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  1. Spending skill points on ships and crew are buggy. When I spend them, the point goes away, but the skill doesn't raise. So, when spending it, they are just gone. Also, when moving tames onto ships, they disappear and die within minutes.
  2. Savoir_Faire

    Ghostships overspawn O.O!

    We (company of 2) ran into 18 in one place. No idea how we made it out alive.
  3. Savoir_Faire


    Any idea if a bug causing tames to disappear and die after being moved to a ship is going to be worked out with the update?
  4. Savoir_Faire

    I wish there was good news for PVE

    I'm still having a difficult time understanding exactly which parts of the "Colonies System" the PVE servers will be using, based on the captains log. It would be nice if the captains log just explained what PVE was going to be like versus saying - It's a taco, but different. I mean, ok.. different how?
  5. Savoir_Faire


    Im still rather confused about how the PVE will work. I thought claim flags weren't a thing in the new PVE? What do they mean by "modified version of colonies system". Just tell us how its going to work, what are the modifications?
  6. Savoir_Faire

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Which server is the C6 FOY location?
  7. Savoir_Faire

    NA PVE Server down?

    For the last 2 hours we have not been able to load into NA PVE server majority of attempts. When we do, the ping is high and the lag is real and ultimately we are DC'ed. I was looking for recent threads to see if there was anything said about it and I do not see anything. Anyone else having issues?
  8. Savoir_Faire

    PVE acquired land, now dealing with x-tenant

    My company was being griefed and it was reported over a week ago and nothing was done. Good luck, the crap sucks.
  9. Savoir_Faire

    Is This Griefing?

    I may have to take you up on that, Lotus. We are active everyday and not toxic. I may have to take you up on that, Lotus. We are active everyday and not toxic.
  10. Savoir_Faire

    Is This Griefing?

    Just an all around crappy situation. I don't want to block them in, especially now that I am waiting to see if an admin will do anything.
  11. Savoir_Faire

    Elephant Taming Broken

    I get into spot where it says to press e to feed them, but it never does.
  12. Savoir_Faire

    Is This Griefing?

    Im waiting to see if the admin's get back to us about it before we leave. And honestly, for how much time we have put into our ships and base, if I have to give up the space that we have been occupying, then I will most likely just uninstall and be done with it. Just doesn't seem fair that players can literally build ontop of your shipyards and cut them off from use.
  13. Savoir_Faire

    Is This Griefing?

    Now I cannot get any boats out of my shipyard because they built theirs directly on top of mine.
  14. Savoir_Faire

    Is This Griefing?

    I am in a PVE server, in a lawless land. I am a pretty friendly player, thats why I chose PVE and not PVP. I help new people when they need help, or even try to help people who aren't new if they need a little. So needless to say, after having a pretty friendly game play style and being a regular in our island, another company is killing the fun for me. I logged in and a company had built a large shipyard directly ontop of my buoys and shipyards, effectively blocking my shipyards ability now. Of course there was plenty of room on either sides of our shipyards and base, but they decided to block off ours just to be a *you know what*. When I try to talk to them about it, they just ignore me. Is there nothing I can do about this type of griefing? I'm ready to just demolish my whole base and uninstall the game. Any suggestions??