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  1. Alasson

    So much for the road map.

    The Devs follow mega company, not even the streamers
  2. Alasson

    Under Water Rocks

    same problem.
  3. Alasson

    Upcoming Patch and Happy Lunar New Year.

    Pillars work inside rocks where you can glitch a pillar inside, the problem is there are rocks that DON'T make you build inside cuz they are huge. They create a major problem if you are trying to build a structure over the sea, like a wall, harbor or towers I'm not the only reporting this bug: https://steamcommunity.com/app/834910/discussions/0/3247562523086824935/
  4. Alasson

    Upcoming Patch and Happy Lunar New Year.

    pls consider fix underwater rocks, pillars don't work if you place them on them thanks
  5. atm many underwater rocks don't act as foundation when pillar base on it. I think are the same xbox player can't see. Can you pls fix it asap? it's a major issue in building
  6. Alasson

    New Lead Designer

    Imo mainly it miss pirating activity related to "pve". as already mentioned, we need raidable harbor, fortress, faction system, navy, merchant ship, trade route, etc. Ofc they have to be contestable by other players, but they should give content and a challange also without. Actually the world is empty not because it lacks players (also that ofc), but mainly because there are no activity beside building and """pvp"""
  7. Alasson

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    where are the pro of being offline raided? lol You use as defence the pros of being offline raided but you don't even write one? srsly?
  8. Alasson

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    so these "PVP HARDCORE PLAYERS" basically love to offline raid empty base/ship, but they hate have players to actually fight? these "SANDBOX PVP HC 100% FREE OF ACTION" players are strange guys. Once they were called carebears, basically the real "ATLAS HARDCORE PLAYERS" are the one who avoids pvp... Proud to be a "casual pvp player" who actually enjoys doing pvp with other real players ^^
  9. I would like to read something more about the next patch by devs. to solve this and other issues
  10. Alasson

    New pvp changes are trash.

    still 90% of land fight was Bear vs Walls. why that? or Explosive barrels vs docked ship... wow """pvp""" or ninja claim to put mortar or naked men running around spamming flag
  11. Alasson

    New pvp changes are trash.

    why? not every timer will be in the same hour ^^ And the real game has to be on sea, not on bear.
  12. Alasson

    New pvp changes are trash.

    who said is not possible? just open a topic on "suggestion" and explain your idea lol. Are you here only to cry about things or to discuss how to improve it?
  13. I found a little nosense in the devs word. They want to improve cooperation between Small companies and large ones. To do that they incentive Islands owners to make small companies live in their islands, STILL they limit the max number of allied companies you can have. So all that small companies living under the safe "roof" will be seen as enemy (red) by the Island owner, who has more interest to be ally with competitive group instead of casual groups. There is a problem here! A possible solution could be create another category "friendly company", you see their name light blue, you don't share a chat with them and you can set npc to not fire on them. In this way big companies can ally with other competitive companies and have as friend the small one, they can still defend their most valuable area setting the npc to fire also friend, and they can share valuable information on ally chat without the fear of an insider in a less controlled company. Tell me what you think about that
  14. Alasson

    New pvp changes are trash.

    that's something worth discuss, a land raid during "safe time" could be a good idea