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  1. Why is the decay rate for everything different in Lawless? I can go to Lawless grid land at a island, anchor my raft and/or Ramshackle sloop on the beach, build a thatch Hut and get the message that the base will decay in 4 days, yet if I put a large box down on a foundation the box has a 16 day timer on it, and a smithy has a 12 day timer. Also the Sloop or raft usually gets abandoned on the beach and you can't see what the timer is for it because if you get close to it you start to ice skate and have to suicide punch your way out. Why not just make abandoned ramshackle sloops and rafts and anything on thatch foundations and in buildings including smithy,s, boxes, in lawless 4 days and it decays if you don't come into render distance.
  2. Xaric

    My ship was sunk when i sleep

    I had a SOTD sink my ship, and sharks ate my crew and my tame bear, while I swam to my ally's boat climbed in and he sailed towards shore, when he got kinda close before everything renders, I jumped off and swam to the beach and he kept sailing down the beach, I look up from the beach to see the SOTD right next to me almost on the beach still firing at me trying to kill me, so I ran up the beach to my Allys boat he had stopped to pick me up and watched the SOTD try to chase me up the beach, but it couldnt get around someones shipyard, and it finally gave up. Come on its not enough for the SOTD to sink my ship it has to chase me to the land and along the beach too. Why don't they stop chasing when they get close to land, the water was too shallow for my Allys schooner but no problem for the SOTD. WTF!
  3. Xaric

    My feedback 2nd

    I agree with all of these points and I have encountered everyone of them. Except the part about claiming land I ended up going to the overcrowded coastline that is Lawless islands and built a base near the water, and squeezed a shipyard there. Thank you
  4. I would like to suggest that the craftable bucket be allowed to be added to the inventory and access the wall/mount hook so that you could gather rain water in the bucket for fresh water to drink. This would be great for the smallest ships, you would mount the wall mount holder on the mast and insert a bucket and wait for rain to collect a small amount of some fresh drinkable rain water. Also once filled with water the bucket can't affect the weight of the ship so much like the barrel does once its full.