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  1. c12's gaulto reef has thatch bush clusters right on the shore. West side of island. Look like dead leaves.
  2. "U" on the wheel, I believe.
  3. I just ended up using a mod I found in the steam workshop.
  4. Yeah, I figured it would be. I just know zero about it and thought maybe for a little cash someone might be willing to do it for me.
  5. I'd like to pay someone to make a simple mod for me. I want to take the large sails and make a new category called "XL Sails". The sails: Have 6 points each, so I could fit 3 on the galleon or 1 on the brig. Have 2x the stats of the large sails. Use the same models/textures as the large. Unlocks with the large sail engrams. Painted and able to be crafted in the loom like the large. Require 2x the large resources to craft.
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