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  1. Again, the problem with this game is that it's trying to be an MMO, but the servers can barely handle a base per island. The lag has always been the biggest issue with this game and the devs are just pretending its nothing to worry about. I doubt one of these devs actually plays on the official servers. Adding in stuff like "trade routes" to a game that needs to go to smaller population counts seems idiotic. It's like they are trying to take the action away from island/base fights to trade-towers, but all this will do is cause even more crap for a server to worry about and make it confusing whether players should be defending some trade-point(s) or their laggy base...
  2. I loved this game, but as you can see with any MMO style game based on the Unreal engine - you cannot have more than 80 players on a server. It just doesn't work. There needs to be a proper way of managing server pop for an island/sea battle that gets too big. I have thought of several ways it can be done, but we all know how WC/Grapeshot has poorly managed this games issues... I will definitely check out the new map, but if they don't address server cap and harpoons(which totally ruined this game) then I feel this game will remain a fragment of its potential. Anyone who has had a huge "pre-harpoon" sea fight or island battle of around 30-60 players knows how awesome this game can be. Another issue that kinda ruined the game was all the steam-parsing sites/apps that reported grid population. Half the game was just watching grid pop...
  3. I rememeber people losing tames while sailing back in the day and we could never figure out why. I was just playing single player today(haven't played in months really) and when crossing from L7 to M7 ... I enter M7 and the giraffe I have on the bow of my brig (which is PASSIVE and ignore group whistles) just turns and starts walking off the edge of the boat. No idea what caused this giraffe to go overboard. My other tames on the boat were fine and just sat around watching the giraffe hurl itself. This type of thing was so annoying back in the day... can't believe they haven't fixed this. I remember seeing dozens of tames floating at the edge of the grids... You assume its due to some battle or ship of the damned, but nope... just bad code.
  4. I laughed my ass off when I saw this patch note. These guys really don't know how to make this game work. Haven't played in months and was curious of the patch. They never even bothered to fix up Blackwood... Harpoons and torpedos... wow did they ruin this game.
  5. This is still a huge issue for me and other peeps in my company. Crossing server grids and rejoining the official servers is incredibly problematic.
  6. Since around 2 patches ago something changed in the client joins and renders. Now whenever I join the server or cross from one grid to another my client gets stuck in a "render" phase where its trying to render the initial structures. I get stuck with "255" ping and its an odd kind of lag where only my client is lagging. I can queue up actions and then they will all of a sudden take affect in intervals of around 25seconds. This state lasts for anywhere from 2minutes to 10minutes and makes the official server almost unplayable for me. I thought for sure this issue would be addressed by now, but it seems like only some of my company-mates experience it as well?
  7. The equatorial/tropic island in the northwest/middle of the map is rotated at a wrong angle on the map! Does anyone even test this shit out? Does anyone know if the breeding works at all? I have only seen the "wrong biome" for breeding message when trying to breed. Are there even biomes setup at all for these islands?
  8. Alpha predators are too ridiculous and I'd like to remove them from the single player experience. I want to turn up the difficulty to like .4, but the alphas are too much. You can have several tigers and bears which will just disappear to a lv300+ alpha tiger in seconds... I've searched and it doesn't seem to be possible at the moment?
  9. There's a bunch of wheat in the freeport farm that gives straw... I bet that's a bug... Blackwood is lookin pretty rough and buggy. I don't see why grapeshot are rushing out that mod-version of it out as an example... It's probably full of issues.
  10. Discovery points being lost. items turning into the crafting skill icon items on NPCs just disappearing phantom islands(mostly just parts of islands) that your client sees, but they aren't really there NPCs on aggressive getting permanently stuck in a spot for no reason climbing in certain areas with climbing pick will put you in a black-out state that causes you to have to re-log(anti-meshing code?)
  11. This happens on server restart right? At least it's seeming that way to me. Some kind of session versus stored variable problem with the database? (I'm a programmer...) Every instance I have seen has the resulting broken "crafting blueprint" icon directly corresponding to the item that was lost/converted. So a journeyman cap becomes the "base" common crafting icon for a cloth cap(not an actual blueprint, but the same crafting icon that would be representing "the skill" to craft the item). So there seems to be some data retained(the type of item) and some mutated/lost.
  12. I have had this happen with several NPCs. When on agressive they will somehow get stuck in a spot(nothing is obstructing their movement). I can whistle them to follow me, but they just sit in that spot and only pivot to look in my direction. If I run up and punch them around they will then walk back to the spot they are "stuck" in. They will even walk backwards to get into this spot. - I have put them on "wander" and they will do the random emotes and turn around on the spot, but they will never leave that spot. - I can build a cannon/puckle by them and tell them to use the puckle/cannon, but then if I unseat them ... they will go right back to the spot they are fixated on. - There is nothing I can do, but kill them or let them starve/mutiny.
  13. Why hasn't this bug been fixed yet!? It's the WORST! And another...
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