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  1. Not to mention if you are constantly being attacked by snakes on the land or just out of stamina while screen flashing red for 10 minutes looking at a map covered in red circles with a red cross that might or might not be there...
  2. The grid I play on has been only playable for max 20 minutes at a time for 7 days , grapeshot wont do anything at all not even send a different response to the people sending in tickets asking for any kind of improvement. If it took you so long to read 4 words that you feel the time wasted requires compensation might I suggest reading lessons to improve the speed at which you read
  3. You can send in a ticket, it won't be acted on or probably even read but you will get an automated response that will politely tell you they don't care
  4. On k7 Sirens Call since last Friday the game has just become a joke it is practically unplayable. Play for 20 minutes then spend 10 minutes trying desperately to get back on hoping the ship hasn't crashed or your tame has died , we had probably 20 on grid usually now people are logging in and asking if anything has got better (and probably reset timers) only to get booted out before anyone can answer or will be able to stay on long enough to hear the answer nope. Peoples tames are dying of starvation ships are sinking as the crew have starved or mutinied , ticket after ticket has been sent in and all anyone gets is the same generic response which could be shortened to two words "don't care" . This game has the potential to be bigger and better than Ark but once again the devs just aren't listening ,not acting on what people are saying and is starting to feel like they've duped us into another cash grab
  5. K7 on sirens call is the same it's a bloody mess has been since before the weekend play 20 mins then the same just trying to get back in , seriously getting beyond a joke now
  6. Yes the Eve system would be perfect also it would start people going out to raid ships I , I can sail for hours an not see another ship apart from just docked up
  7. How about adding haulage for hire at freeports on signs maybe having another company's sea chest placed on your boat that cannot be opened apart from the owning company , some people love to sail some like to stay put . I think it would add a good dimension to the game being disabled I get to no life and play for ages whilst I have friends who can spare maybe 1-2 hours max at a time so can't go on epic journeys taking 5-6 hours . It could be added to the market place at the freeports that's upcoming, just a thought I'd like to hear if anyone would like to see something like this implementation
  8. Some days I can look out from my base and see a huge island quite close , I can sail right through it though the noise it makes is enough to make your bum twitch . Other days it's just not there at all is it just me getting this issue or anyone else having it
  9. Game bugs are to be expected so you kind of have to deal with it , the part I'm the most disappointed in is the lack of support idiot making ramshackle sloops and parking them in your shipyards send in a ticket and they just don't care report racist behaviour with screenshot evidence no response, however complain about it and have your post removed from the forum !
  10. Of course they will wipe just like they did with ark , at first they said not 1 will go then a month or 2 later they said the servers that weren't highly populated would be wiped then mine got wiped with regular 56/70 players daily so if you're building big and beautiful get lots of screen shots to remember it
  11. I'm looking for the company that Rocsilla Dingsa belongs to they obviously find it funny putting boats in other people's docks so they can no longer build knowing that the devs will do sweet FA about it so I'd like to return the favour
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