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  1. Again this is Atlas not any of those other games is the same. This game was designed to be group against group action. You want solo go play fortnite with the other kiddies.
  2. You know whats really bothersome? Its the fact that most everyone that bought this game bought it for the fact of it was going to be a mass multiplayer. Now the same people want to gripe about how hard it is solo? Give me a break.... What part of "MASS MULTIPLAYER" screams "SOLO"? As far as end game content all of it can be done in smaller groups. We have about 7-8 active players in our group and have most everything done. Its not that we did it with just us but we went out made allies and did it with them. PS. And for the love of god stop comparing apples to oranges. This is Atlas.... Not Eve, connan, Or whatever other game you want to compare it to. This game was designed to be large groups for large scale action.....
  3. I agree with this as well. We were doing the fight with them and was soo unprepared for v2 Kraken. There needs to be a way to select one or the other. Also on the note of the other group griefing us all. The cool down would be an great idea. +1
  4. Same thing has been happening to us. Pillars have not seemed to help.
  5. We found her twice. All they had to do was press E to friend her.
  6. Judging from previous games. Yeah they've had a few bumps but they are listening and making adjustments. Doesn't really have to be colored tames but how about a crucifix to hang our foes?
  7. IS this really what we are getting for Easter? I was really hoping for some colored tames. You guys can do better than this!
  8. Right click on game in steam. Go down to properties open that up. Go over to betas tab and select to opt into the ptr beta. Close out done
  9. Move around a bit while pressing q
  10. Ok so here's the deal we're going to do the kraken in an all out no bouts match! We're attempting the largest fight against it before the wipe. Goal is to kill in under 10 minutes. Id like to see everyone there from both EU and NA servers both PVP and PVE. We want streamers, Captains, Repairmen, and Gunners. If you are from another server such as PVP or EU servers we can help grind out ships ect for you. So far we have 6 schooners, 2 Gallys, 2 Brigs and more to come. For more info and or help contact us here on discord https://discord.gg/VvJDa3 Proposed time is Sun March 10th @ 3pm cst Time is subject to change depending on others time frames. We'd like to get as many on as possible.
  11. They didnt so they could add the leaderboard in. Its not a issue on the coding side.
  12. Breeding? Selling? Trading? Many different reasons to have a lot.
  13. Brings me back to MC days and towny. Make it a square grid add a hotkey in to show your params and anything built outside that area can be destroyed by anyone.
  14. Do you even own tames? Ships? You want every to be confined in what a 10x10 block radius? The size really does matter. Tames are huge and require a good deal of land to store them. Same for Ships.
  15. I see one main issue that everyone is seeming to overlook. The main issue with the system as it is now is this. 1 PVE leaderboard was introduced to push the bigger companies to claim stuff they did not need. 2 Claim flags were circular and waisted a ton of space. 3 Flags were being used to grief and steal resources.
  16. 5 Flags per person. Limiting it to 1 with the size of the tames is a terrible idea. Not to mention the shipyards and ports.
  17. Im sorry let me hold your hand. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/forum/72-the-dry-dock/
  18. As title says Hydra is not on H6. Ive covered every square inch looking.
  19. *Chants* Purge day! Purge day! Purge day! Purge day! LLLLLLllllleeeetttttssss get ready to rrrrrummmmmmbllllllleeeeee!
  20. No by using the new guillotine!!!!!! Off with their heads!
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