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  1. Make the game be actually any good People continue buying the game because it is good. There is plenty of examples for this. ??? Profit Atlas is a dead and forsaken wasteland because it delivers a truly staggeringly shitty experience. It once had potential, but that was thwarted by boneheaded design decisions. Suggesting to bring out paid DLCs to make yet another cash grab, from the people who already paid for this crap, for a game that couldn't be any further away from what it was promised to be, is just plain unethical. Or i could just be too angry to catch any far too subtle sarcasm here. If they had made the game suck less for great a many of players, they wouldn't even be in this awkward position to begin with. Now they shall fuckin lay in the bed they made themselves!
  2. user1

    Pvp sharks frenzy idiots killing this game

    Just get a refund while you still can. If you are either just starting out or you don't have a full tribe of 50 people or both of the above this game is clearly not made for you. Also, if you ever need to log out for more than 30 minutes, EVER, be prepared for having to start all over again every time. Hate the game, not the players.
  3. user1

    Too much negativity

    Maybe the No Man's Sky devs are just having the great comfort of having players that simply are hardcore™ enough for their likings. Not like the whiny bunch of sissies that we are, apparently. The game is not utter crap, it's us being too weak to get any fun out of it. You have to violently pry your fun from out of this pile of bugs, just like you would when trying to squeeze juice from a rock. Any sarcasm found in this post is purely coincidental.
  4. user1

    We don't need any more ship types.

    Cargo hold Sturdiness Cannon mounts Speed Maneuverability That makes five (5) unique Attributes, which can have a low value, a high value or something in between. If there were enough ships in the game right now, please tell me: Which is the ship that has a huge cargo hold, does have low hp, low speed and only few cannons? This five dimensional space of ships is definitely 4 dimensions too many for grapeshot to get a grasp on.
  5. user1

    How to fight Aimbotters?

    In agreement with the game's true intent and design, i recommend having 50 aimbotters of your own.
  6. user1

    Rules at 2020

    If you really only are 2-8 active players, try Blackwake. In Atlas, nobody gives a damn shit about you when you're fewer than 50 people, except for people looking to grief you.
  7. user1

    All the one non lawless lands are horded

    A: My car won't start. This is very annoying. B: I don't know what you're talking about. Mine will start just fine. There is nothing wrong at all!
  8. user1

    Rules at 2020

    To sum it up: If you EVER leave your PC for more than 2 hours, all of the following are going to happen: * ALL of your ships will be destroyed and looted, * ALL of your tames will be killed, * ALL your structures will be destroyed and looted, * YOU will be either killed and looted, or possibly kept imprisoned for hours for even greater fun for at least one of the involved parties The same happens whenever you are spotted by any medium sized or larger clan. Unless you are part of a 50something mega tribe that can afford to safeguard their assets 24/7
  9. user1

    Patch v404.7

    Where and when did they say that? And when did they say they wanted to start?
  10. How would you even tell the difference?
  11. user1

    lame game mechaniks.

    I am willing to pay IRL $$$ to anyone who will keep these two clowns in handcuffs for as long as this piece of crap truly delightful game still allows it.
  12. user1

    Dumb Atlas Takes:

    Not for me, and not for the other 50k people who decided that this pile of garbage isn't worth their time. Yea, right. I can tell from the movies' total lack of bears that they are hardly related to anything pirate at all. When i think pirates, i immediately think bears and pigs and 20mil piece disney castles. And to think that i once thought that you'd need a boat in order to be a pirate, as you would just be a mere brigand without one.
  13. user1

    Dumb Atlas Takes:

    This is a game! It has to be enjoyable to play before anything else. Fulfilling this one requirement is of the topmost priority. You might need to change literally every single thing that makes up your "game" if you can't make your game feel fun. Even if it was a reality of pirate life and a neccessity for them, that does not mean it should be included in a game about them. Another reality of daily pirate life was a lot of death and deseases, and they even had *gasp* perma-death. If Pirates of the Caribbean was a movie about people herding pigs and wrestling bears, i wouldn't want to watch it, and i'm quite sure i wouldn't be the only one. It is entirely not what one expects from any entertainment product that has been advertised as having a pirate theme. And if you want to be a pig farmer all day, that's fine by me. I'd rather play as one of those treasure seeking, boat riding and plundering people, known as "pirates".
  14. I've been coding for more than 30 years, you ignorant fuckwit.
  15. In this place called "reality" though, that problem stems from some developer not being smart enough to free all the memory that his spaghetti code did allocate when it isn't needed anymore, and thus floods your swap file. You could argue that the stupid user, who is obviously entirely single-handedly responsible for creating an environment in which even the worst piece of shit code will run flawlessly, just needs to increase the swap file size. That would obviously mean to deviate from windows recommended settings, but i'm sure the guy who forgot to oversee the life cycle of his in-memory objects is more capable and trustworthy than the software engineers over at Microsoft. Also if your assumptions of whether something is being said unironically or not are as far off as in your previous post, you might want to consider stopping to make any.