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  1. Well, for one, if you put an NPC on the wheel and log off as suggested earlier in the thread your sails will close. You gotta have a player logged in on the boat. Second, I suspect(not 100%) that an NPC will contest the claim just like a flag. So if you put an NPC in the boat it should be safe. Theres a lot of questions about the upcoming patch. We'll have to wait and see.
  2. I did about 20 sunkey ships yesterday. Wasn't a single one I couldn't access. I agree that there are a few I have seen in the past that I haven't been able to access, but that is few and far between. Their development time is probably best used elsewhere.
  3. I'm working at pushing all the map bottles together to make collecting maps on our island easy. I mistakenly killed the spawn by not leaving enough gap in the spot I wanted to collect at. I removed a few foundations, but the maps still aren't spawning. There are no shipyards or foundations near where I want them to spawn and they spawned there before I placed/removed the foundations. How do I get the maps back on track and spawning?
  4. Then you have issues with some random dude overweighting himself to sink your boat in FP.
  5. In several threads and things the devs have said is that they want more ship pvp and less land pvp. Something that may facilitate this is the standardization of islands. Right now, we have some islands with zero or near zero metal. Zero or near zero crystal and gems. These 3 things are used in pvp quite a bit, and if you don't have a ready source then you're pushing to get one or taking a painful amount of time to ship them home. I suggest: Standardize the islands. I don't mean make them all the same. What I mean is: 1. They all need a harbor. 2. They all need a defensible feature. Mountain, Hill, Cave, whatever. A flat island is a pain to defend. 2. They all need a reasonable amount of Wood, Thatch, Fiber, Metal, Gem and Crystal. I get that the idea behind missing resources on the islands is to promote trade; However, with the reduction of islands(and thus the reduction of good islands), it has become painful to source everything needed to keep a moderate size company running organically. Instead of trading metal for wood, or fiber for thatch, etc. we should be trading types of metal, wood, fiber, ect. Reduce the types of materials to 1 type per island. Also, get rid of the tiny speck islands. They're useless. If all the islands have the basics then all companies are put on a more level footing.
  6. 4 hour declaim timer on Boats and Tames in the Freeport. Timer cannot be refreshed by being in the area - must leave the zone to reset. 4 hours is plenty of farming time for any beginner group. Won't be able to leave stuff there without the risk of someone claiming it out from under you. No more storage locations with no risk. Requires a lot more upkeep to keep your "safe" storage spaces.
  7. Just to clear this up: The island owner can do whatever they want in peacetime and you can't do anything about it. They can't take damage and neither can their structures or animals.
  8. The devs have said in the past that during the early acces(Pre-release) that only the most severe cases will be punished due to the time and effort it takes to manage such things. Also, aimbotting is hard to catch. A couple of lucky shots and everyone and their mother is crying aimbot.
  9. Dont try to broadside it. It hurts. Back cannons. About 300 balls with common cannons and low dmg ship. High damage cannons and a reasonable damage on the ship and you can do it with as little as 30 balls.
  10. Swivels and puckles are still easy to take down.... no base is invulnerable.
  11. Paint it with a paint brush. May take a bit before you actually see it.
  12. I guess I should add that it has 100k hp. It was hitting for 2k per cannonball on a 200% resistance schooner. Back cannons are the way to go, dont fight it broadside. With 200% cannons and 180% damage on the ship it took around 30 cannonballs, so bring the appropriate amount of balls for your build. Oh, and one last thing. When it becomes night time and the ship becomes visible it is still invulnerable until it changes servers. Follow it 1 grid then lay into it when it goes across the grid border.
  13. Ghost ship doesnt give discovery points. Download the grid editor and the bottom central track on the grid is the ghost ship. It travels clockwise on that track. Killed it 2 days ago. The extra 20% gold is nice.
  14. You cant sink a green anchored ship with crew or weight anymore. You guy most likely missed a plank.
  15. Hydra can be soloed with a few npcs on swivels with cannister shot or cannons and a naked dude with a carbine Or just a naked dude with a carbine, climbing pick, and a bunch of miniballs. Heck you can even donit with a bow and arrow if youre patient enough.
  16. Yep, 40 DP per level. The fastest way to get some right quick is the power stones. Each power stone is a level worth of DP. Same with the essences. Kraken is 150.
  17. This is where your small thinking is restricting you. The shack doesn't matter if there is nothing inside it. So you gotta replace a few walls and crafting benches? No worries when your goodies are hidden in very hard to find or even raid places. You can even do the "open raided" base trick where you leave your walls blown up and only keep a room upstairs closed off with your stuff in it. Looks like your base is raided, so most people move along and leave it alone. Worried about your tames? Drop them at a freeport overnight and pick them up tomorrow. Your ship? Find a couple islands with different raid timers. Talk to the owners about parking there during their peace time - most don't care. If you are green anchored and peace time your boat can't be touched. There are tons of little tricks to reduce the risk of losing stuff in game. You'll never compete with medium or large size companies - but you can play. You just gotta learn to play smart and play within your means.
  18. Totally untrue. You can't play PvP solo the way YOU want. It's not hard to play as a solo - just don't have a giant fortress and expect to defend it yourself. Don't own a giant island and expect to defend it yourself. If you want to have a giant fortress on a giant island and keep it safe - keep playing PvE. That is what it's there for.
  19. Exploreatlas.co.uk and antihax.github.io bookmark these sites and theyll help you find stuff. Also i think its a tree but not 100.
  20. I agree. Ark solved this problem with the cryo things. Takes longer to raise stuff but with a bit of effort you won't miss an imprint. Since I doubt this game is getting cryo pods this system probably needs to get changed. I wouldn't be against scrapping imprint bonsu altogether.
  21. I think most of the people that are here, and have stayed, want the hardcore PvP experience. If we wanted another theme park - there are many to choose from. While this game still lives, I'll continue enjoying winning and losing with my 11 asshole friends.
  22. Planks start leaking at like 1500 or something like that. Your whole boat probably started leaking all at once lol live and learn bud. Find a renter island.
  23. Mr Rogers, the problem you're going to run into is that any balance change to help small companies is going to help large companies more. If you create completely safe zones that doesn't require constant attention to repairs(Like Freeports now - every 6 hours or less) then large companies are just going to stick their ships there and now smaller companies have 0 chance of doing damage to them. Compared to now where a single player, if they're smart, can sink ships in a harbor with a cannon bear against a company of larger size. There are plenty of ways to mitigate the risk of getting wiped now. If your boat is getting sunk or you're getting wiped every day - you need to assess how you're playing and make some better choices.
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