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  1. @Dakar it would be great if the ships have gunports in the back!
  2. i whish me a limitation to build on ships.... atleast on top of the deck. this ugly shapes of ships are so retarded and destroy the whole feeling of the game! even in pvp it is not needed. just give us more gunports some in the back like real ships and some in front. and more sails are very needed! more realistic sailing like breaking sail masts etc.... u can do anything on see like sail trough the biggest waves and so on. maybe a crane to unload heavy cargo and lift cargo on top of mountains. and much more ship variations. maybe a module system for ships that let u place some canons on top decks. redesign the board system completly, it's makes no sense to overtake a ship u need more than a day for nice ships to overtake. realy retarded.
  3. looka much better than any ship in the game so far.... hate the shapes and what people do with the ships
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