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  1. Floppy Bueno

    Developer Live Stream Q&A - Deadline: 1st of May

    Any plans to seriously nerf the element of Tames in PVP Any plans to limit the amount of cannons and where they can placed on boats? some of these designs are a bit ridiculous and would capsize the moment they left dry dock. Any plans to remove some of the chore of suppling your defence on your island - Crew gold/Food having to make multiple Resource boxes and larders and make sure they are paid/filled every other day is a real draining chore If you have blueprinted items such as a Fine Metal Hatchet if you die with it on your bar and re-equip it, it does not go back onto your bar like a grey tool would it goes into your inventory - any plans to change this As a way of boosting your player headcount on the game - any plans to do a Free to Play Weekend?
  2. Floppy Bueno

    FIX H2 pvp eu pls!

    This needs sorting ASAP its a joke its been down for so long.
  3. Floppy Bueno

    FIX H2 pvp eu pls!

    H2 EU PVP has been down for ages fix required