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  1. user1

    PLEASE Don't forget Us Single players

    1. You mean you even fail to realize that "not forgetting about us single players" would obviously mean having people at grapeshot working on single player content? Of course "not forgetting" about a thing does mean spending money on it. 2. OP was talking about exactly that: single player mode. He even explicitly stated that he is not interested in MO or co-op content, so no, this is not about playing solo in a multiplayer network environment. I think you accusing me of having comprehension issues can easily be attributed to projection from your side. Just to make this clear so you won't get it all wrong yet again: I do not want grapeshot to spend any manpower at working on single player content, as long as there still are serious multiplayer issues. This is because the game has been designed, advertised and conceived as primarily MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER and i do not want it to become some twisted, contorted chimera that it wasn't ever meant to be. Also, i do not wish there to be yet another incentive for players to leave multiplayer, and it doesn't make a fucking difference to me whether they leave for good or just switch to single player, because the measurable outcome is the same: They're gone. Smartass
  2. user1

    PLEASE Don't forget Us Single players

    So. You're the one who bought an MMO for the single player content. But i am the one with comprehension issues? Sure thing, buddy. And to top it off you even demand resources be spent on that bullshit. I wish there was a single player earth for you to indefinitely stay on.
  3. user1

    PLEASE Don't forget Us Single players

    It seems there has been some confusion on your side as to what kind of game this is, so please allow me to provide some clarity: This is an MMO. That stands for MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE. None of these words suggests in any way, shape or form that there even was a single player mode, and it was a totally boneheaded move by the devs to even create it. And now that you entered the game on false premises, you demand things stay in the tragically awful state they're in right now? I can do that, too. Please, devs, don't forget those of us who like that the game is no fun. Please keep it being no fun in the future. I don't care that the original approach was to make it fun, i like the current state better, where everyone is fighting about trivialities. When i bought the game it was an unbearable atrocity. That's what i paid for and i wanna keep it that way. Please don't waste any funding to have people working on it to make it any less unfun. Thank you.
  4. user1

    Atlas and steam charts

    1. To you. Gomez and his wife are having fun after 1000 hours. Is it your position that they aren’t having fun, or that they shouldn’t be having fun? I can't reliably tell whether other people are having fun. I definitely don't. I believe them when they say they're having fun and there is nothing wrong with that. That still doesn't miraculously make me have fun, though. 2. No signs of improvement is overblown hyperbole to anyone who has actually followed the patch notes. Say you have no faith in the direction of the design, or that’s gone from bad to worse, but your statement heavily implies they’ve just let the game sit there with no effort at refinement. Numerous technical improvements have been made and new content has been added. You don’t have to like these things or consider them sufficient, but on its face the statement comes across as bile for the sake of bile. Signs of change, yes. Plenty, actually. Improvements? Not so much. 3. No argument there. This has been stilted since day one and giving large clans exclusive chat access to devs that other layers don’t have isn’t likely to correct it. Right 4. It is entirely possible to ignore tames. The amount of development resources so far put into land based tames for a supposedly sailing oriented game doesn’t make much sense to me, but no one is making you use them. Ok, then. Do a purple treasure map without using tames. Let us know how that went. 5. It’s funny that you mention fog and doldrums because I feel like I experience noticeably less of both of these than I did during the early days. Yes you want them both to go away completely, I get that, but if any developer tries to make his game by doing only what his players want, he’ll never get anywhere because players want contradictory things. There’s also a well known phenomenon where players want something made easier, then when it’s made easier the challenge is gone and they get bored. So there’s a balance needed there that isn’t easy to achieve. Is GrapeCard doing a good job finding that balance? Who knows, but Jat’s involvement of late here on the forums directly contradicts your assertion. It is still noticeable to the point of driving me up the walls. I don't care if they tuned it down a notch. I am not talking about notches. Turn that shit down to 10% of what it currently is. 6. What I said about entertainment per hour applies to the industry overall, not Atlas specifically, and any fair reading of my post would understand that. You ignored it because you gave an Atlas specific answer. There is a reason people over the age of 5 don’t play with blocks , they don’t find it entertaining. Within any industry there are going to be some failures. If Atlas turns out to be one of those, so be it, but it does not change the fundamental point about MMO’s overall. "I play polo and i am having a hard time to understand why you find playing tennis expensive". If people want to compare gaming with a visit to the movies to prove how cheap gaming is in comparison, it is adequate to compare it to online streaming to show how expensive it is in comparison. 7. I’m not gonna argue that Atlas needs more content that isn’t time sinks, that’s something I’m in complete agreement with, but that is tempered by the knowledge that all MMO’s have significant time sinks because players can always chew through content far faster than any development team can create, refine and test it. *Having time sinks *Having TOO MANY time sinks There is a noticeable difference there Also, if they actually enabled emergent gameplay (like, for example.. start with players being able to repair their allies ships) or self sustaining PvP (by not letting the loser of a war become damaged beyond recovery), this would be far less of a problem. 8. Clearly you’re very salty. I’m not gonna ask why you’d continue to play a game you don’t like, I’m gonna ask why you’d continue to post to a forum for a game you’ve clearly decided is hopeless. Given that there is clear proof in the form of Gomez that some people are enjoying it, not everyone agrees with your point of view completely, so how would you define what you’re currently doing as anything besides intentional toxicity? Because if i kept silent about the things they do that i hate, they wouldn't know how pissed i actually am.
  5. user1

    Atlas and steam charts

    The game is absolute and utter garbage. We've watched this train wreck for 8 months now and there are no signs of improvement. The balance is dominated by blatant favoritism towards larger companies. The majority of your play time has more to do with taming than with ships. Player wishes are outright ignored (How do you like the fog and doldrums so far?) And if you argue that you would get more hours of entertainment for a cheaper price than with watching a movie, i'd recommend you buy some wooden construction blocks. They might not be the most flamboyant form of entertainment, but the hrs/$ ratio is nearly unbeatable. For 15€ a month me and a couple friends can watch netflix 24/7, and that's what you should compare this to. You provide your own seating, hardware and snacks, so you can't really compare gaming to a night out at the movies, price-wise. That we are even still playing this crap after 1000 of hours can easily be attibuted to the fact that the majority of the playing time consists of time sinks, so after 1000 hours we're still nowhere near getting any of the shit done which we had planned. Except for the fuckers who cheated their way to level 100 and were allowed to stay there, while many of us are still struggling to even get there to this day.
  6. user1

    Atlas and steam charts

  7. user1

    Atlas and steam charts

    If they can't be replaced by something non-taming-related, then yes. Even just one would be too much. At least now i know what to expect from the ark company. Apparently, the key point in pirate life seems to be the baby cuddle intervals. It is funny how this important part has been left out of almost every pirate related narrative ever. I guess that was just bad storytelling. Or those just weren't fantasy pirates, only the regular, totally boring kind of pirates. Now if you'd excuse me, i have to go collect some fucking berries so my bear won't starve. I'm just kidding. I stopped playing this shit a week ago.
  8. user1

    Atlas and steam charts

    Actually i never meant to imply the fantasy theme was a bad thing. I only find it unfathomable how that fantasy term is used as a cheap excuse for having a stupenduous amount of taming related content in the game, and little beyond that. "Look, fantasy pirates don't use ships for that. No, really. What they really be using is...... *drumroll* BEARS". Having what you consider to be a "pure" pirate experience without all the romanticism that comes with the theme probably wouldn't be any more interesting than being a real pirate on the somalian shore is these days. Them trying to sell their shortcomings as being in tune with and practically required by "the lore" kinda ticks me off. Pirates plus sea monsters and krakens and mermaids and heck even dragons is A-OK in my book. Pirates plus bears and armored infantry tortoises and elephants and chicken however is not.
  9. user1

    Atlas and steam charts

    Seriously, what the fuck. So just because every game studio behaves like absolute shit nowadays, we should let them get away with it? Get fucked! The game was sold as a pirate survival MMO, too, but it is nowhere near that. Instead, we have this travesty of a fantasy petting zoo and larger-corp-auto-wins "PvP". Neither does it make a difference whether it is 50.000 people each paying 20€ or 20 people each paying 50.000€. If you need the HELP of your customers to even get your game launched, you better pay some extra attention to what they fucking want, instead of displaying that dictator attitude and doing whatever the fuck you want with it.
  10. user1

    Atlas and steam charts

    Listen here, kid. Nobody needs your permission to express their opinion here. If you don't like what he says, feel free to fucking ignore it. If i told you to shut the fuck up, go away and never come back, would you feel obligated to follow that advice? Neither does he. Because this game is in early access, so it is not finished yet. Yet we still gave our money to GS, so it is only fair that we get to know the direction this game is heading, because we kind of invested our money into them making the game. We are not mere customers, mind you! If it weren't for our monetary support, development of this game would have gotten shut down months ago. The only thing that tells us not everything is going down the drain is GS not getting tired to repeat that they "are taking this game very seriously" and they will "continue to work as best they can". But in reality, this could as well be just lip service, because so far they have only managed to release one pile of bullcrap after another. This game has a looooooong way to go and i do not see them taking steps into the right direction at all. Wait until you learn about books. Boy, are you going to hate those.
  11. The biggest single thing that separates blizzard from grapeshot is that blizzard has a history of always continuously working on their game's balance. They do not always get it right on the 1st attempt with what they're doing, but they keep doing it, and in the long run, imbalances will be dealt with. Moreover, they have a strong knowledge that when you let one group of players fuck over another group, you are probably going to lose both groups in the end. As to my knowledge, the total number of perceivable things grapeshot did in order to remedy the current terrible balance nightmare is: 0 (zero) And they seem to live in constant fear of doing anything that would weaken the mega corps, presumably because they imagine that those are the largest part of their player base and they can't afford to lose that, right? The way i see it, the primary reason they want me to play the game at all is so that i can be farmed by bigger corps. The fun of many is more important than the fun of the few, right. But i'm having none of that any more. Let's hope they continue to find enough of those few who are willing to sacrifice their own fun for the greater cause (read: greater corps).
  12. user1


    Concerned parent? Probably not. Butthurt troll? Most likely yes. Even if it ain't so, there is one very simple solution to the problem of your kid being exposed to vulgar language: Get the fuck outta here! Studies show that more intelligent people are often prone to swearing more than their less intelligent fellow humans. It also helps with stress relief. So if you complain about the wrongdoings of your little hellspawn and attribute their bad behavior to using and being exposed to foul language, think again. Oh, and please stop your attempts at doing harm by abusing the court of public opinion as a weapon. Thank you. P.S.: Where i'm from, when your underage child walks into a strip club, you don't get to sue the owner of the strip club. You get to go to jail for neglecting your child. <°)))><
  13. user1

    Atlas - MMO I will miss you

    The way i see it, we are all collectively being punished for being so stupid as to pre-purchase the game in the first place. This is a classical pre-purchase problem, where as soon as the devs got your money, they will turn 180 degree and turn the game into whatever fucking ridiculous direction they want, while your influence on their decisions as a customer is almost exactly none. Well... Lesson learned. The best we can do now is to make sure noone else has to fall for this by themselves any more. When i paid for the game, it was still bound to become an MMO, something that seems to have gone overboard since.
  14. So that mod miraculously imported all by itself then? Given that the dev's apparently didn't lift a fucking finger to throw this into the resource pool. What i do believe is that the amount of planning that had gone into this is approximately zero. That wouldn't deviate too far from the usual proceedings.
  15. user1

    Blackwood is just fantastic

    Truly the pinnacle of MMO design: Single player content. Thank god the devs spent their days tinkering about some solo content i outright refuse to even recognize for the sole reason that it's not even really part of the game when it is not running on the official server network, instead of taking care of obvious glaring balance problems. This whole new massively single player always-on-drm game thing completely took me by surprise.