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  1. Imagine someone selling you a bike. And a couple days later the cops are showing up at your house, arresting you for fencing. You team up with cheaters, you become a cheater. And you shall be treated as such. Cling together, swing together!
  2. Hey the people who you and your scumbag buddies cheated on had done nothing wrong, but for some reason they got fucked over by a bunch of cheating fucktards. And it speaks volumes that you come to complain about your own ill gotten gains being taken away before acknowledging your wrongdoings towards them. Maybe next time you will learn not to associate with cheaters!
  3. user1


    Spread the word, brother!
  4. The CEO is a clueless git, The mods are absent anyway, The devs are mostly full of shit, They're losing players every day. And hence, it has to be assumed, This game and company are doomed.
  5. I had it even worse. When i tried to log in last time, it would run Atlas without further warning. Luckily, they have evidently been able to fix that recently.
  6. Two of you should form a tribe and constantly bully the 3rd guy. I think that's what GS wants.
  7. Or, more in accordance with the direction of the game: make more children.
  8. You are damn right i stopped playing this abysmal piece of shit game in early 2019. There, fixed it for you. Maybe try doing something without hiding behind 49 other people for once. The so called "PvP" in this game is made for weak idiots who excel in literally nothing but can get one man's job done by using 50 people to do it so that they can feel better about themselves. Now return to the circle jerk that is your corp.
  9. Get lost. I do not want to forge some allies. This goes only to prove that you can't do shit in this game when you are not the one with the larger number of players. I do not want to be forced into desperately having to ally with virtually everyone just so i do not auto lose every single encounter. I want to be part of a SMALL(!!!!!) group of skillful veterans and i want us to be able to sustain ourselves like that. Nobody should be entitled to raze us at their discretion just because they are allied with more motherfuckers than we are. This game is only for people who are absolutely incapable of achieving literally anything on their own and always rely on having 49 people at hand for whatever challenge may arise. None of the devs ever had any idea about a perspective for smaller tribes, hence there is none. We are meant to be cannon fodder by design, or lack thereof.
  10. The fact that none of the care bear breeders cried and threw a hissy fit about you even making such proposal shows you the desolate state of the game. Adding tames to the game was a bad idea in the first place and only made the game worse!
  11. I WILL NOT SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO ARE FULL OF SHIT AND ONLY PRODUCE ONE FAILURE AFTER ANOTHER! Either they get their shit together and pick up some of the ideas that have been made by the community, or even better: rely on tried and tested methods to address certain issues or they can file for bankruptcy right away. Actually, the sooner the better. That would save at least a couple dozen people from spending their hard earned cash on this failure of a game. There are so many things wrong with the game you wouldn't even know where to begin. There is no concept of diminishing returns or cumulative upkeep, so whoever gets to the top position is in fact not being dragged down again but instead bolstered to keep holding the position against an equally strong competition. Everything is always one dimensional. The next bigger thing is always the better thing. No drawbacks, no diversity, everyone is only ever running for the cookie cutters. The total number of systems that have been applied to address the ongoing non-stop griefing and raiding of offline players is ZERO. And i haven't even started mentioning the god awful shaders they forced onto the poor unexpecting unreal engine and which, of course contain no fewer bugs than the rest of the can of worms GS refers to as their codebase. If i were to pick one word that best describes gs as a company, that word would be: incompetency.
  12. PvP has an inherent mechanism to reduce the amount of tames itself. You just need to reduce their health to zero.
  13. That is nice, but it can still change at any time. Because the megas don't rely on you. If you decide to leave them, there is virtually zero drawback for them. The one single thing that keeps them from raiding you is pure philantropy, not economic necessity. If they would be on the brink of falling apart when all their tenants decide to leave, it would be a totally different story. But smaller groups are systematically kept from having any kind of influence on the direction and/or outcome of this game.
  14. Even worse is that you can only get large groups with your own mega tribe, because the one single kind of emergent gameplay that even exists in the game is the good old kill on sight. There is nothing to be gained from not showing the utmost hostility to literally everyone who is not part of your own corp. Not a single friendly encounter is to be expected, because ZERO incentive for that is given by the game.
  15. The problem is that server capacity is a finite resource. Meaning that there is a certain number of tames, above which the server will stop working. That means, having no tame limit is not going to work. Since no carebear could ever wrap their mind around having even one stupid ass tame fewer than whatever astronomical number they had in mind, it is impossible to find a tame limit that is not going to be met. The only thing that could possibly counteract this problem is to have a tame decay system in place. If you haven't used one of your tames for ages, you should get a warning message directing you to move said tame out of the grid and if you don't, it is going to be removed from the game. If anyone still wants to keep his thirty million fucking bears, they can pay for the increased requirements in server hardware. If you pay for having your million bear server, you may have it. If you don't pay, you are using up other peoples (server hardware-)resources. LOSE SOME FUCKING TAMES ALREADY you greedy, filthy, selfish, boundless carebears ! And it is the exact same problem with all your barbie dream houses and 30 million piece disney castles and harbors. Be a part of the solution instead of being part of the fucking problem!
  16. Hey come all and live in my house. You are safe and protected there. Until i unilaterally decide to murder you in your sleep. You can do whatever you like. As long as you ask for my permission first. And i don't decide to revert everything you did. And if you pay some rent. And you don't mess with anybody i like. Which may change at any moment without further notice. Or you befriend anyone that i am on bad terms with. Which may change at any moment without further notice. You can eat everything that's in my fridge. As long as i don't need it. Or it is one of my favorites. So you better not rely on it as an available source of food. In return, i only ask that you refer to me by the term "master".
  17. I want other people to behave and not take more than the world can supply for. We see the result of all those fools building all they want,and it is frikkin disney castles all over the place and in turn servers lagging like hell. There is a certain threshold up until where everything stays manageable, but *some people* went way, way beyond that. Those people clearly took more of the server resources than what they deserved. And in order for the game to stay playable, they need to give some of it back, or contribute financially to upgrade the server network. Your disney castle is not one bit different from all the foundation spamming. Your totally unnecessary exaggeration of narcissistic boasting is giving everyone else a miserable experience. So. If you want to terrorize other people and stop them from being able to properly enjoy their game, apparently this is exactly the right game for you. Everyone else has to suffer just so that you get to show off your stupid disney castle, but evidently, that is a sacrifice you are willing to make, right? Hey i have a suggestion for you: I come to your house and keep eating all of your food. If you run out of food, how about you move out if you dislike it?
  18. If a car manufacturer makes a new, smaller car, and you eat 200 double cheeseburgers with fries every day, the problem is not the car being too small. It is your ass being too fat. So maybe the servers are weaker, but your frickin big ass disney castle never should have been built in the 1st place. I agree that GS should have implemented a sensible building limit in accordance with the server power. Your ridiculous abomination is not only slowing down the server, but also any client who has the misfortune of having to cross your grid. You want enough server power to host a 10.000.000 piece barbie palace? GET. YOUR. OWN. SERVER. THEN.
  19. PvP doesn't have the lag issue to this extent because there is a natural process of despawning bits of player-built structures: the PvP itself. They destroy each others RP disney castles so the server does not lag out from having to deal with some bullshit 10 million piece care bear utopia. If you want to get rid of the lag, here is what you do: Randomly select and destroy pieces of your base until the lag is gone. If you see some of those entitled, ignorant egocentrics who built themselves a bullshit 10 million piece care bear central, tell them that they are consuming all the server power that was meant to serve hundreds of other players for only themselves and their 10.000 worthless bears. You can thank me later.
  20. *fantasy* lasers Gotta stay true to the lore
  21. So, basically, all the things that are most terrible about the game. Really? Everything these stupid cretins did not properly think through must be an intended part of the game? The game allows for tames to go overboard whenever you cross sectors. Intended? Maybe a feature even?
  22. Oh you mean by cheesing their way out by having larger strength in numbers and offline raiding everyone they can get a hold of? Those truly are some brave PvP players. Imagine what epic battles would ensue if they were online at the same time as the people they're fighting. You can return to barrel-bomb griefing offline newbies now.
  23. You should be happy to know that i stopped playing this crap long ago, before it became even greater rubbish. I still like to show up every now and then just to let GS know about the colossal failure that they, as a software and gaming company, are. I have never had to witness such massive heaps of totally bone-headed design decisions or outright complete and utter bullshit, along with the occasional smoke and mirrors, as with this game. Nothing else i have ever played does even come close to the complete disaster that is this "game".
  24. Even if there are workarounds does not mean it is in any way, shape or form acceptable to not have them fixed! Even if you were capable of walking bare-footed over lava, doesn't mean anyone else has to do it. People refuse to rely on workarounds to get even the most basic shit done, and for good reason. And no, what Sydhart did was NOT stupid, except for maybe expecting the devs to show any sign of competence or believing any of the crap they keep telling us. The devs did something stupid. And misled white knights like you refuse to have them being held accountable for their mistakes. We are paying(!) customers(!), not some cheap QA slaves. We absolutely, positively, do not have to put up with this kind of crap.
  25. Bugfixing can actually be pretty hard and requires time, talent and a systematic approach. Useless, stupid features, on the other hand, can be thought up by any blithering idiot. An imbalance in the mentioned resources that are attainable to your project may result in a bias towards either one or the other being implemented.
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