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  1. Starbuck

    Atlas DevKit on Twitch

    Please follow KraziActive if you want to see saved or live Atlas DevKit help and "how to" KraziActive Twitch
  2. Yes thats true, the worse thing about Atlas is almost every person that know the answers do not help/answer. But basically if you know, your not good to manage a server with humans, if you do not know, your fucked up. This happenned many times on our server and all i can see it is the database that seems to not seeing some informations. I've joinned some company and after i readded them to their own company the "last connected" changed after they were re-added, but there is still a doubled character there.
  3. Starbuck

    Cargo saddle does nothing

    This si not intended to be a Resources Cargo. It's used to carry weapons.
  4. Starbuck

    Creatures breeded change sex ?

    Hi, we've seen many times after a server restart that some breeded babies, the babies are changing sex so a bull become a cow after the restart. I dont know why but it happen very very often on breeded creatures. Colors doesn't follow and also sex.
  5. Well i've almost 6000 hours of Ark and that never happenned, i'm not telling you it's impossible but it happen actually way too often to not be a bug.
  6. Important thing i've seen running the servers is the number of islands on each grid also, the more islands you put on a grid the more creature spawn you will have so demand is higher a bit. Also how many claims you allow per company / size of their base.
  7. The color chart is good, do not forget to put yourself in admin mode first But then you need to target him correctly, i had problem with parrots since they are small. Try with a flashy color like 1 3 for the parrot region 1 is the main color region 0 is the neck. I can confirm you it's working ive painted more than 30 parrots for the valentine day we gave them out to our players
  8. Starbuck

    Server High Ping

    We encounter the same problem also from one of the last patch, but not the latest one.
  9. It's missing the processor cores. Each grid need 2 cores to work properly.
  10. Pour toute la semaine, jusqu'au 21 février! Pour souligner la St-Valentin, toute l'équipe de Quebec Experience vous offre gratuitement: Un lapin, un perroquet ou un singe aux couleurs de la journée (blanc, rose ou rouge) de niveau 69 complètement gratuitement. Nous installeront une fontaine de jouvence disponible pour tous les joueurs et joueuses au freeport en C2. Vous devez simplement vous connecter au serveur et demander à un admin. [QC] quebecexperience.net – 3×4 + Skills PvEvP For the whole week, until February 21st! To celebrate Valentine's Day, the whole Quebec Experience team offers you: A bunny, a parrot or a monkey in the color of the day (white, pink or red) level 69 completely free. In addition we will install a fountain of youth available to all players at the freeport in C2. All you need to do is connect to our server and ask an admin. [QC] quebecexperience.net – 3×4 + Skills PvEvP
  11. DinoSpawnWeightMultipliers=(DinoNameTag=PathFollowingGhostShip,SpawnWeightMultiplier=0.1) Does that still work? At one point it was working properly but now with all changes it doesn't seems to have muc effects, anyone tried to set it even lower like 0.05 ? Thanks
  12. Starbuck

    Creatures not respawning on 1 grid

    Hi i've a problem only on 1 grid of 12 there is only turtles and fish that respawn There is no land creatures. There is no ocean treasure chests There is no Ship of the Damned Anyone got this bug ?
  13. Starbuck


    Just go to a grid where are _PVE islands and spawn it with Cheat Summon FountainOfYouth_BP_C If you have them always active it will show up.
  14. Hi i've a problem only on 1 grid of 12 there is only turtles and fish that respawn There is no land creatures. There is no ocean treasure chests There is no Ship of the Damned Anyone got this bug ?
  15. Yes that code only work if there is a _PVE island on the same grid, wonder if there is a spawn code for the altar under it that would fix this problem.