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  1. Vurmis

    SOTD Fleet

    Day 2, went back to a swivel cannon bear setup that we used pre-wipe. Cleared entire spawn <10 grape shots. Incredibly efficient and quick, need 2 players tho.
  2. Vurmis

    SOTD Fleet

    With the quest to kill a SotD that is level 50. I'm assuming that you need to kill ships that are probably level 40+ to get consistent legendary and mythic BPs now. I haven't seen one yet, but haven't aggressively looked yet. Did try to do a quality 29 treasure map yesterday and we got destroyed. Absolutely was not prepared to handle a ~12-15 unit spawn with them all being level 118...
  3. Vurmis

    Landlords and GMs

    Let's also not forget the fact that forcing Settlement owners to become defacto-GM's with timed island cleanup duties is not something everyone wants to sign up for in the first place. The irony here, is once a Settlement owner gets tired of having to run all over their island everyday cleaning up pillar spam. They'll realize the solution is to pillar spam their own island to prevent it from happening in the first place ... which prevents anyone from building. Hello square one.
  4. In a game where nearly everything is "player created items", it makes little sense that the claim flag is placed using a 0 cost skill. Claim flags should be a token that you purchase in a Freeport for a significant cost, as well as allow additional game mechanics to be built around their transport/placement. Slow down acquisition and placement of claim flags Additional gold sink in game Claim flag token must be transported (time, risk, can be lost/stolen) Additional thoughts The claim flag token should not be an inventory item (cannot place in personal inventory, storage chests, etc) but is rather an in-world item. I'll use a chicken as an example of what I'm thinking. You have to pickup the claim flag token in your arms like a chicken to transport it with a movement penalty and unable to defend yourself. This introduces the possibility of additional PvP mechanics. Attackers must defend their incoming flag token, and the defenders can clearly see who is bringing in a flag (or flags). Possibly the flag token also has an aura about it, so it is even visible when transported on a ship, as well as visible sitting "staged" in an attacker's island building (defenders have a specific place they can launch counter-attack).
  5. Yes, it's a set 9 hour window every day. The purpose of a war is to expand that to the full 24 hours of the day. Let's not overlook how easily exploitable the war system is though. Since only one war can be in progress against you at any given time (including the "notification" lead up time, which could be up to a week), you only need to trade wars with an out of game friendly company/alliance (neutral in-game) to become immune to wars. This also doesn't prevent you from declaring additional "real" wars either. Edit: The one thing not clear about the "war token" is if you pick the involved parties, or if it turns the island into a "free for all" war mode. If the latter, then that's a whole different animal.
  6. Don't forget that they will have a literal "god mode" enabled for 15 hours a day. There will be more than one youtube video of someone griefing either to demolish & popcorn to steal resources or to make a harvesting tears video. You literally couldn't design a better game mechanic to support this for content creators. Bunch of gnats screaming in in-game VOIP trying ineffectively to stop the island god from destroying everything they have. Will be some great video's to watch.
  7. Vurmis

    Creature Designer

    Shoulder animal that gives a Stamina regen boost. A different taming mechanic (wider throwable net?) for highly mobile animals (parrots, seagulls, crows, horses, etc). Increase hitbox/grab area of bola's (only on creatures) to assist with janky creature movement. Creatures doing 180's every few seconds is pretty unnatural and hard to deal with. Consider allowing Elephant and Giraffe to be able to hit multiple tree's per strike. Adjust bear gathering sweep to not be so left angle focused. Allow reverse and turn with ridable tames. Allow all whistle commands to be key bindable. Add a bindable modifier key to whistle commands (like shift) that will cause only tames/npc's currently following you to hear the whistle. Add additional floating icon to indicate they have access to a trough, but it has no food they want to eat (or is empty). Re-bindable or draggable feat binds. New structures (small, medium, large) pen/stalls. Allow tame to be wheel "Move to ..." and whistle into pen/stall. Give option to Unseat and Unseat & Ride. Structure possible give a bonus to feeding or reduce their viz to hostile creatures. Personally, would more want pen/stall to have better management and aesthetics than currently possible. Gated large area's with a jumble of randomly "parked" tames in a decent sized company looks terrible and can be a pain to deal with (tames stuck on each other, etc).
  8. Vurmis

    Living in lawless going on holidays

    I have no idea if this works in lawless since there isn't technically a claim flag to contest, but it's worth a try at least. Put an NPC, Larder, and Ship Resource box in your house and see if they will keep the demolish timer refreshed. You need food in the larder and gold in the resource box to last your vacation (also NPC with leveled up stomach is best).
  9. Vurmis

    Need for a thatch animal

    I guess it boils down to what is the design decision. Is a level 1 tame supposed to be better than a 200-300% blueprint tool, or the other way around? The bear with his large AOE swipe can't be beat for gathering dense clusters of fiber (and supposedly thatch, but I've personally haven't seen dense clusters of "dead leaves"). It dominates a 200% or 300% blueprint Sickle just on AOE swipe size. Even more so if you throw in repair costs and stamina use. For thatch, I use a legendary pickaxe that kills a tree in 2-4 quick swings with a bear(s) following me for hauling and a monkey on my shoulder for stamina regen. I can chop down 100 tree's in 15-20 mins. I would love to have a legendary hatchet that would do the same. I've used an elephant but not an Ostrich or Giraffe, so I may be wrong, but I"ll assume they both work like the elephant. Specifically, that they can only swipe a single tree at a time with a swing speed slower than the pickaxe/hatchet. Looking at the gathering speed (not considering the carrying issue), a good blueprint tool will out gather a tame when harvesting tree's. It feels very uneven right now, and a change is needed. Just not sure what it should be. Allow tames to harvest multiple tree's per swing? Blueprint tools get a +bonus harvest amount in addition to their attack bonus?
  10. Vurmis

    This is not fun!

    Have you tried using a shield? I found it helped tremendously in overcoming hard to reach/glitchy feed spots (can't solve all wall related problems). Since it blocks damage from their attacks and allows you to feed through the shield, you can just ignore trying to find the "perfect" feed spot and just face tank feed. Keep in mind that when the shield durability goes to 0, it will still look like you have a working shield, but it won't block anything.
  11. Here are a couple of HUGE quality of life ones I figured out. You can use F to open the inventory screen of anything, bypassing radial menu. Directly opens tame inventory (even while riding) Directly opens ship properties/level-up screen Directly opens Forge/Grill For anyone that harvests with tames and needs to drop trash: In tame inventory, search for undesired item so it is the only thing showing, then hit "Drop all". You just dropped 10,000 berries with one click and left the rest untouched! Interesting thing to be aware of, but does require a decent amount of skills. You can teleport into a Freeport naked and leave on a Ramshackle Sloop with an NPC manned Medium sail in 30-60mins. First, punch stuff until you can build stone pick/hatchet and spears. Gather what you need to buy Ramshackle, move it to the side and anchor it. Demolish the small sails (you don't get anything). Build a bed, Loom and Smithy on the ship. Work towards building a medium speed sail, also build a shovel. Take the shovel and dig in sand that gives you Sandstone/Salt/Gold. Dig until you get 5 gold coins (takes a few mins depending on luck). Hire your NPC and sail on out. You can loot a couple of flotsam a day to get enough food and gold to keep your NPC happy (put gold/food in their inventory directly).
  12. Vurmis

    ?? about freeport Resource Exchange NPC

    From what I understand, there will always be one resource of each type that you can't Freeport trade for. You have to go out and harvest it or player trade for it. One of my company mates has been using Freeport exchange and sailing around to gather the 6th resource to build various high-end blueprints.
  13. Vurmis

    How to farm mythos

    Haven't done extensive research on this, so I'm sure there is a better way out there. I do have personal experience with the bear+swivel against yeti's and I can tell you this is absolutely terrible. It's slow, takes a lot of ammo, and gives little. What we did find was that farming Gorgon's was consistent, light risk and fairly ammo efficient. Basically, go to a powerstone island that has Gorgon's and bring Carbines. Aggro a Gorgon at sniper distance, watch as they slowly move towards you in a perfectly straight non-jank way. It only takes 3-4 shots to kill it, can totally be done solo if required. You do have to get good at timing/aim, as you don't want to kill them to far away and have to loot in aggro range of stuff. I don't know if Mythos is affected by 2x harvesting or not, as we happened to do it on that weekend, but I remember getting about 50 per kill.
  14. Vurmis

    Underwater salvage means fighting underwater

    I second swim speed and I would also recommend getting a Sea Gull and putting him on your shoulder for the swim/oxygen bonus he gives you (goes up as he levels). Speed is definitely an important part of your defensive kit in the water.