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  1. i cant take anyone seriously, who doesnt hate the wipe or atleast the character reset. I imagine you guys either didnt play more than 100hours on official pvp or you must be playing unofficial/pve which is pointless due to lack of content and server settings. So prove me wrong and stop defending the full wipe its not gonna help the little punks that were crying for wipe all time you once again wont be able to achieve anything in this game after wipe. If you couldnt get land first time (pathetic btw), you wont be able to this time. And dont you ever think the game gets better after wipe, its getting better with every patch and with the big one coming there will be multiple exploits or gamebreaking mechanics.
  2. The character wipe is a problem. Alot of the people i played with and loved the game get no reward for their time spent and helping making the game better. Instead it feels like a kick in the face when you announce all we get is a useless cosmetic. Maybe reset everyone to level 1, but losing all discoveries is what most people i know (and myself) made instant quit. There will be quite a few people that wont come back for content Patch at 20. March, which i highly doubt is gonna happen without several gamebreaking bugs. If you seriously think a stupid cosmetic is enough for the Playerbase that was playing on official networks, you are out of your mind. For now some people fooling around on official since it is 6times and anarchy but that wont last for 3 weeks.
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