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  1. I have a problem with the map, in game. I have 2 servers to host all our maps. One in North America, one in Europe. The database is hosted in NA but the players who play on the European servers need to switch to NA maps to see the map. BUT every time there is an Atlas update they lose the map. Both servers have the same ServerGrid.json If anyone have any idea about that issue?
  2. I've cleared the database and almost everything. Even re-installing brand new doesn't work. I've same settings than before but it doesn't restart, what changed to connect to DB ?
  3. Please note that this wipe will not be forced on Unofficial Servers, however the old claim flags will disappear and you’ll have to replace them or allow them to naturally populate. But if on your server players do not experiment many bugs, tell me your secret because this game is bugged as hell. Players consistently losing ships between 2 grids and the old ships are still bugged invisible on eyes but still there on the map if your looking at the map, a lot of animals are bugged, elephants flying, corpse unreachables... I'm sure also you know how to create biomes: «First of all, the changes we are planning for this update are huge. We are completely redesigning the world layout, introducing new island types and biomes» The islands letters code, i will assume you know the meaning of all codes and tell me how can you add a new biome island within a grid that as for example Mnt_B_CP, the meaning of the CP part is because it need to be in a particular biome. What your talking is reserved 5 grid on your 25 for new content... Well that is full grid wipe if you do not keep the saves. If i had 25 grid, that's a lot less troubles to reserve grids, but we have 12 grids and mostly builded. Anyway let's see what happen anyway for me it's the last chance with this game. I'm hosting 18 servers with other games and really never had so much troubles. Good luck with the rest.
  4. Seriously, if they wipe official don't you think it's because they have the choice? NO it's because they changed something in the game core that can and will affect current saves. Why would seriously just think about continuing with a corrupted database and involved our players in many more bugs than there is already. Being a community manager is often taking hard decision, but it's a must. Because i'm sure you don't know much about it i'll just tell you to try adding a new island to your current grid. You will see what happen. To explain a bit further how do you think your saved database will react to saved when the islands replaced is not there anymore, resources, animals, etc... I've tried it, you should to understand how it react. You can wipe a full grid but not just a part of it and think it will not be bugged. Some ghost islands appear, some resources are not gatherable anymore and much more problems. We need the new Islands in the Server Grid Editor asap, there is no other stable option.
  5. @Jatheish any news on when we're going to get the new island(s) for the Server Grid Editor ? If we're going to wipe our dedicated servers, we surely want to add the new island(s), that take a lot of time to calculate new powerstone positions, etc... We need that the fastest possible before the new patch. Please any Dev give an answer, we need it. Thanks !
  6. Well even if it work, it will never be a good solution. Dev's need to remove the cap. Adding that many lines in Game.ini will greatly decrease server performances. They just need to remove the cap in the creatures themselves so like in Ark they start gaining exp after tamed with no cap or cap is really high. But mods often let you tame level 1000 dinos and they gain exp. Here it's a base level + exp max 120. In Ark you gain tamed + start gain exp.
  7. It just doesn't make any sense anyway to add 500 lines in the Game.ini to be able to level further if you want dinos level max 500 for example since each lines in the Game.ini add a demande to the system reading, so it slow down performances. They have to find a better way like in Ark, you can have dinos level spawn at 300 and they still gain exp. In Atlas its a base level + exp. In Ark it's a tamed level + exp witch make sense to customize at your wish.
  8. Please follow KraziActive if you want to see saved or live Atlas DevKit help and "how to" KraziActive Twitch
  9. Yes thats true, the worse thing about Atlas is almost every person that know the answers do not help/answer. But basically if you know, your not good to manage a server with humans, if you do not know, your fucked up. This happenned many times on our server and all i can see it is the database that seems to not seeing some informations. I've joinned some company and after i readded them to their own company the "last connected" changed after they were re-added, but there is still a doubled character there.
  10. This si not intended to be a Resources Cargo. It's used to carry weapons.
  11. Hi, we've seen many times after a server restart that some breeded babies, the babies are changing sex so a bull become a cow after the restart. I dont know why but it happen very very often on breeded creatures. Colors doesn't follow and also sex.
  12. Well i've almost 6000 hours of Ark and that never happenned, i'm not telling you it's impossible but it happen actually way too often to not be a bug.
  13. Important thing i've seen running the servers is the number of islands on each grid also, the more islands you put on a grid the more creature spawn you will have so demand is higher a bit. Also how many claims you allow per company / size of their base.
  14. The color chart is good, do not forget to put yourself in admin mode first But then you need to target him correctly, i had problem with parrots since they are small. Try with a flashy color like 1 3 for the parrot region 1 is the main color region 0 is the neck. I can confirm you it's working ive painted more than 30 parrots for the valentine day we gave them out to our players
  15. We encounter the same problem also from one of the last patch, but not the latest one.
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