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  1. Recruitment About us We are currently looking to expand our group of players on NA PVP to better control our territory and further expand, We are a well established group owning a large amount of land with much of it protected and open for building. We have a bunker base established and running with access to all resource types. We love to have fun, grind and PvP. Currently we are part of a mega alliance with good standing that we often run joint operations with. Requirement/Exceptions We are looking for players with experience in similar game types such as ( Ark, Conan, Rust ). Our zones are hot and there will be plenty of opportunity to go out and hammer ships to boots on ground blowing holes in enemy fortifications, so PvP players are great but must be grinders aswell. As a starter in Triton you will be Rank 1 which is a Pollywog ( Rank 1 lasting time is about 1 -2 weeks ) as you play with us and pass the recruitment process, You will be able to enjoy all the resources we have at disposal in Triton. - When joining expect to grind. Everyone grinds hard to have fun. Everyone has a voice. Recruitment Access Anyone who are interested in applying please contact Seal Pupppy#3537 Discord handle. We will need a discord tag or Guilded profile from you as part of the application, Any who are new to either of these programs will be asked further questions in interviews. What we would like to know How long have you played games similar to this? (Ark, Rust, ETC.) What kind of atmosphere are you looking for? Your expectations for a group you're a part of? What do you want to do in game? (Recruits are limited at start) How long can you play a day?