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  1. I cannot find it in patch notes. But it seems island owners no longer have 24 hours to delete unwanted builds?? Build was placed on my island right where I had wanted to build. Put a sign there even asking for people not to build in that spot. Build was done at 5PM CST last night, and now 9AM CST the next day, it's permanent. Anyone know why this was changed?
  2. Fog Whisperer's presents - The Pussy Pagoda "Cat Shop" It's time to rebuild our customer base. Last season, under the name The Debalts in partnership with The Black Locks, we made a name for ourselves as the premier cat whisperers in NA PVE servers, maintaining the best prices and selection of these little companions. Selling out of our stock every swap meet. But now, these two companies have combined. And we haven't lost sight of our love of pussy cats! New Pricing Guidelines: Lvls 1-4: 100g Lvls 5-9: 125g Lvls 10-14: 150g Lvls 15-19: 175g Lvls 20-24: 200g Lvls 25-29: 225g Lvls 30-34: 250g Lvls 35-39: 275g Lvls 40-43: 300g Lvls 44+: 350g+ The Fog Whisperer's are located in F9 Bigsevain island, SouthEast tip, next to Tames R Us. May also contact: Savoir Faire#2284 in discord for pictures of current stock or reservations.
  3. So, there was a server update recently and since then my cats hardly fish at all anymore. I had a nice little fish farm going with all my cats in a little shack on the water but now it can take 20-30 minutes for them all to catch fish, if they do at all. Also, it seems like they only really fish when it rains. Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. When was the last wipe? I've been gone awhile.
  5. **UPDATE** I waited until the game pushed an update for ending 2x, I selected "Join New Atlas" and did NOT create a new character, just joined, and my character was there!!! Yey!! Good luck, guys!! Just make sure to not click create new character for the server you were in and hopefully it will work for you, too!
  6. Another company member of mine had this happen to him on a 2x weekend. He was able to get his char back without creating a new one after the update ending the event happened. He clicked join new, selected NA PVE, and DID NOT click create new character. I tried this last night and it tried to get me back in, I saw my items in the hotbar but screen was black. So, I am going to do as he suggested and I hope it works for you guys, too. Going to wait for the update ending the event, then click join new, go back to my normal server and NOT select create new character. I'll update here if it works. *fingers crossed* #D11Curse
  7. I am having this same issue on NA PVE D11. Rejoin atlas option is gone. And I am the owner of an island and company. Any luck getting your character back yet?
  8. I just loaded in to my game and I couldn't access my inventory, my items weren't on my hot bar and I couldn't open a door to leave the building I was in. So I closed the game and re-opened it. Now the option to rejoin atlas is gone. Only option is to join new atlas. I validated my game files twice and it did not fix it.
  9. Thanks for the answers/input, everyone. Also, well done on your razortooth's.
  10. When did this become a thing? Thought imprinted boost only applies to the person who imprinted, and not just anyone.
  11. I am aware that the buff only applies to the person who imprinted. But the buff is not visible in stats. We were only able to verify the buff existed when comparing use by the imprinter and another company member.
  12. I get that. That's not what the post was about. What I was saying was the buff is not something you see added to the stats in the inventory of the tame, when the person who imprinted is mounted on said tame. Not sure what you thought I was saying.
  13. **Update** We weren't able to see any buffs in the the inventory, but when actually attacking and taking hits, there was a buff when used by the person who imprinted versus other people. Not sure if this is a bug, or just how it is. I'm going to leave this post, though, in case anyone else who had the same questions as me happens to find this. 80% seems to be around 24, 25% instead of 30%. *seems*
  14. Can someone clarify for me? I was under the impression that you got some sort of a buff with imprinting, even if it wasn't a full 30% with a 100% imprint? We were able to imprint to 80% and I see no stat change when mounting. I realize it wouldn't be the full 30%, but dang, I thought you would still get some sort of buff. Anyone have info?
  15. See, that's my thing.. I am the one grinding the gold, stayed up until 6AM the release date just so I could finally have a place to build that wouldn't be griefed out, like I had always been experiencing. I have zero issue ally'ing up with good people or allowing them to build on my island. It's a simple request to be able to have a small base on my claimed island where I want before other people move in. Currently, my company is 4 people, all of whom were 3 separate companies prior to release, who were allies stuck with building lawless and all of which had been griefed out of land, ships, boats, docks, etc. previously. We have always traded with people. Help every new person who comes down from a freeport, etc. We aren't assholes for wanting a place we can actually moderate or build freely for a change. So, thank you for seeing it for what it is.. and saying something. Even if you do or do not agree with the play style 100%. It's not fair to be called an asshole because we want a small space.
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