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  1. All of the above in its glitchy glory plus use a shield while feeding. You can feed through the shield and it will block any attacks that get triggered from bad positioning.
  2. Have you tried the Junk Sail cosmetic on the handling sail?
  3. Generally, if it calls for a specific one, it has to be a grown crop. If it just calls for the general class, like "Berries" or "Vegetables" then you can use crops or wild. Although there are sadly no berry crops, which would be so useful ..
  4. If you do not have a repair hammer in your hand, when you look at something that needs repairs, it will only consider repair resources that are in your personal inventory. The repair hammer has the ability to remotely pull repair resources from the ship resources box.
  5. I wrote up an answer about this a while ago that you might find useful:
  6. I have a few rules that I follow to manage the tidal wave of them during the pickup phase: Duplicate of skill recipe with no bonuses, throw on ground <110% on primary stat (durability or damage), throw on ground Any structure blueprint that is NOT Wood Ceiling, Roof, Wall, throw on ground (PvE only, not including ship yards)
  7. Treasure maps are a pretty integral part of the game loop though. For XP gains, gold, and blueprints.
  8. The biggest flaw in your plan is that a ship will drop anchor or set sails to 0% the moment an active player is no longer on them. Which is very useful if you fall off your ship while out sailing in the middle of the ocean .... (or your game crashes).
  9. Build Rope Ladders in Loom and attach them from the top. You can also use a grappling hook to get up there. The grappling hook is also an easy way to attach the rope ladders (you can build while hanging).
  10. I'm not able to login to Atlas at the moment, but long ago I remember seeing a "Declare War" option in the company menu's somewhere. I never got around to trying to play with it. Is it still there and has anyone tried it out? I'm assuming the two companies would have to mutually declare war, but in theory that would allow you to PvP between those two companies on PvE (assuming if that's how the implementation works). If it works, I'm assuming companies could setup their own wargame scenario's to run or whatever ....
  11. Adding to UnknownSystemError's answer. The UI for how it displays settlement points is not well designed in its current form. The context of how you see the points is while looking at an island so you naturally assume that message has something to do with that island, but it doesn't. The context for the message "0 points out of 73" is actually global and not related to the island you are looking at/on. The message reads "Your company has used 0 settlement points globally of your max allowed 73." In your situation though, I believe you are getting another claim prevention error for a different UI design flaw. That is that Lawless regions give you every indication that it's a claimable island server grid, but it's not. You cannot place a claim flag in a Lawless region, you will always just have a red un-placeable claim flag in that grid. You can confirm this by bringing up your inventory screen and at the top middle, it will tell you what grid you are in, what type the grid is, and what biome it is.
  12. This is actually a good point. There are definitely a variety of skills to improve your ship & NPC's abilities in that tree (as well as buffing your repair hammer from the Construction tree). Just watch out on some of the reload skills in I think the artillery tree, they only affect your personal usage on a cannon and not your NPC's. Also, I wouldn't recommend this for combat, but for every other aspect of sailing it's great - NPC auto-pilot:
  13. Here is me and a friend's "traditional" brig setup for SotD. We typically are solo engaging (1 person on the ship), or we'll bring a brig and a schooner (1 person per ship). Brig with 12 gunports, 12 cannons. No extra deck or rear cannons No extra pseudo-armor (wood ceilings/walls) 3 Large handling sails Helps with wind angles in combat Great acceleration/deceleration capabilities (you can dodge volley's by "tricking" them into firing where you won't be) If sails are low (like 5-20%) your ship will turn much faster Pre-combat inventory check (minimums): 400-1000 cannonballs (ammo box) 2000 wood (resource chest) 5000 fiber (resource chest) 3000 thatch (resource chest) 300 metal (resource chest) 100 hides (resource chest) 5+ replacement gunports 5+ replacement planks 1 replacement sail 1 replacement wheel 1 replacement deck 1+ repair hammers 1+ buckets 1+ grappling hooks (for loot, and anti-mermaid if fighting in power island grid) 1+ spyglass (so you can see level's & hp at distance) 1+ sextant (mini-map, gps, speed HUD) * replacement ceilings/roofs/walls * Highly recommend you put a small storage chest somewhere in your central area or pilot house (easy to get to from wheel) that has all of your emergency gear above in it. Paint it red. You DO NOT want to be hunting for any of these items during combat. Prioritize leveling up Resistance first and then Damage. The more resistance you have, the less punishing it is to not avoid a incoming volley. SotD galleons are the exception here, even with high resistance it is still possible to get a tight spread and get planked in one volley. Early on, before you have much resistance, you will be taking a lot more damage and dealing with missing planks. Combat Strategies Mind the wind, know your turn before you do it. Use changing angles and speeds to both get into targeting position, but to also fake-out & dodge their volley's. Use either "free fire" or "fire on my target" with NPC's. Once you have high resistance, high damage, and blueprint cannon's/planks; you'll be more into a position to face-tank most everything except a galleon. Big incoming damage, "your sinking!", and missing planks First, do not panic! Unless you really messed up and have 3++ missing planks, you have a couple of minutes to deal with the situation (even in the worst case, you still have some time, just have to be fast). You are not in immediate danger of losing your ship. First, point your ship in a good direction with good wind. Set your sails to full and leave the wheel to deal with repairs. Yes, you will still be taking some incoming cannon fire, but you will quickly be out of their range. Second, repair (with hammer) any planks with leaking status as they are about to be destroyed. You can repair the same plank multiple times in a row to get it to repair faster than just the slow repair over time. Ignore missing planks until you fix the leaks (you can't do anything with them yet anyways due to "debris smoke"). Third, replace missing gunports & planks once smoke has cleared. Repair them immediately as well. (Pro-tip, switch away or unequip plank from hotbar quickly. You do not want to be accidentally replacing random good planks with accidental clicks) Fourth, pop your head on deck and see if you are out of aggro range, if so, drop your sails (either from wheel or use whistle menu from anywhere on ship). Fifth, repair anything that has more than 1000 points of damage (ignore slightly damaged stuff, waste of repair materials). Do not forget to check your sails, they take a lot of damage! Sixth, turn around and get back to sinking that SotD Rinse & repeat, keep an eye on your repair materials and work your way up through tundra, polar, and powerstone grid SotD.
  14. Ah good to know. Only really saw it on our Giraffe taming that was going terribly. Kept spinning on the ground, glitching and every scorpion, cobra, etc on the island decided to visit that area at the same time ....
  15. The feed spot for me is at its belly between the front and back legs. Have tamed 3 elephants so far this "season" without any issues. Does the feed option just not even appear? Sometimes it will appear in red, but you can still feed if you hit the key.
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