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  1. Same for us still as well, beds not working, tried recreating one, but not company or unclaim/claim.
  2. Anyone notice beds on blackwood, at least for us don't allow travel currenlty. We have 2 at a main base on western island, and put another inland for taming, and cant respawn at inland one. Added claim flag to see if that helped, but nope. Also when I try to fast travel, it sends me right back to same bed.
  3. cool, idea. did you have any SoTD issues ever?
  4. I can see 2 different options on this, and both would be ok with me. 1 wipe the whole map as they are now 2 Do a partial wipe. If all servers will be home servers, do we need free ports? Other than to get a starting ship. Or NPC's they could be anywhere. Maybe recycle the Freeport servers as new ones, and give everyone 2 or 3 weeks to move to those and then wipe the no lawless. 3 weeks later wipe the lawless. Stage it and when wiped, add the new islands. Either way, I think a 2 week 10x after would be good to let us get back to higher levels again. But going forward I'd plan for 2 month staged wipes if I was running it, until release.
  5. True, including myself. So still lots of material to the game to play. Maybe with the rework there will be more people on to do the kraken with. that said, it would be great if we had a 2 week 10x to get caught up.
  6. So why not stay and help make the game better. It’s in early access, a wipe is always possible. Have more fun by trying the new mechanics, meet others and do the underwater stuff.
  7. I agree that gating the sub seems counterintuitive, but then again, I also feel the public early test server should be permanent 10x and allow for starting with most levels open, free res and items to test with. Then move the second test to the main servers with a bit more time needed to progress.
  8. It sounds like you would be building the puckles, but not setting them up until right before the war, but I could be wrong.
  9. When demolishing an item, ie. wood ceiling when on land I get 50% of the resources back as expected, but on my ship I only get part of that back. I got 4 fiber, 12 thatch, and 8 wood back. I thought maybe it was going to another ship res box, but I checked the only one around and it was empty. also no NPC's are on the ship in question. i'll test with other ships later. Is that by design, or an error?
  10. I agree with Capt Trenchard, the game is in EA, I haven’t seen anything yet that was a final straw, or in fact a fifth or tenth straw. So far the game has been great. Some minor challenges here and there, but overall they haven’t been earth shattering. That being said, I’m not sure if they wipe the servers I’d be happy, we’ve done a lot of work so far, and I don’t think a wipe will fix much, that can’t be fixed another way.
  11. Any chance we could eventually get 4 sectors on the PVE worlds, that allows for PVP. While we play PVE for our own reasons, sometimes we like to blow stuff up. Reason I ask for 4, is one in each corner of the world, say c5, n5, c11, n11 or something like that. One sector would allow those that don't wish to PVP to go around(though i have a solution for that), and those that wish to PVP, can do so in a close area to most areas of the map. So my solution to not having to go around. Make these sectors with a map similar to the one attached. Those that wish to PVP do so in the middle. Those that don't can still traverse the map, but would stay to the outside. And land, like mythical islands, would not allow building, but would have resources.
  12. If the resource box, food trough, food larder, or possibly even ammo box are within range, anything in the company can and will use it, I think. Though the resource box might be the only exception.
  13. While there hasn’t been much spam on the forums, is there someone specific to send them to? Can we get a report post button maybe instead?
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