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  1. I am getting more and more convinced that this game was exclusively created to enable sociopathic dictator assholes behaving like sociopathic dictator assholes.
  2. Megas fighting megas for "competition" is ok. Megas bashing small folks for "fun"/being a dick/because they can is not. There should be a strong incentive for megas to stay the fuck away from smaller groups. Megas should obviously win their fights against smaller groups, but they should have ample reason not to engage them in the 1st place. Fighting against much weaker groups should always come at a hefty cost. Make them pay upkeep for their logistics if they really need to project their force at some smaller group's home, for example.
  3. Inciting conflict between megas/factions is not enough. Any group of players MUST WIN some of those conflicts, as well as the same group MUST LOSE some. If any group of players is allowed to maintain a K/D of above 1.0, there is a problem, because in the long run they would become unstoppable. There has to be some kind of diminishing returns or cumulative upkeep or a catch up mechanism so the most successful group gets a handicap. Whoever is 1st at any time should find it harder and harder to maintain that position the longer they can hold it, regardless of player count or ability. Nobody is going to play the game when they can't avoid being victimized. I can imagine it would be hard to find a way to incentivize players to fight for the #1 spot, so there must be rewards to make it worthwhile. The problem here is that this reward must not give any benefit that would help in any way to hold that #1 spot. Idk if cosmetics and a high score list of some sort would be enough. But then again, i am (thankfully) not being paid to bring some sense into this mess.
  4. At this point, the complete GS management being utter idiots is as good an explanation for all of that as any other. You know how they say: Fool me once... ..... Yeah. Tell everyone who needs to know about what kind of company GS is and what they did.
  5. I can sell you a ton of skunk feces for only 1$. It's a steal at that price for what you get. If you give me your shipping address, i can send it to you today.
  6. What? Are you saying there is favoritism towards mega companies in this piece of crap game? Discovery points are fine. I think if you're only large enough as a tribe, you should of course be able to deny other people's each and every attempts at levelling up by placing enough defensive structures in key locations. The way i see it, if you were truly worthy of becoming level 2, you would be able to find your way around my 10.000 sniper towers of death to get to the discovery point on our island. There are plenty of highly successful other games out there, where a group of toxic sociopaths players is allowed to deny other people's progress, such as for example: ... Thank you for your attention.
  7. And that is the reason why i would not have ark on my PC even when it is free. Or any other crap any of these greedy, incompetent idiot companies they create will ever release in the future. Because now i know that they are incompetent idiots. It is not a mere assumption any longer. Atlas islands, too, are dozens of copies of only a handful of distinct island models. And regarding the "vast amount" of things you can do in atlas, lets do a quick recap of what end game consists of, shall we? * Breeding bears * Breeding turtles * Breeding elephants * Breeding dinosaurs This game had a lot of potential but then took a quick turn towards the dull and uninspired, along with an unfathomably stupid balance for pvp. The sooner this failed piece of shit disappears without leaving a trace, the better.
  8. How about the devs gave some reason for positivity instead of doing the exact opposite?
  9. Make the game be actually any good People continue buying the game because it is good. There is plenty of examples for this. ??? Profit Atlas is a dead and forsaken wasteland because it delivers a truly staggeringly shitty experience. It once had potential, but that was thwarted by boneheaded design decisions. Suggesting to bring out paid DLCs to make yet another cash grab, from the people who already paid for this crap, for a game that couldn't be any further away from what it was promised to be, is just plain unethical. Or i could just be too angry to catch any far too subtle sarcasm here. If they had made the game suck less for great a many of players, they wouldn't even be in this awkward position to begin with. Now they shall fuckin lay in the bed they made themselves!
  10. Just get a refund while you still can. If you are either just starting out or you don't have a full tribe of 50 people or both of the above this game is clearly not made for you. Also, if you ever need to log out for more than 30 minutes, EVER, be prepared for having to start all over again every time. Hate the game, not the players.
  11. Maybe the No Man's Sky devs are just having the great comfort of having players that simply are hardcore™ enough for their likings. Not like the whiny bunch of sissies that we are, apparently. The game is not utter crap, it's us being too weak to get any fun out of it. You have to violently pry your fun from out of this pile of bugs, just like you would when trying to squeeze juice from a rock. Any sarcasm found in this post is purely coincidental.
  12. Cargo hold Sturdiness Cannon mounts Speed Maneuverability That makes five (5) unique Attributes, which can have a low value, a high value or something in between. If there were enough ships in the game right now, please tell me: Which is the ship that has a huge cargo hold, does have low hp, low speed and only few cannons? This five dimensional space of ships is definitely 4 dimensions too many for grapeshot to get a grasp on.
  13. In agreement with the game's true intent and design, i recommend having 50 aimbotters of your own.
  14. If you really only are 2-8 active players, try Blackwake. In Atlas, nobody gives a damn shit about you when you're fewer than 50 people, except for people looking to grief you.
  15. A: My car won't start. This is very annoying. B: I don't know what you're talking about. Mine will start just fine. There is nothing wrong at all!
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