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  1. hello there we are the legends . a friendly buch of ppl that likes to enjoy all the aspects of the game . we doing some breeding of the following animals monkeys cats crows elefants bears and selling crabs at decent prices . this is our location in A8 also this weekend there is a fantastic auction goin on for starter breeders (bears) our discordchannel is https://discord.gg/9cy7sN7
  2. Can someone pls tell me how to turn of the annoying taunts of npc 's . the drive you crazy while sailing and going huh haha hey hu haha hey the freaking time. thxs in advance
  3. mayby its time to say this crappy buggame farewell zero support in game when you loose things and stuff that you made by hard work and hrs of farming and to many bugs left unsolved while the introduce more stuff (bugs) into the game .make it possible to post screenschots and your forum wil be floated by bugs.
  4. really eland on member points so one solo man ore low ppl compagnies can never own anything this wil draw alot of single and other players out the game very fast. Voor de belgen en Nederlanders die willen in clan spelen The Legends zijn weer op de map op a8 kom and join 97.4 1.80 alle leuke nederlandstaligen zijn welkom
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