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    New changes

    I can understand the chat part of it. Thats for sure, but its solvable in other channels. Discord? And you can still talk to single players. I do see that its more complicated to this, but still. The main problem with the original major upgrade was in my view the claim part. No claims, means more griefing and toxic behavour. Now, they have fixed that, and for me thats the most important thing,
  2. Silwee

    New changes

    I cannot disagree more with you. The changes they are doing with claims is perfect. You can still work togheter with other players. Companys just cannot form an alliance with other companys. Whats the big deal about that? You are still free to work togheter with other players..
  3. Hi all. We are a small company of three friends. Active players who cant seem to find land. We want a land to build a small base and shipyards. Is there anyone out there? :D We are right now searching in Tundra North, but all seems occupied here aswell. Any tips where we can find anything?