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  1. parabellum

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Ahoy Pathfinders! Ehm.. Most players left the day you announced the wipe and the only people left where griefers/raiders and suciding ppl that wanted to get rid of their stuff before anyone else wiped it. Gaining any data from this period is stupid. Period. Listen to your community..
  2. My post (Our Post) Got deleted with 0 explanations. I asked Devs on atlasdiscord and they said: DollieToday at 12:51 PM @Parabellum I don't moderate anything on reddit. It's run quite independently. I don't really care to be honest, since I know how these cheaters are doing it and why they are doing it.The only way you can show them it's not okay if the devs do not care about their own game is to simply quit it or change server. Gl have fun out there!
  3. Why is this a thing? Can we get a fix please? pic of heatwave