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  1. I also have been experiencing this as well as company mates. Never had issues like this before, whatever they did with the last 2 patches is sending the ping to the sky, even when you are in the server alone... I am still getting 255 ping. I know the devs are researching this, as I was talking to one a couple days ago on this. So they are looking into it.
  2. You aren't suppose to be storing tames at the Freeport in the first place. I would guess they were pushed to the water and drowned. I just had a tame drown on our docks ( gotta love those big waves during storms ) I saw the death message that it died, but the message in the log just says, died.
  3. Did a 29.6 map last night with a bear and a crab and neither one of us was knocked off our mounts.
  4. I think if you are having issues keeping track of your crew and tames, then you have to many. Maybe down size, specially for PvE. There is no need for huge fleets in our companies. I keep seeing excuses for losing things ( boats, crew and tames) it only takes a few minutes every other day to go to said boat and reset everything. If that is to much then I think you need to re-think how your company is working.
  5. I love how Jack still gets my name wrong. Jack, you were given a warning, you weren't banned or dev wiped. Given another chance before action was taken, they were giving YOU the chance to rectify the situation. I love how you keep going back to the old claim system. Man move on, this the NEW system. Move to the present! And you know you can put down pillars hidden well to claim the parts you want to. There is NO need for the spamming you are doing. You're simply doing it because you are being a moron. Just switch over to the pillars out of sight, and make the island pretty again. Oh the the big gates blocking off areas.. can you remove those also? Good luck in game and happy sailing! IVAH
  6. Jack, You have crap sprawled all over the place on that island.. there is no "base" just things everywhere. I also highly doubt the GM said it was okay to excessively spam foundations/pillars everywhere. You keep going back to before the wipe, this is a new game essentially.. this is after the wipe and new rules come into place. Forget what you had before the wipe and have the mindset that has been set forth of the new way flags work. Seems most of us have come to this understanding. No one is looking down upon you for wanting a large base, it is just how you are going about it. The fact you are so stand offish says you know you are in the wrong. No need to be hostile, as most are willing to work with one another so everyone is happy. We ALL want our own land and to build/tame/and sail happily. I just wish that some in the community would be more willing to work with one another, not everything has to be a fight.
  7. It has been acknowledged. I am guessing they are working on a solution so hopefully a fix soon.
  8. I don't know if this is all correct. I have a tavern built in the tropical climate, and it has been producing ice just fine, I have stacks upon stacks in there. And lately we haven't been at home all that much.
  9. How hard it is to visit all your boats every couple days, raise and lower the anchor? It couldn't take more than 5 minutes at most.
  10. The issue is when you have the cargo boxes on your ship when you have the cargo saddle on the bear, just destroy the box when you are sailing as they are cheap enough to remake. Also, helps by putting your tames at the front of the ship in the middle, line them up behind the mast.
  11. We have a couple smaller ships that aren't really used very often, I make it a point every couple days to board them. Raising and lowering the anchor and they have not poof'd yet.
  12. You can also try putting them on wander and aggressive, sometimes that helps get them out.
  13. The worst part of this is that Jack, here thought it would be a good idea to block William's tames in so he can't get to them or move them. Yea, real adult behavior here. Seems the damn foundation spam gets bigger by the day. I do hope all his things get wiped out, because it is simply crap. Changing my mind from building a small post on the isle because I simply don't want to deal with his shit. So good going Jack, instead of working with those that want to live there and be willing to help out one another, you just created a prison. SHAMEFUL!
  14. I always understood it as we needed to board the ship and raise/lower the anchor. *shrugs*
  15. I don't think I will butt out of this, and my name is...... Ivah..... I V A H.... I have a stake in this as well as I was looking to make a very small out post here. To tame/grow crops and such. But you have RUINED this island with all these foundations. You say you have taken over what would equal what you had before the wipe. Well here is the thing, we are playing AFTER the wipe and we are suppose to adjust accordingly. If you wanted all this land then maybe you should go buy an island. But instead you have ruined it for anyone else wanting a small part of it. You can barely run around with your tame because it trips over all the foundations. What really takes the cake is you are going into other people's area's and throwing down gates, blocking their tames.. throwing down foundations so they can't get up the ramps to their base. And you wonder why people are threatening to get back at you. How about you take down a crap load of those foundations, unblock peoples ramps, gateways, remove your gates from blocking in their tames. That would be the adult thing to do.
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