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  1. L1 Ship 6 full cargo racks 48k weight (in racks) 125% handling 11.01 knots Speed sails 11.88 knots 156% weight 8.52 knots 256% weight 8.72 knots L47 Ship Weight Leveled 6 full cargo racks 48k weight (in racks) Speed Sails 14.10 knots 241% weight 8.9 knots L47 Ship Weight Leveled No racks 48k weight (on boat) 241% weight 11.15 knots Couple data points including different sails with same boat configurations and max wind. As of this point in time, speed sails are fastest, 125% accel handling following that, then base handling. Weight sails are pointless with the introduction of cargo racks; their base speed is too slow for the weight bonus to be effective, even at high bonus rates.
  2. You can go 12 total without support but you need to build from both ends and you _must_ have foundation (not pillars) under it.
  3. Also will need the new island images uploaded on github for custom maps to be properly generated.
  4. Agree make everything 12 day decay and make the items demolish-able 48 hours before it auto-decays so others can reuse the items rather than them just vanishing.
  5. XP sharing could be greatly improved to help reduce the grind since some of the games activities provide no experience to the players at all; including most naval activities. Currently if you are on a tame or ship you get no experience. Instead all the experience is applied to the tame or ship. Examples: Flotsam: if you grapple them in while on a ship, the ship gets the XP. Whales: ship gets all the XP. Guillotine: kill a player on a ship with the guillotine, the ship gets the XP, not the executioner. AotD or mobs: killing AotD that spawn or mobs in general, the tame gets the XP. XP is shared to tribe members on foot, but not the rider. Tames commanded to attack get XP, no one else does at all. AI Manned turrets get XP, nothing is shared. I would suggest increasing the tribe share XP rules to include sharing XP to players on a ship for all ship and AI actions and likewise for tribe tames so naval and tame actions are also rewarding for players. Also would recommend increasing XP gains from activities: shipwrecks, flotsam, bosses, etc. so they are more rewarding and another XP path other than treasure maps.
  6. Also getting crash to desktop from NVidia driver recoverable errors. Only Atlas causing these.
  7. Have you tried opening the gate before placing?
  8. cheat TP B14 -182362 -344477 354 Not just the new islands.
  9. I was also getting this with the latest driver as well as recoverable driver crashes which would just kill the game with no error. I rolled back the Nvidia driver to one from February.
  10. Killing SoTD, grabbing flotsams, sailing, and the like does not appear to share XP with the boats occupants. Even guillotining a player gives the XP to the boat and not the player.
  11. If you respawn on a bed after death on a different grid you will always have 100 health regardless of your maximum health. If you respawn on the same grid you will always have maximum heath. Replication: Use character with 200 health. Die. Spawn on a bed in a different grid: you have 100 health; not 200. Die Spawn on same bed: you have 200 health. Having a character with 250 health, this is a setback as after re-spawning you run slower, and consume food immediately.
  12. Just attacked four crows with a bear, all of them ran away on the ground and refused to fly.
  13. This appears to stop production when it finishes burning a stack of thatch or wood so it is more apparent with Tin because it uses both, but i also see this with Iron and Copper. Usually to get around this i will place a stack of 500 wood, start the fire, add 500 thatch and 1000 tin then let it complete. It will burn the wood first and not the thatch and the production run is not interrupted. To reproduce the bug you should be able to (i cannot test right now, but will later if i get time) add 25 thatch, start the fire, add 500 wood, 1000 tin, start production, add 500 thatch, add to production. It should break production after the 25 thatch burns. This appears to be a race condition over the furnace burning and the ingots crafting.
  14. The map markers on the HUD are incorrect if you are not on the same grid as the marker. This marker shows ESE when it is actually towards NE.
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