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  1. Ya termine el barco y lo pinte. Coloque mis faros traseros y ahora me toca decorarlo. Has pensado en crear accesorios para el barco? mascarones de proa , faros traseros , balcones, etc?? . Pronto intentare aƱadir fotografias.
  2. Well, I'm trying to repair our server because it does not start, it seems that some mod gives problems (not yours), when it works I'll install your Black pearl quickly .. my question is .. for when Anne Revenge and Dutch wandering? ... I hope k yes..
  3. Hello, good afternoon ... it's a spectacular job. I'm a construction sick and since I've been playing I've tried to make different designs, but I've never seen anything so amazing and something as desired as Black pearl and anne revenge, there is some MOD link, I would appreciate You could provide it to test it, thank you very much. I await your news DAKAR.