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  1. Vurmis

    Worth it?

    Crab. I've honestly become impressed by the Crab and it's ability to destroy AoD spawns, plus it's an amazing climber/jumper. Another bonus, most (all?) aggressive animals straight up ignore you and the crab. As long as you have some stamina left, you can also jump quite a ways out of immediate danger. Weight can be an issue, have to keep an eye on that. My mediocre tamed crab of ~600hp, ~700 stamina, 119% damage had no issues farming the AoD packs on a power stone island, including level 150 AoD that spawn in those. Definitely ran into some issues with too many packs closely spawning (stamina issues).
  2. I'd even be happy if blueprint troughs gave a duration buff to decay timers.
  3. Interesting in that you identify the point but only see the attacker side of it. PvP needs agency ( " act independently and to make their own free choices. " ) based risks on all sides of the equation. In your example, the attacking force had agency in the choice of what they were willing to risk in the fleet they decided to sail and how far they were going to sail. The defenders should also have this agency in choosing to engage or to not engage. This is a key aspect that is missing from the game mechanics right now. If the defenders choose to not engage it should create a blockade like situation (not in-game mechanic) but basically make it hard to impossible for the defenders to use their land/resources because attackers are there. In most PvP games I've played, the effort to get a fight to happen is quite large. There are always feints, maneuvering, and out playing the opposing force to even get the engagement started. If you want guaranteed action then you either need PvE content or the game needs to have a much lower bar for risk of loss to engage as the defender. An example of that would be that any death or loss within a friendly claim flag area of effect is greatly reduced as a defender bonus (and an incentive to defend). Tames killed go into a recovery pen, players that die only drop 1 random or no items and can respawn with their entire kit (there already is a respawn time penalty), ships lost go into a recovery dock or their resources get dumped into claim flag, etc.
  4. A healthy game would be active players versus active players. There is no benefit or game-play value in offline raiding/destruction, at all. Ships and everything on them should be immune to all damage in all zones when you have achieved green anchor status (with delay to achieve). To prevent this from creating permanent roadblocks (at least with no effort), "out at sea" decay damage should still occur on planks, which can be continually fixed by sweeper NPC's. This introduces three resource sinks to maintain your invulnerable ship status: repair resources, food, NPC payments. These sinks can be adjusted to gain a desired management of time/effort to maintain your invulnerable status, as well as provide a natural removal of players that stop playing. In my opinion, a similar "green anchor" status should be introduced for land based structures that goes into affect on lawless regions. You would gain this status after all company members have been offline for 15 minutes. Same resource sinks. This would support companies of all sizes and time commitments. At the end of the day, you want active players seeking out other active players to create "player made content" for PvP. Ideally, this should be sea battles, battles near shore, and land based ones with defensive assistance from NPC's. Any PvP destruction where one party is offline is just PvE content, and badly designed content at that.
  5. Can we get a log message for any NPC's or Tames that have been lost at sea with GPS coordinates? I would think that if an NPC/tame is in the "swimming" state for longer than X with no company member in render range it should trigger a log message (or maybe not in distance of "landfall"). At least give you a chance at rescuing them. This weekend I came across someone's bear in the middle of no where that I was able to claim and save (not the first time). I also lost my NPC wheelman at some point during a SotD battle, he wasn't on the wheel at the time and I think he got booped by cannon fire. He was level 101, HP tanky and wearing plate. Couldn't find him afterwards and have not received a death log message, so he's still out there swimming somewhere in the ocean.
  6. Vurmis

    schooner question

    I use a large handling sail and small speed sail on my battle schooner. It is quite fast, can catch wind in almost every direction, turns very quickly, and can stop on a dime. At low speeds, like when docking, it will spin so fast I'm surprised I'm not flung off.
  7. Vurmis

    E2 Grimriden Holm No Metal Nodes

    It is possible that an island will have zero metal nodes on it, even in Tundra. Pre-wipe was on a Tundra island with a couple of claim flags down and there was no metal nodes on it. The closest metal nodes were on a nearby island in the same zone.
  8. Vurmis

    Patch 207.999 Gold Consumption

    Makes you wonder if you are paying for everyone's NPC's on the island, lol.
  9. Vurmis

    Brig Sails

    Don't place anything on your ship near your sail masts (all levels), that way you can change your sails around at any time if you want (just costs build mats). For my long haul treasure hunting brigs I personally run either 3 Lg Speed, or 2 Lg Speed and 1 Lg Handling. Avoiding SotD - As long as your ship can do 5-6 knots you will outrun SotD, sure you might take a few volleys, but nothing that is actually concerning. A few levels into Resistance helps to reduce this risk greatly. If you plan on grabbing flotsam, diving wrecks, and hitting lots of islands for discovery points. The handling sail can really be useful with the extra maneuverability/acceleration it provides.
  10. To be fair, you are correct. The vast majority of islands do not have this issue. When you do run into it, it does seem to be taken to the extreme though.
  11. Vurmis


    Yeah, if the "sweeping" animation is an indication of them repairing. I've never seen any NPC or even my level 98 NPC do that at any time other than being anchored in a non-freeport zone. They definitely did not help with missing planks, leaking planks, or any repairs while at sea or while being bombarded by SotD galleons. The NPC's on cannons would still free-fire on ships in range while I was solo below deck trying to plug holes though...
  12. My 3 man company stuck a flag down this weekend during the new land rush. After an hour we claimed the 69 point island, we danced, yelled "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED", and checked it off our bucket list. We then let the claim expire 12 hours later and went back to our lives. The difference between having the claimed island and living on our established base on lawless was absolutely not worth multiple thousands of gold a week in value add. The larger issue that I would rather be fixed (at least on PVE servers) is foundation spam (aka island pimples). Either because someone is trolling, or because someone is "claiming" the island by foundation spam (prevent building). This is solvable by a much better claim system than the previous one and the current one. Unfortunately, probably not with a solution that makes sense on both PVE and PVP servers.
  13. Sets the heading the NPC will sail to be the direction the ship is currently pointing. Useful as the first auto-pilot command or to cancel the current rotation towards another set NPC auto-pilot heading (ie stop turning the 90 degrees to the right that I just set).
  14. Vurmis

    False Representation.

    Of the game systems that need to be improved, worrying about paid alt accounts is pretty close to the bottom of the list. Also, how different is an alt account from someone that joined your company and is no longer playing? I'm not sure what you would be gaining even if you did have alt accounts or a lot of inactive accounts in your company granting you more claim points to claim a bigger island or multiple islands. You still have less active players helping to pay for the upkeep (assuming the island isn't already paying for itself with treasure/harvest tax/bonus).
  15. Vurmis

    Ship Rope Ladders

    I haven't had any issues with the stern emergency built-in ladder (seems to work best), but I have a hell of a time with any rope ladders I've placed on the side of the ship. Between vertical movement with the waves and the ladder insisting on showing "Options" as the priority over "Climb" I've died many times to sharks. Anytime I go overboard in open sea where sharks are a possibility I always bring a grappling hook now. They spawn so quickly and in such numbers that it can quickly become impossible to get on a ladder (sharks also knock you off and away ...)