then as you get to higher levels green, blue, etc.. progress feels like progress. Slowly you get better armor or weapons etc. Also things are way to safe. The environment used to be savage.... now it's like crossing the street at a cross walk. Except the cars are covered in bubble wrap and can only go 5mph. 1.0 initial release was a bit rough I agree, and things needed to be scaled back, but at the same time..... I looked both ways before I crossed that street cause there were rogue cars out there that didnt care about stoplights, gravity, or physics. I miss feeling like going outside in Atlas is a challenge. I love ship packs, make more higher level ones, that we have to dodge if we are to low a level. It annoys when I meet a pack like that now, but I also love knowing that I need to get stronger or that I cant just point, sail, and afk. Then we can get a better BP loot drop as well. Give level ranges a static pack build for flotsam. 1 food, gold, 2 grey BP one building one ship, 3rd BP 65% chance another grey, 25% chance green, 9% chance blue, 1% anything above that. As the level increases the drop rate percentages shift to less of a chance on grey and higher chance of legendary or mythic. Mythic should only be from top tier. Same process can apply to maps etc.
  22. Agreed, our outpost on lawless has a bunch of cobras, but they aren't really a challenge. I have not seen one alpha really in a week. World really doesn't feel dangerous I agree. I miss 1.0 honestly when walking through the woods you could die at any second. ~Remmy
  23. Remcott

    Foundation Spam Reason for a Ban?

    This right here is exactly why it shouldnt be. I block out a sandbar or area to build my base, dock, and pen. Someone flags me for spam and I'm banned? I think devs have better things to worry about. Maybe like someone said foundations without anything attached have a shorter span but then people will just link 2 foundations together. So they need a better idea than that.
  24. Remcott

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    I've seen people fo this to 57 point islands where they spam it, dont claim it cause they probably play solo, but they have the whole island and no one can do anything there.
  25. Remcott

    You're Welcome... ;)

    I agree with most of this. Where I disagree is removing the "useless" blueprints. I will agree that no one uses them, but in a game like this you want longevity and having a RNG loot system like they do makes you appreciate it when it drops that much more. Plus then wanting the right combination of boosts for armor, sails, etc. Its Diablo. That being said I think that there should be bigger differences between the different level blueprints. Higher stats, different skins (mythical stone gate should look epic), and crafting them should feel like an accomplishment. Plus the skin differences would make pve players grind out different blueprints or sell them to each other also.