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  1. @Maldreck Can you PLEASE break this wall of text into paragraphs so it can be read? Thanks!
  2. Ivah BlackWater

    what Graphics card

    The GPU you have right now should be running Atlas decently. Now it also depends what your other components in your computer are. But you also have to look at your settings, not everything needs to be maxed out. Say like anything with sunshafts (turn that off, not needed and will help a ton) Shadows don't really need those maxed out. If you go through your settings and adjust some things you will see the same will run a lot smoother. As it was said there are suppose to be significant optimizations with this upcoming patch, so before you go spending crazy amounts of money I would wait. Unless you are playing other games and your gpu is really not living up to them. I was reading some about the new 1660 Ti's that are coming/out. And are decently priced. Just my thoughts,
  3. @Enki Anunnaki reads there is a delay on the patch....
  4. HAHA! Enki! If they push back the big 'ol patch I guess I will continue to catch up on my reading (stacks of books waiting for me), actually getting a lot more sleep and searching out new shows to watch. Annnnnd Game of Thrones starts soon!!! I mean who's ready???
  5. Ivah BlackWater

    Sup Jat

    @Realist For someone that doesn't even play this game, you sure do a lot of bitching on these boards.
  6. Ivah BlackWater

    Criticism: PVE Claim Changes

    The PvE claim flags, still are just f*cked. They could have made this simple, yet they made a whole bigger issue. But hey, I am willing to see what happens before I "cry" to much.
  7. Yep, or you can even just swim with the animal up next to the side of the boat, you climb up and then whistle it to you.
  8. A good start is you board the ship first, call the animal to your ship through the spyglass to the side of your ship. My company has always used this tactic, on every ship and never a issue the 2 times we used the wheel we lost both tames. Same when you leave the ship, wait to call off your animal when you are already off the ship. Also someone else pointed out a good point about putting your tames up on the side of your boat underneath on the planks itself. We have never lost an animal when placing them there.
  9. Ivah BlackWater

    Terminate Jatheish for Unprofessional Behavior!

    This whole post is .... .....walks away I can't breath But seriously, You treat others as you want to be treated. And NO the god damn customer is not always right! The mentality that I can do whatever I want because I'm behind a keyboard needs to stop. It's getting flipping old. People want to be treated with respect, their opinions heard. But can't open their mouths and talk like they have any sense at all. Who is going to listen to you or your ideas/opinions when you act like a moron? OP, I think you took that tweet a little to much to heart.
  10. Ivah BlackWater

    Gimme Gimme Generation

    Ahhh @Sadie Blackhawk hit the nail on the head. 99% of your post is exactly how I feel as well. It's that people want the instant gratification, patience is not around anymore. Until you have to spend ALL day in a small room waiting for a damn NPC to spawn and hope it drops the boots you want. Or whole weekends in a raid to get better armor pieces. Now that shit was work. *giggles* This game is a bit grindy, BUT not as grindy as other games like Black Desert Online pops in my head right away. But I don't see gaming as work.. I look at it as spending time with friends, building on and gaining new friends, the fun you have, etc. Gaming is what YOU make it.
  11. Ivah BlackWater

    Am I losing all my work?

    @Daemon Cross in those 400 hours, did you have fun? is the main question. Answer yes, then your time wasn't wasted. If you feel you have wasted 400 hours of your life in this game, and nothing to show, I am really sorry you are seeing it that way. You helped create and shape the way this game is heading. Do you play other games like FPS or some other genre and feel like you wasted your time in there as well because you didn't get a reward? Your show for it and reward is the fun you had, the friendships you built, things of that sort. I don't know, I guess I just look at gaming from a whole other angle. Maybe playing early access games just aren't for you. As in life, nothing is guaranteed and things will always be changing. And if you don't think I have a life and commitments you are wrong. I have lots of them. Don't assume things about people you don't know. Some of us deal with a hell of a lot more than others on a daily basis. It will be very easy to get back what you had and at a faster rate. With the knowledge you have learned from the game itself already, it should be nothing to re-build. And they did post things could possible change, with this statement here.... Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.
  12. Ivah BlackWater

    Forum wipe?

    Why in the hell would you wipe the forums, wiki and Reddit?.. there is still a lot of good information and discussions here. Oi! Some people just want everything to burn if something isn't going their way. What a STUPID post......
  13. Ivah BlackWater

    Don't feel like playing until wipe.

    Really?!?! That is part of the fun, building and building new things.. trying out new ideas, whether it be ship building, your base etc. Wipes are not that hard to over come. Myself and the small group I am playing with are ready for the wipe. Let's us restart and plan a better base and also hope we can finally get the land we desire to live in, instead of where were "ended up" Strong minds overcome small hurdles!
  14. Ivah BlackWater

    R. I.P. Big Red

    I totally feel you on this. It's a weird thing to get attached to virtual pets, but I do. I don't want them to starve but the will to play everyday is growing. So I have been setting them on aggressive and wandering and let them do their thing. I kinda feel better about releasing them that way, then murdering them or letting them starve.
  15. Ivah BlackWater

    Don't feel like playing until wipe.

    To @Writhes I guess you missed this on the games store page, I'll help ya remember since you skipped over this part. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.