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  1. Q: Why did the console player cross the street? A: So the buildings on the other side of the road would be rendered. Have you already played through all the 7 games that are available for your trash toy so you need to get on everybody's nerves again?
  2. user1

    XP needs a tweak

    and there are still people having been "set back" to "only" level 100 for when they were using exploits to level yet even higher. i'm at 82 right now and it is going to take me weeks to even get there legally.
  3. user1

    9 ships Parked at my island Vanished

    You are supposed to actually use the ships, not only have a shitton of polygons slowing the game to a halt for everyone else. You need to build those ships much faster now if you want to maintain numbers large enough to make the game unplayable for everyone who has the misfortune of accidentally entering your server.
  4. A "run" for salt. In the slowest frickin boat in the entire game. Without any guns. You could not wear a greater "KICK ME" sign tied to your boat than that. Use a schooner and outrun them! The sloop, in its current state, is an entirely and utterly useless piece of crap! The only thing it has going for it is the tiny aggro radius. You'd have to directly run into the center of a spawn to even be noticed by them, and then you'd still have to be in a coma not to realize the need to get out of there immediately. In other words: The SotD AI behavior is one of the very, VERY few things in this game that are absolutely fine and can stay the way they currently are. Also, ask yourself this: If you don't like losing your ship when you're driving a sloop, which of the other types of ships would you enjoy more being sunk? SotD must pose some sort of threat, even and possibly especially so if you decide not to defend yourself at all.
  5. user1

    Ship Rope Ladders

    While we're at it, on a galleon, you can't climb the ladder when it is positioned on the right side right in front of the raised part of the planks at the stern. You always become stuck below the lowest deck when trying to climb. Left side ladder in the same spot works just fine. Maybe somebody forgot to mirror the collision bodies there?
  6. user1

    EU PVE free islands

    There never were, but there is always lawless..
  7. user1

    Devs playing on twitch?

    Ok, i'll bite. Which circumstance gave you the idea that they were playing their own game?
  8. user1

    You guys already know what to do

    I'd like to see cities governed and policed by NPC who will blow any aggressor out of the water. Places where you can go and anchor for the night without getting wiped while offline when you dont have a million corp mates defending you. I think you don't need to be invulnerable there, but everything and anything involved in any way in the attacking of a player ship should be destroyed as a direct result of any attack against another player. Think of CONCORD in eve online. And there should be a very tight time window so that you'd need to bring either a huge amount of ships, or a few really expensive ones in order to kill anything, and you're 100% going to lose all of them. So there would be some risk vs reward involved. You can still offline wipe people when you absolutely need to, but it will cost you. And the cost for this need to be so high that it is absolutely impossible to "outgrow" them. Even mega corps should not be able to do this on a daily basis.
  9. https://www.earnest.com/blog/the-demographics-of-video-gaming/ check on that, kid. dont miss school tomorrow, though.
  10. So. Tames are the only thing they know how to do, and so we have no choice but to deal with this shit? Get rid of the fkin tames altogether already. Also, i think they might be taking the wrong approach to handle UE4 (to say something other than that they're too stupid to do it right). Why do you think the game runs like shit on a high end modern gaming PC? Is it because some brilliant genius started meddling with the shaders instead of using UE4's material approach (like the UE4 creators intended)? I say yes, yes it is. Are the players running away in droves because nobody on the team has any idea on how to do proper game design and balance? That's a strong possibility right there. Are tames and NPC disappearing from ships because they are using the physics engine to do things that physics engines were never meant to do? Probably. So, to sum it up, it is not the UE4 that is incapable of doing what the devs want. It is the devs lacking the required competence to do the things they want in UE4. Or just the devs outright wanting all the wrong things to begin with.
  11. I assume that you are aware that with every boat you build, the server performance becomes worse and worse for everyone else, right? So you cannot and should not reward people building ships like crazy. In fact, there needs to be a strong incentive for players NOT to build more ships than absolutely necessary. People also shouldn't be rewarded just for playing twice as much per day as everyone else. There should be a strong mechanism of diminishing returns there, too, if you want to keep player numbers healthy. Most people simply can't afford to play 15hrs per day, and if a game allows for some welfare king to run loops around the average player because he can spend much more time in the game, you are likely going to lose that part of the community: The vast majority. Why should i even bother playing if there is no possibility of keeping up with the no-lifers who play 24/7? I don't need this game more than the game needs me. But most importantly: If you can't manage to visit a ship before it despawns, you almost certainly didn't really need the ship at all in the first place.
  12. i just pointed out that when someone talks about having legit issues with the game, saying "i don't see your problem, mate. i'm having a blast" doesn't go far to adress the issue. i think we're all aware that they quadrupled sotd spawn rate recently, but there is still not nearly enough of them, especially in highly frequented grids, as you already pointed out.
  13. The "i couldn't see any problem, so there can't be any". Classic forum post. I have enough money, so there isn't any poverty in the world. Case closed.
  14. user1

    Horrible SOTD spawn points

    sotd pop up way too close. increase the view distance on them by a considerable amount please.
  15. After replacing some standard large ship cannons on my galleon with blue ones, the destroyed standard guns apparently weren't removed from the weapon station group they were assigned to. I also have a feeling they still count towards my ship's total weight.